Acorn - React Admin Template

Acorn - React Admin Template

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Acorn – React Admin Template

Multiple Niches Ready for Your Project

Acorn React Admin Template comes with a utility first css structure which makes it easy to create new layouts for different contents. We have utilized the css structure and created 4 projects for your various needs.
Acorn has over 150 pages and the content of the pages are easily interchangeable among the niche projects.


  • Vertical&Horizontal Layout
  • 10 Color Schemes
  • 4 Applications
  • 150+ Pages
  • 25+ Plugins
  • Custom CS Line Icon Set
  • Dark&Light Mode
  • 4 Niches


We have created three different templates for your project needs. They all built on top of the same theme code and can be easily customized and extended.
It’s also possible to move a whole page or part of a content from one project to another thanks to the utility first css structure.

  • Classic Dashboard: Good for standard admin dashboard needs. Contains a huge ui kit and provides lots of layout and plugin options. It also has page implementations for authentication, profile, portfolio, help, support and so on.
  • Ecommerce Platform: E-commerce and online shop dashboard which has useful layouts for tasks such as product & order management, shipping system, customer and inventory tracking.
  • Elearning Portal: Learning and school management system which is ideal for online education platforms, collage, university and high school dashboards. Contains layouts for e-learning courses, instructors, quizes as well as online lesson list and details.
  • Service Provider: Slick and compact version of the template that contains pages created for SAAS applications and help you get started to create a web app. Good for saas and subscription based projects.


In addition to Bootstrap components, we have styled and implemented lots of additional plugins.
Their style files are shared across the templates so it’s quite easy to copy them from one project to another.

  • Autosuggest
  • Axios
  • Axios Mock Adapter
  • Chart.js
  • Clampjs
  • Classnames
  • Date Fns
  • Glidejs
  • Formik
  • Fullcalendar
  • Fuse
  • Intro
  • Luxon
  • Overlayscrollbars
  • Plyr
  • Quill
  • Rc Slider
  • React Albus
  • React Autosuggest
  • React Bootstrap
  • React Circular Progressbar
  • React Contexify
  • React Countdown
  • React Datepicker
  • React Dropzone Uploader
  • React Fuzzy Highlighter
  • React Helmet
  • React Hook Mousetrap
  • React Image Lightbox
  • React Intl
  • React Masonry Css
  • React Number Format
  • React Quilljs
  • React Rating
  • React Redux
  • React Router Dom
  • React Scripts
  • React Select
  • React Sortablejs
  • React Syntax Highlighter
  • React Table
  • React Tag Autocomplete
  • React Toastify
  • Reduxjs
  • Reduxjs Toolkit Persist
  • Sortablejs
  • Web Vitals
  • Yup


Acorn contains 5 different color palettes with light and dark versions.
All the theme properties are defined as a css variable so customizing is quite easy.

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Pink


Version 1.0.0

Initial release version

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