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1- This template can be bear an image catalog graphic designer ?

2- This template can support a video gallery and audiovisual events production ?if yes, what are the different formats it accepts ?

3- The plateform of this template is it customizing ? if yes, give all details to make.

4- Is it possible to add a video or animation before accessing the homepage?

5- Can we add a background music in this template ?

I am working on this template for a customer and I am trying to change the favicon. Now, it turns out the favicon has to be an image in stead of an ico file when uploading through thelme settings, but the favicon only appears in the admin interface and not on the website itself (standard drupal icon). What can I do about this please? Thank you!

Hello, I’m trying to install the demo Drupal/Theme in a subdirectory. However, after what appears to be a successful install (had to manipulate the database info due to it being in a subdirectory and added a “files” folder in sites/all with correct permissions), the demo doesn’t load and throws a server 500 error.

I tried troubleshooting the issue but came up empty handed. Instead, I used SimpleScripts to install Drupal (much faster than FTP) and then uploaded the theme and modules from the I haven’t uploaded the fontello files yet. The website is up and running now, however, I’d like to start with the demo and begin customizing from there. As far as the modules goes, I don’t know which settings need to be enabled.

Is there some reason why I wasn’t able to install the in a subdirectory? More importantly, is there a way where I can upload the demo theme without using the install profile?

Thank you, Jason

Hi Neo, I was able to install the demo script and import the database. However, I’m not able to log in to the admin page?

install//?q=admin pulls up a page that just says “You are not authorized to access this page.”

Am I missing something? Credentials are the same if you can drop in and take a look.


Hi Jason,
please try to check page ?q=user :)

Oh! Hahahaha! Thank You!


Why is my slider cutting off the sides of my image? I thought this theme was responsive?

Hello, I have the intention to buy this theme, but looking in the comments I have seen that someone is complaining for the multilanguage support, without any reply. Before buying it I would like to be sure that the theme does support multilanguage sites because I am buying it for a site which must be multilanguage.

Please let me know Regards

This theme does support multi language. However, you need to use string_override module for some strings

Hello, on theme on menu buttons pressed, does not opens internal pages. How i can test the template before bying? Thank you.

Thank you for your feedback. The demo menu is working fine now

Hi! I have problem with Fullscreen slider. Width=100%, height=-89 in config. Picture is 1680×900 and is not in showing full screen (responsive).

I followed manual…

What should I do? Thanks, Matt

Hi, which information do you need? It seems to me I’m not the only one with this problem with Fullscreen slider. I installed from (no errors) and there is no possibility to set nice fullscreen responsive FS slider. I followed manual.

We want to take a look at your site (your slider) and see the problem that you report

Thanks, I solved it .-)

Hi happy new year,Is RTL supported?

Hi, Thank you for your concern in our theme. However, it does not support RTL Happy New Year :)

Can I update Drupal to 7.34 whit this theme ?

Yes. Normally you can update drupal core without problem. If have any issue you can visit forum, our developers will help you. Thanks


Nice theme, works well, but I have a problem: On iPad or iPhone the Parallax part is wrong, don’t scroll and the picture is very pixelate. What is the solution (settings) or is there any update of it?


Thank you for your feed back. We check our demo and see no error as you said. Please take some screenshots of the problems and send us via support forum


I am very interested in buying this template, but first I’d like to know how stable is, because of what I see, there are many comments on some errors.

Regards and Thanks!

The theme currently have not supported this function yet. However, you can visit for reference and you will need a good knowledge and skill to integrate those modules into the theme

OK, one last question, ¿You invoice for Mexico? and if so, Does the price of the theme that shown on the page is affected?


Because we sell this on ThemeForest market, we have no idea about the invoice, you may contact Envanto for more detail


I have trouble installing this theme in Drupal. Am not able enable this theme through appearance button or modules.

Kindly help me in installing this theme in fresh drupal setup.

Thank you.

Thanks for your concern in our product. Please submit to our support forum Our developer will help you

Hello, i would like to ask you some things because i’m highly interested into buying this template. 1. Are the colours easily changable without css coding? 2. Does it support multilinguality? I need to build it in 3 languages. 3. Is it fully responsive? 4 .Is the content (demo like photos, blocks, etc) available and installed? 5. Version of Drupal?

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much for your interest in our theme. Regarding your questions:
1. Yes, we offer 8 available skin colors in theme settings. You can easily change theme skin with just one click.
2. Yes, the theme does support multilanguage.
3. Of course, it is fully responsive
4. Yes, you can install profile
5. Drupal 7.x is required

Hello, i have bought this template and i cannot find anywhere how can i add in portfolio some more skills and locations. I thought it would be in taxonomy, but it isnt. Thank you

Firstly, thanks for purchase. Please visit forum, our developers will help you.

Hi, i have an error 500 when try to edit a Home Slider. What can i do?

Please follow this instruction to show error then submit your issue in our support forum Our developer will help you

Hi, we have the same error like this: Can you send us the updated file of fullscreen slider?

Please submit to support forum then we will send you updated file of fullscreen slider


Love the theme and have a pre-sale question, can I modify the portfolio section to include a brief description of what the product is? I assume its saved as a content type so can I edit that and add a description field so that it can show some text description as well when you click on a portfolio item?

Thank you for your concern in our theme. Yes, It is absolutely possible to add description for portfolio items. After purchase, if you need any help, feel free to ask us

Hi, i would like to change the animation of website service icon, how can i change that? regards

Thank you for your purchase. Please submit your question on our support forum Our developer will support you

google maps not working with Media 7.x-2.0-rc5, any ideas ?

Please submit your issue to our support forum Our developer will support you there for more convenience