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After a year my website stoped working, I get Error message 500! I checked every plugin, installed new wordpress and still nothing. What is going on with this template?!

500 internal server error comes from hosting/php configuration. Theme is just a skin. Please ask your hosting to check and in most cases hosting companies able to get this fixed quickly. If you haven’t changed anything then hosting must have updated few settings which caused this error.

Do you plan to update this template? The last one is from June (27) 2018.


‘RadiantThemes Addons’, ‘WPBakery Page Builder’ and some other necessary plugins are installing from our end. We’re continuously developing functionalities for those plugins, so whenever you’ll update those plugins, you’ll get some updated functionalities of the theme. You can update those plugins by following below steps:-

1) Delete those plugins first from ‘Plugins > Installed Plugins’.

2) After that, re-install and re-activate those plugins again from ‘Appearance > Install Plugins’. Plugins will be updated.

1.I want to edit portfolio-page. How can I do this? Is this page uneditable? 2. Is there a way to hide breadcrumbs only with pages from the portfolio?

1) Yes you can edit portfolio pages by using ‘WP Bakery Page Builder’. You can enable ‘WP Bakery Page Builder’ on ‘Portfolio’ and on other custom post types by following our documentation:- http://themes.radiantthemes.com/brixel/docs/#Pages ( This section:- https://prnt.sc/p4n2fl ).

2) You can hide breadcrumbs for all portfolio detail pages in common by choosing ‘NONE’ from ‘Select Short Header’ ( Please check:- https://nimb.ws/WT79ob ) section from ‘Pages > All Pages > Portfolio’ page (Link of the ‘Portfolio’ page should be ‘your-domain/portfolio’).

1. I asked about page “domain/Portfolio”, not “domain/Portfolio/something”. I clicked all the checkmarks on the “WP Bakery Page Builder”. When I open page with one of my portfolio, page has breadcumb “domain/Portfolio/oneofportfoliopage”. I cannt edit “domain/Portfolio”. This page looks like a page with posts. https://prnt.sc/p4qe30 2. thx


You can change the breadcrumb for ‘Portfolio’ and other custom post type by editing code of ‘wp-content/themes/brixel/inc/header/banner.php’ and ‘wp-content/themes/brixel/inc/header/theme-banner.php’. Please keep backup of those files after making changes, in case of future update. If you’re facing any problem while changing the breadcrumb, then please open a support ticket directly at https://support.radiantthemes.com/open.php along with site URL and access and our team will assist you.

Please tell me how many products i can put on this theme ? I want to purchase this theme for my ebook business

You’ll get free 6 months support for the theme. If you want to extend term of support to 12 months then you can buy support in advance or else you’re good with basic price of $59. Support covers theme related questions only. Customization and theme related troubleshooting, design help is not part of theme support.

i asked u about the updates ???

Update is free for the life time of the theme.

Good evening. I thought about buying your template, but I saw a problem, namely the menu command is not working – http://themes.radiantthemes.com/brixel/team/albert-mccloud/ when clicking on the link, everything is empty, although there are pictures of employees on the main page. Is this a mistake in the template?

Regarding the update, I meant that for example, the template lacks a “sticky menu” when it scrolls down when scrolling down. (I think for sure it was someone asking or asking you)

Is it possible to do this or is there a function and it only needs to be enabled in the settings?

Sticky option is available with this theme. You can enable sticky for any header from their respective header settings through ‘Theme Options’. For example, if you’re using header ‘Style One’, then you can enable sticky for that header by choosing ‘Yes’ on ‘Theme Options > Header > General > Header One Settings > Sticky Option’ ( Please check:- https://nimb.ws/uOaAXs ).

Fine! Perhaps I will buy your template!

Is there a possibility to show the phone and e-mail in the mobile version?

Yes you can show email and phone in mobile version. Please see screenshot(http://prntscr.com/ptmrqm)

No it doesn’t support RTL.

Сan you enable the demo?


Demo is running now. We were shifting server.

Hello! Tell me please how can I change the fonts in the header menu https://prnt.sc/scryyh


Either you can change this image by setting the featured image from the specific page ( Please check:- https://prnt.sc/sgmixd ) or you can change the image from ‘Theme Options > Header > Short Header > Inner Page Banner Background’ ( Please check:- https://nimb.ws/vQRZui which is common for other inner pages).

Hi, Can you help me with advice?

I just can’t set styles for mobile devices https://prnt.sc/t93eq3 I have words that are too long that do not fit on the screen


Please open a support ticket directly at https://radiantthemes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new with your site url and temporary access so that we can check this for you. Also, please provide link of the page in which page you’re facing this.

Hi, I need help please. Some images are not showing up on safari and firefox. How can I solve that? Please help. Thanks


Please upload those images again from the specific places and those images should be shown. If still you’re facing the same problem, please open a support ticket directly at https://radiantthemes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new with your site url and temporary access so that we can check this for you. Also, please provide screenshots of those images which are not showing.

This is a really cool and beautiful theme. BUT today I updated WordPress 5.5 and the WPBakery Page Builder plugin began to work badly and crookedly. There was no need to update. Upset.

We are sorry to see you faced problem. WPbakery also updated their version to be compatible with WordPress 5.5. Please update WPbakery by following https://radiantthemes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360042212354-Plugin-Update (screenshot may vary but basic process is same) and you’ll get latest version of Wpbakery. If you still face the problem please feel free to open a support ticket and we’ll send you latest version of the plugin.


ednord Purchased


Quick question: where do I find the xml content for manual import?


Please check Theme Installation tutorial https://themes.radiantthemes.com/brixel/docs/#ThemeInstallationSetup . This uses integrated import process and doesn’t need manual xml import.


ednord Purchased

I will notice that you were not willing to help; and before your reply, I have found the demo files in the following path: \brixel\inc\import\one. Have a good day!

For some reason, the slider on this theme disappeared. I did not delete it.


Maybe older version of slider revolution plugin is having problem. Please update the plugin by following our https://radiantthemes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360042212354-Plugin-Update tutorial and check. If you still face this problem then we need to inspect your site. At that case, if you want us to inspect, please extend your support (As your support was expired) and open a support ticket directly at https://radiantthemes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new with your site url and temporary access so that we can check this for you.