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Congrats ! you made it :) GLWS

Thanks! :)

Absolutely AWESOME! I`m really amazed about these smoth and elegant animations! Congrats!! :)

Thanks! :)

Congrats! Realy creative and perfect. I like it very much! :P

Thanks tranmautritam!

Great job & cool effect with the leaves :)

All the best

Thanks daveeeo!

WOW!!$ Again, proving you make some of the most Amazing looking, gorgeous (and uniquely ‘Your’ Style) designs on themeforest

Thanks William! :)

Yaaay! It’s online :). Congratulations and best of luck with sales! Sretno :)

Thank you for your help! Hvala! :)

Congrats and good luck!

Thanks and thanks for your help! :)

Looking perfect ;)

Thanks Ugurkan! 8)

Finally accepted :) Nek’ ti je sa srecom :)

Finally!!! 8) Hvala druze! :)

any chances for wordpress version?

Hi, month, maybe more.

predobro! :D good job!

any possibility you improve the site speed ? gets D and E in qualification http://gtmetrix.com/reports/ivang-design.com/a0j0fyqW , take to long to load for clients.

Images are very good quality, 500,600+ kbs, it can be faster…

Nice, GLWS! Pozdrav 8-)

Thanks! Samo da smo mogli da se dogovorimo da ne izbacimo u isto vreme… :D

I really like the theme! One quick question, which is probably a stupid one but I thought I would ask. I see that this theme does not support HIGH RESOLUTION images, what exactly does this mean for me? Will the images look pixelated?

I appreciate any advice! THANK YOU!


No, template does support high resolution images, but with biger images will load little more.

Okay! thanks for the clarification!

is there a way to disable responsiveness?

Yes, why? :)

hi! got an issue (i think) editing mail-it.php to specify my email address, when i test the contact form it returns an ajax message about the data inserted on the fields, then accept this message, and the “mail sent” message appears, but no email was received… any ideas?

done with personal (me.com) and corporate email, both of them returning the same error and no email was sent :-(

Let me try again. What version you use?

I tried all versions and contact form working fine.

Maybe you change something in some .js file, send as mail to see how we can help.