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Thanks for the purchase :)

Very nice! Good luck! :)

Cool Bootstrap based Admin! :)

Wow this is so complete and beautiful. I need to devise some new great system so I can use this

Awesome work man, good luck with sales :)

Nice theme, Good luck with sales :)

Thanks kabayan :)

congratulation..nice work

Clean & Nice Template! GLWS :)

Congratulations on your theme! Wonderful template;)

Very good template! As a suggestion, it would be good to add a language selector and landing page.

This week we’ll buy your template

Yeah thanks for the suggestion..landing is already planned for the next update

Great work, really awesome minimal concept. Could you explain the code complexity is it easy modular or will a buyer struggle trying to create custom views? GLWS too.

It’s easy I explain the structure in the documentation

WOW! What a great minimalist theme! I love it! :) I’ll wait for more components and buy it. :-)

Let me know what components that do you want me to add? That would be a big help for me.. thnks :)

This template already has responsive table. I will put more demo for the responsive table. I’ll take note on the rest that you mention and will be available in the next update. Thanks

Hi ThemePixels,

Looking to buy your theme soon. Wanted to inform you of two bugs I found to see if they can be fixed asap.

1. Activating STICKY LEFT PANEL in the demo causes the logo to disappear, seems like a simple css positioning issue.

2. Activating COLLAPSED MENU in the demo and then navigating to Graphs & Charts causes the left menu to not display properly on this page. seems like an issue with the remember cookie.

Other than that the theme seems to be good. Are the bugs present in the downloaded version ? If so how long would it take to issue a fix?


Thank you, very much !

Adding the changelog to the documentation file would be golden for members that already use the template.

Yeah cool. thanks

Hiya! Great theme and am looking to purchase… Just a few questions… I noticed that one of the main fonts (when small) does not display too well eg. “a” is filled in with a solid color and does not look that great. I know it’s fussy but it’s all to do with presentation. Perhaps its just a matter of using a different font that scales better?

Couple of features that I would personally like would be a “Console” type editor for editing code and html files (have seen this recently) and perhaps some more examples of “Modal” usage…

Either way, the theme is very nice and has a lot of potential… I’ll be making my decision next week! :) Keep up the good work!

I will be adding font options for you to choose other fonts in the next update. Ill take note on that. About the console I will take note on that too. Thanks

No worries… Thanks for the prompt reply! :)

A boxed demo would be useful.

Do you mean a fixed width?

Fixed width and centred, yes.

Im working on it. Thnks

this theme has everything to be one of top 3 admin templates on themeforest, is very beautiful, and if you keep doing a good work and make a lot of updates with last plugin versions, crossbrowser fix and new features the purschase number will be very high!

I will buy this, just don’t see any page about the grid system that you use

And in 1280 resolutions the MOST BROWSER USED graphic on dashboard does not resize…

Another question is: how can I show the menu on 1024 resolutions and make the other side content responsive?


Hi thanks

About the grid system, I don’t have to add page that display the grid system because I am using Bootstrap 3. You just have to go to

About the Most Browser Used not resizing, that is not a bug, the plugin doesn’t support resizing but I am finding ways to make it supported by myself.

The menu will automatically hide once the screen size are below 1024 you can show it by clicking the toggle button in the top left most part of the page. Most templates designed it that way for smaller screens to prevent breaking the layout

Could you add a boxed layout where its a fixed width and centered with the nav on top? Also, maybe a frontend template?

Yes I will add that in the next update..thanks

This is a very interesting theme, but I feel following is missing and all of it can be found in MetroNic:

  • Language Switch Bar
  • Tree View
  • Block UI
  • Toastr Notifications
  • Pickers
  • Custom Dropdowns

The template already have custom dropdowns but have only few examples, see the demo under the select fields – http://localhost/bracket/template/general-forms.html

I will put more examples to this in the demo for the next update


Thanks for a prompt reply.

Last link you provided was pointing to your local host, so it won’t work.