Azoom | Multi-Purpose Theme with Animation Builder

Azoom | Multi-Purpose Theme with Animation Builder

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Best Wordpress Theme We Ever Made

Best Business WordPress Theme we ever made. Azoom comes with best wordpress theme fatures. It is more than just a theme. Azoom is Ultimate Wordpress Theme with stunning features. Our multi-purpose design, allows you to built unique wordpress theme demos. Drag and Drop builder Rock Page Builder is now even faster. Curvy Slider V2 is included in new WordPress Theme of 2015 – Azoom. Ultra Responsive WordPress Theme grid will make your website look awesome on different sizes and devices.

Feature List


The real game changer. Beyond a slider, more like an animation builder. Curvy is the only slider on the market to let you build curved animations. This precious slider is only included in Azoom Theme.


Let’s change the rules. Best Wordpress Theme features are here. Side navigation is easy to use with Azoom. Why not stuck in one page menu only? With Azoom you can do more. By using Rock Page Builder, you can add side navigation to pages easily. Side navigation will let you display the important sections on your page.


Break the boundaries. Azoom lets you add your content above the header area. Not only slider, but just like a regular content. You can use Rock Page Builder for adding content above header. Fits awesome for full screen layouts.


You can use Azoom in your Wordpress Multi Site. Azoom works under your WPMU beautifully. Our Rock Page Builder, Curvy Slider and Rock Form Builder also works under Wordpress Multi Site.


You can now build your Under Construction page with Rock Page Builder. We also got a special Under Construction Page. You can check it out here


You can enable left menu features in our Theme Options. Just with one click you can turn your website to a left menu website. It is that easy with best wordpress theme features come with Azoom. You can also check out our Allefty Demo to see left menu live!

Rock Page Builder


  • Drag and Drop Grids
  • 1 to 12 Columns Full Grid Support
  • Use Empty Columns
  • Move any grid any where easily
  • Animate the grid you want
  • Set delay to grid animation
  • Move grids anywhere with new Quick Move feature


You can use as much Special Grid as you want. You can set different colors backgrounds videos for different areas set ID’s for them and use it in deeplinking side navigation. One Page Parallax, Multi Page sites just as easy as clicking.

  • Insert Before Header
    • Before the Menu. Best for fullscreen pages
  • Insert Before Sidebars
  • Insert After Sidebars
  • Background Image
  • Fixed Parallax
  • Advanced Parallax
  • Background Video
  • Background Color
  • Fixed Parallax Color Overlay
  • Advanced Parallax Color Overlay
  • Background Video Color Overlay
  • Youtube Background Video
  • HTML5 Background Video
  • Vimeo Background Video
  • Light Font Colors for the grids
  • Inline Navigation (Right side navigation)
  • Hash navigation
  • Deeplinking
  • Set ID for the grid
  • Set a name for the inline navigation
  • Add border at the bottom
  • Add Arrow Down
    • This feature allows you to add an arrow down icon. You can use this feature anywhere you want. By enabling this, when user clicks on the arrow, page will scroll to the down automatically.
  • Set down arrow color
    • You may use different colors for the background or image or even a video. And this will affect your arrow as well. To make it visible, you can set it different color of each Special Grid element.
  • Full Screen Grid
    • Sometimes you want to display your content in full screen. It’s an amazing way to give unique information. Special Grids will calculate the screen size of the user automatically and resize itself to fill the width and height in full.
  • Full Width Grid
    • You can enable full width grid easily. When you enable full width grid, your elements will be starting from the left side of the screen without any margin. Works flawlessly with our amazing Portfolio element.
  • Enable/Disable auto padding


You can use predefined templates or build your own templates with Rock Page Builder. It’s very easy to save your template with Rock Page Builder. When you save your template, you can simply load it on different pages.

  • Save Your Rock Page Builder Templates
  • Load Your Rock Page Builder Templates
  • Add New Rock Page Builder Templates
  • Delete Rock Page Builder Templates


Elements in the Rock Page Builder can turn into shortcodes easily. If you want to get the shortcode of an element and use it somewhere else (like footer or different widget areas) you can simply use our “Send Content To Text Editor” button. This will display the shortcode version of your layout. You can then copy it and paste it on different areas you want to use


You can use Text Area (Rich Text Editor a.k.a. TinyMCE) wherever you want in Rock Page Builder. Our text area also uses the font you use on the front end.

  • Regular/Bold Text
  • Italic Text
  • Striketrhough
  • Bulleted List
  • Numbered List
  • Shortcode List
  • Blockquote
  • Horizontal Line (HR)
  • Align Text Left
  • Align Text Right
  • Align Text Center
  • Use Links
  • Dropcaps
  • Font Size
  • Font Family
  • H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 headings
  • Underline Text
  • Text Justify
  • Set text color

Rock Page Builder by default adds featured image. You can remove it if you want. Featured image will display your featured image automatically. When you set a featured image, it will be displayed in the Featured Image element.


  • Overflow Image (Standout)
  • Snap Image To Left or To Right
  • Choose Image Size
  • Upload Image by drag and drop
  • Set image align (left/right)
  • Set a link
  • Set link target
  • Enable Hover Effect
  • Set hover background color
  • Set hover text color
  • Set hover text (i.e. EXPLORE MORE)
  • Add extra style
  • Add extra class


Swiper Slider is a touch based slider allows you to slide your images easily.

  • Choose Image Size
  • Enable Autoplay
  • Set Autoplay Time
  • Choose side arrows or pagination dots for navigation


More than a wordpress slider. Curvy is the only slider you can build point to point curved animations. With Curvy Slider V2, you will have amazing new features ;

  • HTML5 Background Video
  • Change Slider Size easily
  • Full Screen Mode
  • And more..

And so much more…


Curvy Slider images are included. Other images and media files used in demo are not included in the theme package. Media files credits can be found down below!


Special thanks to amazing graphic work they’ve made and let us use their beautiful files in our demo. Here are their awesome portfolios ;


Version 3.8 – Jun 16th 2022

- WordPress 6.0 Ready
- Revolution Slider Version 6.5.24
- Comment field GDPR update.

Version 3.7 – Jan 27th 2022

- WordPress 5.9 Ready
- Revolution Slider Version 6.5.14
- WooCommerce 6.1 Ready

Version 3.6 – Sep 9th 2021

- WordPress 5.8 Ready
- Revolution Slider Version 6.5.8

Version 3.5 – March 19th 2021

- WordPress 5.7 Ready
- Revolution Slider Version 6.4.5

Version 3.4 – Jan 8th 2021

- WordPress 5.6 Ready
- Rock Form Builder Required Radio Button Fix
- Revolution Slider Version 6.3.5
- WooCommerce 4.8 Ready

Version 3.3 – Sep 1st 2020

- WordPress 5.5 Ready
- WooCommerce 4.4 Ready
- Revolution Slider Version 6.2.22
- Required notice removed for Instagram Widget

Version 3.2.1 – April 7th 2020

- Header Top Social Border Fix on Mobile
- Text Editor linking fixed

Version 3.2 – Mar 24th 2020

- NEW DEMO * Abberry | Run Your Business Online
- WordPress 5.4 Ready
- WooCommerce 4.0 Ready
- Revolution Slider Version 6.2.2
- Smooth Scroll Updated
- Sidebar Menu Widget Updated
- Image Widget Updated
- Mega Menu Performance Improvements
- Layout Improvements
- Small Fixes

Version 3.1 – Jan 16th 2020

- WordPress 5.3 Ready
- WooCommerce 3.8 Ready
- Revolution Slider Version 6.1.6

Version 3.0.3 – May 12th 2019

- WordPress 5.2 Ready
- WooCommerce 3.6 Ready
- PHP 7.2 Ready
- Smooth Scroll Updated
- Sidebar Menu Widget Updated
- Image Widget Updated
- Payment Icons Widget Updated
- Twitter Widget Updated
- Tabs Widget Updated
- Translation Files Updated
- Mega Menu Performance Improvements
- Azoom Main Plugin Version 1.3
- Child Theme Version 1.3
- WooCommerce Templates Updated
- WooCommerce Performance Improvements

Version 3.0.1 – May 5th 2019

- Some Small Tweaks for Adoptation to New Envato Rules


Version 3.0 – May 3rd 2019
Azoom Version 3.0 is a major update. Updating to this version is mandatory. 

How To Update :

This version must be updated via FTP. There are a lot of major changes in this version. Follow these steps below to update your theme ;

* Connect to your FTP
* Go to "wp-content/themes/azoomtheme/" 
* Delete the "azoomtheme/" directory and all of it's content
* Download the new version from Themeforest
* Unzip the installable zip file
* Upload the "azoom/" directory to "wp-content/themes/" 
* Make sure you do not duplicate directories 

WRONG     : wp-content/themes/azoom/azoom/ THEME FILES
CORRECT : wp-content/themes/azoom/ THEME FILES

* Now login to your WordPress Admin Dashboard and go to "Themes" 
* Select "Azoom" and activate it
* It will bring a notification to install new plugins. Follow those notification steps.
* Now you have the latest version 

Version 2.5 – Feb 26th 2019

- WordPress 5.1 Ready
- Revolution Slider Version StarPath
- Rock Form Builder 2.7
- References Builder Demo Fix
- Main Demo Data Updated
- Abboxed Demo Data Updated
- Allefty Demo Data Updated
- Aparallax Demo Data Updated
- Rock Form Builder Demo Data Updated

Version 2.4 – Dec 8th 2018

- WordPress 5.0 Ready
- Revolution Slider Version StarPath
- Envato Market Plugin included
- Twitter Widget Update
- Old Theme Update feature removed
- Small Bug Fixes

Version 2.3 – June 11th 2018

Important! This version update contains major changes:

Google Map will start to force users to enter their Credit Card details in order to obtain API Key. And Google Map will be a paid service based on the usage & traffic and some other details.

Because of this, we have added a different map element to RPB (Rock Page Builder) named as "LeafLet Map". This is a free map service based on Open Street Map. We added LeafLet Map element to give our users the choice between Google Map and Open Street Map. Also Google Map still exists in RPB for those who want to stay with Google Map service. But they have to obtain Google Map API Key by entering their payment details.

Some other changes this update includes ;

- NEW FEATURE * LeafLet Map Element
- Revolution Slider Version Version StarPath
- WooCommerce 3.4 Ready
- Small Bug Fixes

If your Support Period has expired, you can re-new your support easily by going here ;

Version 2.2.5 – May 19th 2018

- Revolution Slider Version StarPath
- WooCommerce Cart URL fix
- WooCommerce Stars fix
- WooCommerce Templates Updated
- Curvy Slider RTL Responsivity Fix
- NEW FEATURE * Enable/Disable Header Top Widget

Version 2.2.1 – Nov 19th 2017

- Theme Options Saving Fix
- WooCommerce Widget Fix

Version 2.2 – Nov 17th 2017

- WordPress 4.9 Ready
- Revolution Slider Version StarPath
- WooCommmerce 3.2
- Layout Improvements

Version 2.1 – June 22nd 2017

- WordPress 4.8 Ready
- Revolution Slider Version StarPath
- WooCommerce Template Update
- WooCommerce Ajax Cart Update
- Grid Animation Flow changed.

Version 2.0.5 – April 07th 2017

- WooCommerce 3.0.x Compatible
- Revolution Slider Version Version 5.4.1 StarPath
- Help File Updated
- Revolution Slider RPB Fix
- Text Highlight enabled for various elements.
- Fix for backend double slash on editor style.

Version 2.0 – Dec 07th 2016

- WordPress 4.7 Ready
- Revolution Slider Version 5.3.1 StarPath
- WP_Hook Update
- Merged Filters fix
- Migration fix
- Header model fix
- Divided by zero fix
- Some other small fixes.
- Animated list fix

Version 1.9 – Nov 01st 2016

- Revolution Slider Version StarPath 
- iOS improvements
- iOS 10.1.1 Ready
- iPhone 7 improvements
- Safari performance update
- Iconic text image support on left
- Iconic text image support on right
- Performance improvements
- Site loading improvements
- SEO improvements
- Menu style improvements
- WooCommerce notice fix
- RPB some small fixes
- Testimonials RTL Fix
- W3C nav role attribute removed

Version 1.8 – Aug 17th 2016

- WordPress 4.6 Ready
- Webfont library updated
- Curvy Slider multiple font issue fixed.
- Hash navigation menu link fix.

Version 1.7.5 – June 30th 2016

- WooCommerce 2.6 Compatible
- Revolution Slider Version 5.2.6 StarPath
- Mega Menu PHP7 Fix
- Image Post format size fix
- TGMPA updated 2.6.1
- Portfolio element only displays Publish status.

Version 1.7.1 – May 25th 2016

- NEW FEATURE * RPB Portfolio WooCommerce with no Price
- NEW FEATURE * Masonry Portfolio WooCommerce with no Price
- Revolution Slider Version StarPath 
- Child Theme v1.1
- WooCommerce Default Order Box Shortcode
- Translation Files Updated
- 404 file translation fix
- Excerpt support for format Audio
- Excerpt support for format Aside
- Excerpt support for format Chat
- Excerpt support for format Gallery
- Excerpt support for format Image
- Excerpt support for format Video
- Curvy Slider backend font loading fix
- Font loader library updated

Version 1.7 – April 16th 2016

- WordPress 4.5 Ready
- NEW FEATURE * Rock Form Builder 2.6
- Revolution Slider Version StarPath
- Rock Form Builder style enqueued in header
- IFrame width, height and scrolling added
- Theme Options Sub Menu Hover Color
- BBPress Search Results style update
- Revolution Slider Element Fix
- Background HTML5 Video Size Fix
- One Click Installer Overlay Event Disabled
- Details button added for External Products
- Portfolio element hover text detailed

Version 1.6.8 – Feb 24th 2016

- NEW FEATURE * Rock Form Builder 2.5.5
- Rock Form Builder checkbox required fix
- Chrome Retina Logo Fix
- Revolution Slider shortcode fix
- No Sidebar unselect
- Ajax Search Algorithm Improved

Version 1.6.5 – Jan 24th 2016

- WooCommerce 2.5 Compatible
- Revolution Slider Version 5.1.6 StarPath
- Curvy Slider element toggle fix
- Shortcode icons link to new tab

Version 1.6 – Dec 17th 2015

- WordPress 4.4 Compatible
- Revolution Slider Version 5.1.4 StarPath
- Theme Options Reset To Defaults Fix
- Pricing Table missing star icon fix
- RPB Text Area update

Version 1.5 – Nov 10th 2015

- NEW FEATURE * Page Based Title Background
- NEW FEATURE * Page Based Title Background Retina
- NEW FEATURE * Rock Form Builder 2.5.1
- Revolution Slider Version 5.1 StarPath
- Rock Form Builder Date Format
- Theme Options Security Update
- Rock Form Builder styled checkbox fix
- Font selection improvements
- Font loading improvements
- Blog Regular element pagination fix
- Blog Featured Image improvements
- Blog Swiper Slider fix
- Windows Mobile 8.1 icon load fix
- Windows Mobile 8.1 menu fix
- WebFont Library Updated
- Windows Mobile Curvy Slider font fix
- Iconic Text Top Heading Hover Color fix
- Extra featured images improved
- Main Demo Data updated
- Allefty Demo Data updated
- Abboxed Demo Data updated
- Aparallax Demo Data updated
- RTL Improvements
- Theme Options improvements

Version 1.4 – Oct 20th 2015

- NEW FEATURE * Rock Form Builder Colors
- NEW FEATURE * Rock Form Builder Button Colors
- NEW FEATURE * Rock Form Builder ReCAPTCHA V1.1.2
- NEW FEATURE * Rock Form Builder V2.5 included
- Rock Form Builder DatePicker Non-Latin fix
- Blog Roll Excerpt Read More fix
- Some RTL Improvements

Version 1.3.6 – Oct 12th 2015

- Revolution Slider Version 5.0.9 StarPath
- RPB Text Area Switch Improvements
- RTL Improvements for Mega Menu backend
- Youtube Video Frame Style improvements
- Vimeo Video Frame Style improvements
- Help File improvements
- Font system improvements

Version 1.3.5 – Sep 16th 2015

- NEW FEATURE * Skills RTL Support
- NEW FEATURE * Steps RTL Support
- Revolution Slider Version StarPath
- Mega Menu Fix
- WooCommerce Improvements
- Lots of RTL improvements
- Documentation improvements

Version 1.3 – Aug 25th 2015

- WordPress 4.3 Compatible
- WooCommerce 2.4 Compatible
- NEW FEATURE * Header Contact now supports icons
- NEW FEATURE * Blog Page special background
- WooCommerce Theme Options disable breadcrumbs
- Rock Page Builder button link details fix
- Curvy Slider Image link fix
- Envato Auto Theme Update Fix

Version 1.2 – July 25th 2015

- NEW FEATURE * YOAST SEO Breadcrumbs Support
- NEW FEATURE * Title RTL Support
- NEW FEATURE * Mobile Cart can be disabled from Theme Options
- NEW FEATURE * Breadcrumbs RTL Support
- NEW FEATURE * Whole new menu events
- NEW FEATURE * Menu delay on hover for better UX
- NEW FEATURE * BBPress Forum RTL Support
- NEW FEATURE * BBPress Topic RTL Support
- NEW FEATURE * BBPress Avatar RTL Support
- NEW FEATURE * BBPress Search RTL Support
- NEW FEATURE * BBPress Sticky RTL Support
- Help file improvements
- Widget Title color icon added to dynamic style
- Portfolio items external link fix
- Portfolio items external link hover fix
- Breadcrumbs class name fix
- RPB Archive Settings fix
- RPB Archive Settings improvements

Version 1.1.5 – Jun 30th 2015

- Header Top widget menu re-ordered
- Image Snapping to right modified
- Search background color description
- Demo Installation fix for IE
- Responsivity space improvement
- Achievement iPad space increased
- Hover style improvement
- Portfolio hover style improvement
- WooCommerce hover style improvement
- Blog hover style improvement
- Advanced Parallax image size fix
- Fixed Parallax Retina Fix
- Parallax small image size fix
- Swiper Slider WooCommerce Fix
- Swiper Slider blog fix
- Swiper slider arrow fix
- Some small descriptions are more detailed
- Some small improvements

Version 1.1 – Jun 27th 2015

- NEW FEATURE * Theme Options remove image easily
- NEW FEATURE * A Whole new home design - Home Main
- NEW FEATURE * A New Curvy Slider Template For Business
- NEW FEATURE * Better Smooth Scroll
- NEW FEATURE * Revolution Slider latest version
- NEW FEATURE * Vimeo API library updated
- NEW FEATURE * Image Snapping (To left Or Right)
- NEW FEATURE * Image overflowing
- Smooth Scroll integrated as default
- WooCommerce style improvement
- WP Retina removed from recommended plugins
- Button border redesigned
- Button text style improved
- BBPress Private Reply style
- Regular Logo Retina easier method
- Sticky Logo Retina easier method
- BBPress text area font size.
- Curvy Slider Loader position fix.
- Menu style improvement
- Menu optimization
- Header style improvement
- Some small changes on Help file.

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