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yennhan Purchased

Hello, I recently purchased this item, I would like to understand how do I install it with flask python. I had try the following. <script type=”text/javascript “src=”{{ url_for(‘static’, filename=’/js/bracket.js’) }}”></script>

But it doesn’t work, it still mention resource load failed, no resource found.

Hi, there is no support for implementing template to python. Please take note that this template is a static html template and can be use to any framework you want to use with the use of html but there is no support for implementing to a framework or programming languages use use. Thanks

Hello theme pixels, I would like to ask is there a chatbox like the one in email provided? Cheers


msrohit Purchased

How can i make table overflow-x scroll? Is there any which can i add and make it scrollable..

Hi, the scrollbar won’t display if there is only few columns of the table but if you have already table that have many columns wrap it with div using a class table-responsive

Hi, thanks for a very well thought out template!

Could you please suggest an easy method to stick the footer to the bottom of the page in case the page content is not long enough? It’s annoying to see it anywhere but the bottom…


henrynw Purchased

Do you have an estimate on when you might update the theme to Bootstrap 4.0?

Also, it does not seem like column offsets are supported?

Hi you can use bootstrap 4.0 and check bootstrap documentation about columns. For offsets i think they use margin auto instead of offsets. Thanks


henrynw Purchased

Replacing v4.0.0-beta with v4.0 in your bracket.css file pretty much destroys the template. When will you update your template on ThemeForest?

Offsets are like this in 4.0… offset-md-X (where X is the number of columns to offset by)

If it destroys the template then it would spend more time fixing the issue, so in that case I cannot tell the exact release date of the next update but i will let you know once it is available. Thanks

Hi, There is a serious problem with the website on iOS. On iPhone6/7 and iPad (both safari and chrome) it’s impossible to hide left and right panels (after opening them).

It’s not working even on your demo

Can you take a look? Please

With Bower support fading will you possibly be migrating to npm package.json or yarn for package support soon? I want to remain in alignment for the future so updates will be easier to apply. Thanks.

Yes we are waiting to get all packages available in npm. Right now some of the packages are not available in npm and with that I will still use bower.

Hi! Will i get scss or sass file or just css when i purchase?

Yes you will get sass files when you purchase


zubbyxl Purchased

i need a work around, so that in mobile view whenever i click any of the left menu components, the left side bar collapses/disappears. As my pages load asynchronously, i need the menu out of the way when i click on a menu item.