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minimalist and great design… GLS :)

Thanks ceztyablog. :)

I don’t usually comment, but this is something different and I hope you can sell well with it.

Really pleased you commented, thanks kriskorn. :)

Awesome theme gp, glws mate! ;)

Thanks csspress. :)

Cheers metrothemes. :)

Nice work again, and again, you’ve come with something new and very nice :)

Thanks a lot IulianN. :)

Is there a mobile page?

Thanks quick reply. I resized the window on chrome. However, I would like to see your theme on my galaxy note(5.3inch). Almost responsive theme have fixed 320px size, and not filling up the screen. I am looking for theme that varies with mobile phone’s screen size and can be zoomed out with finger.

The theme is not fixed at screen sizes below 767px, it’s fluid so it should extend across a typical 320px screen. I assume the resolution of the phone must be higher that 767px and so is using the desktop styling. I’m not able to test this on a Galaxy Note since I don’t own one, but if you contact me via my email form at I’ll be happy to see if I can work this out with you.

Zooming in/out has been disabled on mobile/tablet devices but this can be reenable with a small code change.

To follow up, I have now enable zooming in and out on mobile/tablet devices.

With regards to the display on Galaxy phones – the mobile display is loaded on devices with screen widths below 768px, it’s all based on screen widths (this is called a responsive design). If the screen width is 1280×800px then the tablet version of the layout will be loaded on the Galaxy. This actually makes sense, since the screen on these larger phones suits the tablet layout better than the mobile layout.

I don’t think your gallery is very optimal. Check it out: ... if you click on a thumb, you are directed to a page with a VERY cropped version of that image. That image really should be in “full size” (vertically).

Hi there,

This is just a basic shortcode that can display posts in a gallery format, what the images link to is up to you. So you can link to pages with full size images if you want. ;)

Hi Ghostpool :)

Great job!

One question, I would like to position the groups in the main home as you have the ‘Latest Post’ or ‘The Features’ in your demo. Is it possible?


Hi there,

Yes you can rearrange the layout so the groups are in the middle. :)

first of all, really like the design. couple of questions:

1. is there a twitter widget that works (layout/fonts etc fit in to your theme) 2. its says Login but no Register? has that been disabled for demo purpose? 3. would be nice to have a members gallery (communal, not individual), where registered members can post their images along side one another. is that possible?

Hi there,

1) I don’t see any reason why any of the many Twitter widgets wouldn’t work with this theme. If there are any design conflicts I’ll be able to help you out.

2) Yes the theme allows registration, this is just disabled for the demo.

3) It’s not possible by default, but I’m sure a plugin will offer something like that, try Googling “buddypress gallery” or “wordpress members gallery”.

What kinda scripts does this theme have? Or do i need to script it myself?

Hi there,

I’m not quite sure what you mean. This is a WordPress theme, so no scripting is required.

Hey GhostPpool, excellent theme here. I would definitely buy this theme it if it had css support for the BuddyPress blogs directory (when WordPress multisite is active) and support for an eCommerce plugin such as WooCommerce or WP e-Commerce.

Please let me know if this is possible. Best Regards, SmartSite4u

Hi there,

I will be making Buddy fully compatible with multi site shortly, so full support with BuddyPress blogs will be provided, however even now the BP blog pages should look fine with this theme.

WooCommerce is compatible with this theme, but you will need to edit the plugin CSS to get the WooCommerce styling to match the theme.

Thanks for the fast support, please do tell me when it is fully multisite compatible :)

Also, can the front welcome image be used as a slider?

Yes the front welcome page can be used as a slider.

I will be doing some tests with multisite today and tomorrow, so expect an update in the next few days.

Thanks colle. :)

Great theme. Is it possible to create a video landing page with this theme?


Hi there,

It’s certainly possible to make any page your homepage and add video(s) to it, to I would say yes. :)

Hello i have 2 questions. a) can users who sign up, post blog posts? for all to see? b) is there a “register” page? is it simply a wordpress admin, or is there an individual page?

Hi there,

a) Yes.

b) Yes this is a register page, this has been disabled for the demo. It is not the standard WordPress page it is a proper front end page registration.

smoothest buddy press theme on themeforest. nice work.

Thanks ADARCHY . :)

Hi, Great theme!

Does it support cyrillic? I mean cn I somehow fully translate the site into russian?

Hi there,

The theme is fully translatable and the Helvetica font supports cyrillic (which the theme uses) so yes it will support cyrillic. :)

Love it!

Maybe use it on my website :)

Hope to see you use Dekuwa. Thanks. :)

please let me know when it is fully multisite compatible.

I will do. I will post an update on my Twitter @ghostpool and in the item comments. Expect to see something tomorrow. :)

Hello GhostPool,

As always, AWESOME work! You outdo yourself with each template released. I look forward to the opportunity of exploring this work further.

All the best in your sales. Congrats on an awesome new addition!

- Bryce Wisekal

Cheers Bryce, always appreciate your comments. :)

my pure installation, the tabs on pics doesn’t work, showing all members of active, recent, new.. whatever!



Hi there,

I’m not quite sure what you mean, but if you need support email at and provide a link to your site so I can see the problem. :)

Thank you,... fixed.. plugins causing problem..

but one thing really love to have your help, could look it up what happen to plugin “buddy share”? i really like to have buddyshare on it… but seems the layout… not fit…

As I say, if you need support email at and provide a link to your site so I can see the problem. :)