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Hey there, I love the theme and have been able to customise it very easily. However, I’ve run into a strange issue. When I edit the CSS style sheet for the colour “Red” something strange happens with the buttons. I’ve simply changed the hex colour value to display a more vibrant red but it seems to break the 3d buttons and the social icon animations as well.

The 3d buttons appear in their initial state as just the text over a transparent background and, when you hover over them, they flip up and properly display the alternate text with the red background. Any idea on what I’ve done wrong? Literally the only code I changed was the colour values in the red CSS style sheet.

Also, with the social icon animations, having only changed the colour values, displays a red square instead of the normal circle. A red circle appears over the icons as an animation just as it should but there’s a red square visible all the time. Again, any help would be appreciated.

Thanks again for the awesome theme and I’m sorry if these are stupid questions, I promise I’m not trying to waste your time!

Hi, nice theme. I need to change the font hight in home slider, where i can do this?

Can somebody tell me where I could change the Parameters (which php or jquery file) for the YouTube link which is used when you have a fullscreen background video?

Hello, we have answered your question through the support area!

You stated that you have fixed the crashing problem in safari and chrome on iOS however I am still experiencing it. Is there an updated theme that can be downloaded? I really need this fixed or I must request a refund and purchase a new theme. Please advise ASAP.


This post is applicable to the drupal 7 version. Thanks!

Does it come with Less/Sass files for customizations?


Less/Sass files are not available!

I ahve installed the joomla 3 version of Alpine but with no way i can find where to change in the portfolio the button name SHOW ALL , and where i can change the photos , i can not fins anywhere the photos not in articles and not in modules, please help.

Thanks a lot

Hi, joomla version of alpine was developed by another author … you must contact “dasinfomedia” here:

hi i have one question to the background feature. i want load the video only when the user comes with a PC. when he comes with a mobile, i want load only the picture slider – not so big data! it’s possible to make this? do you have me a hint.

thanks and best regards

Hi creative no hint for me? it’s possible or no.

Thank you

Hi, at this time you see a video on the desktop and background image on the mobile. If you want to change this behavior you must modify the library jquery.mb.YTPlayer.js

Really nice theme. There is one little bug though on firefox for mobile (android). The fullscreen slider image is about twice the height of the window (and we only see half of the text). Do you know how to fix this ? Have a look at this screen shot on my Nexus 5 to see what I’m talking about:

Hi there, can i increase the number of picture of the portfolio section from 12 to 24 ? thx

Unfortunately there seems to be so !!! Maybe you are you referring to another product ??? WordPress version of the Alpine theme?

allright this is WP thx

:-) No problem

Do you guys still support this theme. I’ve emailed support twice and have not received a response

Hi, of course, that our team is supported. We just checked your ticket and it seems that we have responded to all previous ticket !!! Which product are you referring to? Because your account does not appear that you have bought this product! :-)


I have installed wordpress version of Alpine theme. I want popup on click on the portfolio images. By default, its opening in the bottom of the portfolio section.

Is there any shortcode available for this or I have to do it manually?


Hi, there is not a shortcode to choose the location of popup open position. But if you want you can change the code, manually and change the open position!

hi how to install this theme i have a .zip

Hi, you opened the comment in alpine html item but I think you’re referring to the wordpress version of alpine theme. I suggest you open a ticket and contact us through the support area here: with the account that you purchased the theme for receive support :-)


still supporting this great template?. I need to know just two things.

1- How I can change the google map address for this ( Dallas Nº. 58 int. 2, Col. Nápoles, C.P. 03810 – México DF ??

2- It is possible thumbnails for the flexslider ??. Something like this:!bongo/z6mjz

Thanks in advance.

The slider continues to the next image when the video starts playing. Is there a way to set it to stop siding if the video is playing?. I can not find where flexslider options are.

Take a look:

Thank you

Hello, unfortunately at this time you may not display the thumbnail of flexslider, maybe add this functionality in the next theme update.

Regarding the video does not exist the possibility of intercepting the slide change and lock the video because it is a iframe video.


I did it changing in jquery flexslider slideshow:!0 x slideshow:!1. Now slides stops when video is playing.


Dear author, can I have the video and the slider at the same time… Regards.

Hi, right now you can not have video and slide together.

i´ve purchased your HTML theme and i feel fine, but now i´d want to move to wordpress, do you know if there is a easy way to move it?

hello, the html version and the version of wordpress theme are two completely different things …

Now you can not install an html theme on Wordpress … but you can do buy the wordpress version of alpine theme here:

The fade-in (from left right top bottom etc.) elements all seem to NOT work at all on the iPad Pro. Moving onto the smaller iPad from 3 years ago its fine however.

Hi, please contact us through the support area and send us the link of your site for debugging!


1. For the animation of title and images for each section. Is it possible to have different effect e.g. for title instead of coming from the right, animate from the top instead? If possible, is it hard to do so.

2. For Blog timeline, is it possible for it not to feature blogs but instead have our own content? i.e. act as about us timeline instead of blog timeline

3. For the circle pic animation is it possible to not have that effect?

Hi, i reply to your question below:

1= Yes, you can manage animation effect easly. You must only edit the slider configuration in the script.js file.

2= The blog timeline, is simply HTML code, you can enter the content you want.

3= You can turn off the circle pic animation editing the css file simply.

Really nice work,Good Luck With Sales!

Thank you very much :-)