Discussion on AP68 - Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Discussion on AP68 - Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

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hi is it possible to update the theme ?

Good afternoon.

I want to buy your template, but I need to create a page like this one:


I know how to do it with elementor, but I see that your template does not include this system. I do not know if I can integrate it and put it to part of the web, or once inside let me do something similar, through elementor, your system or through my own html code, although I do not know if within your system lets me do custom html.

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For $200! you think you would check if plugins work or exist:

This theme requires the following plugin: Instagram. NOT FOUND!

If im having this issue and I’ve only installed I wonder what other issues lay within the code.

Fix your theme or lower the price. It is highway robbery the way it is.

Just an over priced theme!!!

Not hanks. I have been building WordPress Sites for 7 plus years. PORTO has more options than this and it still valued at $65 . AND IT WORKS!

Lower your price to say 90 bucks or 55 to 60 and itll be worth it.


Do me a favor.

INSTALL your parent theme then install your child theme.

LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU SEE! Even your child themes image thumbnail isnt updated!

Please tell us where we add Facebook APP Credentials to login with Facebook?

Nothing in your documentation. We ran debug on your code and seems this is a very incomplete theme and the documentation is poor!!!!!!!!!!

Hello, I have problems with my purchase, the AP68 theme:

1. There is no page Our Blog that appears in the documentation, and there is no way to create a category filter for posts

2. I cannot select a menu structure for each page (if I want to select a different menu at home 1 I cannot)

3. If I want to select different icons in the VG modules it is not possible, only with classes. Is it possible to select them as in the base icon box that allows you to select the one you want and give them properties?

Thanks for your help


When I tried to import the demo data, appears many errors all related to Media import:

Failed to import Media “lightbox-2-5” Failed to import Media “lightbox-2-2” Failed to import Media “lightbox-2-3” Failed to import Media “lightbox-2-4” Failed to import Media “lightbox-3-5” Failed to import Media “lightbox-2-6” Failed to import Media “lightbox-1-1” etc… etc… etc…

What could be the reason?


Can you send me wp-admin and your problem via email: themetrademark@gmail.com. We will review and help you.


Has the development of this template been abandoned? Many wordpress relases have been released in recent months, but the theme has never been updated. I also noticed that the alt image tag does not contain the text I set

I noticed that the alt image tag is populated a static way with your company name (AP68 cretive design). Is there a short-term update that solves this problem?

is it compatible with wordpress version 5.1.1?


Yes our theme is compatible with WordPress version 5.1.1.

Thank you.

thansk…I noticed that many sites that use your template are inserted in the alt text AP68 Creative Studio Logo. Why?

1.- shop detail page is not showing as your example, is all wrong 2.- Header Image never appears, i upload image as u described 3.- Shop template is all mixed up and not working 4.- Currency and Country arrow not dissapear 5.- Cant add product to cart, or select quantity or color 6.- Price never appear

I upload image background on AP68 Options > Page Options > Portfolio Options > Image background, but i have nothing please help

Our site has remained just as it has been for several months. you will not serve. Please return our money.

Hello guys, I’m trying to remove woocommerce from the site, but as soon as I deactivate it all the pages disappear. From what I see there is a solution, can you please support us? Thanks


Sorry for delay. Have you buy our service support ? I can’t see icon supported.


I just need to know how to remove woocommerce, as soon as i deactivate it the entire site becomes invisible. In addition it doesn’t support child themes and it doesn’t work with Envato update. Please let me kindly know how to remove the cart from the site. Thanks.

Anyway, we paid for the previous support service but it has never been used, so it would be kind fomr you to just have a simple answer about woocommerce disabling.

why you not reply me till now???? if you not know the answer tell me to ask anybody or take my money back its last time i asking you

Please provide support please contact us for 25 days


I do not understand why you are not helping us.

Apologies if this is taking this too long. Unfortunately, the author has not been able to respond to our queries within the specified time period.

As we cannot force authors to immediately respond to support concerns, might we suggest seeking support from the community over on the Community Forums which consists of authors and creatives that might be able to help you with your concern.

Also, you might want to consider requesting for refund on the item since the promised support was not provided by the author. You can do so by using our Refund Form.

Please note that once this request has been submitted, you will be receiving an automated email which will have information about refund request. It’s important that you keep this email because this will contain the dispute link. The dispute link will give you access to lodge a dispute regarding your refund request. The link will only be accessible after 5 days have passed.

Feel free to check out this article for more information: Can I Get A Refund?

Once again, apologies for the inconvenience this might have caused. Should you have any trouble moving forward, please do not hesitate to reach back to us. All the best,

Customer Success (UTC +8)

I mailed you the mail is still 2 days I did not return.

After making permanent connection settings, the site home page is not progressing in loading view.

I’m waiting for your support 12 days ago.

why can’t we reach you. I’ve waited 25 days for you to help. why don’t we get service for thema then why not put it on sale because you wouldn’t serve. Mail to you I’ve taken the video I took but still not returned.

Hello Dear first you asked me to sen WP-Admin pss then after 1 or 2 days you asked me to sen the ftp info for you then i send it from 26-12-2018 , but you not reply me since this date. and i can’t build my website even you reply me thanks Hisham Hussaini hh0o0@hotmail.com

I have sent you the information from the mail, please return


Please check your email. We have contact and help you.


how i can put photos here : https://amrecgrp.com/product/8/ all the photo come like that how i can make slider?


Can you send me wp-admin and your problem via email: themetrademark@gmail.com. We will review and help you.

Thank you.

i buy this template: ThemeForest-20169748-ap68-creative-multipurpose-WordPress-theme < but it’s not like I see in your demo, I want to know why?? or I missed some plugins? regards


Can you send me wp-admin and your problem via email: themetrademark@gmail.com. We will review and help you.

Thank you.

Waiting for your return


Can you tell me have you send email for us via: themetrademark@gmail.com ? we can’t see your problem. Please send me again.

Thank you.


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