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Hi – will it be easy to upgrade from 1.2 to 1.3? I’ve already started developing using your template, but dont want to have issues with things getting messed up when upgrading to 1.3


Added some new pages and changes are mostly in css/style.default.css. You just have to override it.

Great. Thank you!

i dont know why for some reason i cant get the update to work..

i havent edited i just uploaded it to the server and tried to open up the link :(

nevermind it worked

I don’t understand at all how to implement the sliders, and there is nothing in the docs about it.

I used carousel in bootstrap as the sliders in this template

I modified the pager through css

Before I can explain it, please read the jquery ui guide for the slider – Let me know if you have trouble working on it so I can guide you. thanks

Hi I purchased this software and dows not resolve properly on IE11 some of the sidelinks like dashboard, sliders resolve well but other links like forms and email and other links don’t render at all, the entire page is jumbled up.

thanks I will today

I have sent the document as an email

Please do tell me if you could customise the template based on my requirements

Thanks for providing such an awesome Admin to the community. I’ve noticed alot of questions surrounding PSD and I see that you’ve since then update Admin theme to included PSD.

I’ve used your Amanda Admin in past and the PSD was only a Header, which for me wasn’t sufficient! Does this PSD include a full page PSD and some inner page designs or is it also just a Header/Footer?


Is less files included. We need to have less files to purchase.

No less for the current version but I will add less in future update

My colleague has discovered a minor bug in your code:

File style.default.css line 728:

.pageheader .fa-file-text { padding: 6px 10px;` }

Notice the apostrophe after semicolon.

Hi zero, thanks for letting me know


I am very new to admin templates. How would I go about installing this?

There is no installation on this template. This template is a static html pages.

Hi Themepixel,

Is there an easy way to utilize animate.css to slide-in/out the left nav when clicking the menu toggle button?

Thanks, James

I haven’t tried it yet. Let me try this and I think it’s possible. I’ll let you know.

Thank you!


I removed pre-loader as per your tip. Whenever I remove the pre-loader, I do not get scroll bar to scroll down the page. It gets fixed. Please advice on how to fix this one.

What browser are you using?

Firefox 28.0

Seems fine in my browser here…let me check on this and i’ll get back to you

Hi Themepixels,

Very Nice theme. I have brought the theme. I have pasted the template folder in my server to check the components are working fine.

Via Google chrome the theme is awesome. But when I try it via IE 10 it is not displaying the theme properly (most of the components are missing). Could you please help me out with the installation. do I need to done anything to view via IE 10

Hi Themepixels,

Very Nice theme. I have brought the theme. I have pasted the template folder in my server to check the components are working fine.

Via Google chrome the theme is awesome. But when I try it via IE 10 it is not displaying the theme properly (most of the components are missing). Could you please help me out with the installation. do I need to done anything to view via IE 10

Hey thanks got it I am very new to the Web design. searched and found the solution. Eventhough i hv IE 10 by default it set with IE 8 Compability mode. Now i have changed to latest by adding the below code in the template <meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=edge”>

Thanks..Great that you found a solution to my theme, you rock!


Have just started coding my own administration system for my own business. I have used many admin templates previously but so far may I say what an absolute pleasure it is been using your template.

Put quite simply, it is beautiful. The most valuable thing to me is that your template is coded in such a professional and thought out manner that my edits and customisations are easy and work perfectly. So far I have found none of the hacks or shortcuts that make other admin templates a pain.

Just wanted to say that how immensely impressed I am with your work and how delighted I have been with this beautiful template.

Thank you,


Thanks paul that you like my template and thank you for buying my theme :)

Thanks very much for such wonderful theme. One thing i notice is when you view the demo in Chrome browser of nexus 5 or samsung galaxy note 2 when i click on search text box the key pad on doesn’t appear. Can you please check and tell me a fix.

Ok here’s the fixed. Open the file js/custom.js and in line 218 you will see this code below
replace it with
if(jQuery('.leftpanel .searchform').length == 0)
Note: reposition_searchform() is found in other lines, make sure not to mistakenly replace it. It must be in line 218 and it is inside the code jquery resize

Worked like charm. Thank very much for the help.

Great and thanks for reporting the bug.

Hi … Awesome template .. any idea how to turn off responsive layouts?

thank you

Just remove the line of code below in the head of page
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0">

Are there any “Frontpage” templates available for Bracket theme. Similar to this for Neon?


There will be frontend in future updates and I’m working on it.

Hi there!! (please read…...need help)

I am searching for an admin template that can do the following things…maybe i shouldn’t be searching for an admin template but if anybody can point me in the right direction i would really appreciate it!!!!!!

BACKGROUND: I have a few websites that my clients log in to. What I would like is a “one stop shop” for all the websites they have to log in to. I think these admin pages are really awesome so in the side menu, if a client could click on “Services” and there would be a list of the webpage names …...then click on the page they want to go to.

Then I would like the web page the client clicks on to open in the admin panel without loosing the header and the left menu (which can hide if toggled so it gives the client more room to work with the webpage she opened). I would like the client to be able to click back and forth between the sites if needed quickly without logging out….kinda like tabs in a web browser when I can click on my gmail ..go to Envato….click back to gmail without shutting down or loosing anything.

What i also need is a master log in portal thingy. For example, a client can just log in to the admin page and it will need to log in to all the other webpages at the same time in the menu bar… once in the admin page , the websites are actually open but out of site until the client clicks on the page they want to go to inside the left hand side menu. If one of the webpage times out and needs to be logged into again while in the background, I would like the master log in portal thingy to log back in automatically.

Also I would like to have a master admin page, which governs over rep and client admin pages. For example, in the master admin page, I would like to be able to create admin pages for my reps and or clients, and let the reps create pages as well if I had it toggled for them to do so. I imagine something as easy as filling out a form with the right information so it could easily populate the admin page and then create it.

In the master admin page, I would like to be able to see a list of my reps, and go to their admin page, see a list of their clients, and go to a clients admin page if i need to. Also I would like to have a master list of clients in my master admin page along with a master list of clients in my admin page. I would like a rep to only have access to the clients they are assigned to so they can go in a clients admin page and do things.

Also, I would like certain changes I make in my master admin page to automatically change in my reps and clients pages. For example, lets say I make changes to a pricing chart..i would like those changes updated and changed in all other admin pages as well.

I hope all this makes sense. Thank you very much for your time and I would appreciate any advice or help anybody gives me. I know that I would need to continuously buy admin pages or whatever and I would need help most likely to customize a template to the way I described and I am willing to pay for that help if the price is agreeable for both of us.



Hi, I understand what you need here but what you see in this template is that the template is static html and purely front-end. Based on your comment you can use this template as your user interface but functionality is not included because this is just a user interface.

Based on your needs I can do that. I can do both front-end and back-end work but for now I am not available to work for integration because this template is new and my focus is to work on the bugs that reported from buyer and additional features for updates on this template. Thanks.

Thank you! I appreciate your response. Great template by the way!

Do you offer installation services? Or integration of this into a custom system?

Can you build a custom system to use this template?

Sorry but No

Do you have a time frame for when the front-end themes will be added?

Maybe in 3 weeks

Hey – just wanted to let you know that I love this template! :)