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Well done, I like it :)

Thank you! :)

Great theme, good luck with sales! :)

Good luck with sales! :)

Nice job, glws o7

Congrats ! Nice Template !GLWS :)

Thank you!


Thank You for purchasing ;)

Great template, love it. One question and sorry if I am just being stupid but when it displays on mobile devices the slider no longer displays pics on the home page. Can you help?

Hi, Nibby!
Setup of your contact form is described in documentation, which included in your download package.
To setup a Contact Form do follofing:
Edit lines from 7 to 22 of your “contact-form.php” file, which in your siteroot. Place your email and messages text.
Best regards!

Hi There, thanks for that. My fault I was being dumb. Its great and works perfectly.

You welcome

Hi there,

I like this template, but I have a question:

I set “contact-form.php” file lines 17 to 22 but when sending an email from the web I get the following error: “Mail can not be sent.”

Thank you.

Hi, daniaguilar!
Thanks for purchase!
Did you put your template files on working web server that has a PHP with MAIL function?

Hi! Congratulations for your theme, looks amazing! Is there any chance there will be a WordPress version of it?

I’m looking for a WP theme just like yours and, if this is coming any time soon, I’ll wait for this one!

Anyway, congratulations!

I’ll do :) thanks!

...still no news about this from thematicwebs. Too bad

Hello and sorry for delay!
Our partner say that theme is allmost done, we waiting for this moment too :)

Hi – Where are the @media settings for iphone? I dont see any 320 or 640 css. We are trying to increase the font size and also show the image that we are using for the main slider. thanks!!!

and we’ve purchased the theme as well. thanks

Hi, brianlichty! Thanks for purchase!
Our templates are based on Twitter Bootstrap, so there are no breakpoints on 320 or 640 pixels width. Bootstrap grid smallest breakpoint is 767px, but you can add your own media queries like so:

@media (max-width: 320px) {
   /*your iPhone styles here*/
   body {
       font-size: 20px;