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Great Theme! GLWS :)

congratulation. GLWS :)

thank you

Nice work!! Good luck! :)

thank you

Creative Work, GLWS :)

thank you

Fantastic theme buddy!!!!!! ;) Wish you many sales!!!!! ;)

Nice job, GLWS o7.

Congrats! Very Clean and Creative Theme… Good Luck With Your Sales ;) and Happy Envato Birthday!

thank you :)

i like the style, good job ! :)

thank you

Would there be a way to make this theme compatible with IE8? Please let me know as that will determine whether I purchase this theme or not.

Very nice theme! I really like many of your designs. I was wondering if leaving the menu expanded is a configurable option for the Cleanse theme. Could you let me know? Thanks for your time.

It’s not there now, I’ll make an update today and tell you when it ready :)

new version is ready now, you can choose menu expanded or collapsed by default :)

Wonderful! Thank you so much for this quick update!

I might be missing something, but it seems as if the theme author “forgot” to style the default page-type (Add Content -> Page). This results in custom content types having inappropriate styling, which obviously doesn’t appear to be intended. I did the full profile install.

I am still getting the following errors, on the front page, when re-enabling the theme : “Notice: Undefined index: field_blog_image in include() (line 14 of sites/all/themes/md_cleanse/template/views/blog/views-view-fields—blog.tpl.php). Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in include() (line 14 of sites/all/themes/md_cleanse/template/views/blog/views-view-fields—blog.tpl.php).”

can you give me your email or just send us a message here. It’s great if you can give me admin access to your site to check the issue :)

Hi! Where do I find the most up to date version?


Hi, you can just download package from your download page again. It’s always latest version. (you will need only theme file from manual install for update)

Ok, thanks!

Hi! Can I know the portfolio style can apply for all other pages?

Thank you very much

Do you have any documentation to how to use the theme?

Yes, It is packed with the theme

Hi! I just bought the theme. I’m trying to set up the home page. Can I know how to do the portfolio style?

Hi Sam,
Cound you please clarify your question on our support forum

Does this theme also support video? We’d like to use video next to images in our portfolio.

What do you mean by “video next to images in portfolio”? There are also portfolio node pages with video. For ex:

Hi Megadrupal live previews aren’t working. if someone could fix this that would be great.

also i would love to have simply added this comment to the support forum but it won’t load either. Other web previews work, it only seems to be Megadrupal. cheers, :)

I just test and see it here: can you try again? If you can’t see it, can you send me a message here?

Hello, can I change the main colors?

Portfolio Footer. I have purchased this theme, and installed to an existing site. All works OK with a little tweaking but I can’t find where to set the share link in the portfolio footers. I can’t find where the footer template is or an option to set this link anywhere. I have tried a few times to register on your support forum but I never get confirmation emails.

I’ve found the template now and set my share links. I’ve amended the template as it was set to a ”#” rather than a dynamic link. I’ve still had nothing in response on here or from the email I sent to you directly or from my attempts to register on your support site. Can you please advise how I can contact you as I am now trying to figure out where to set/update the google map API key as this is currently failing when you load the contact page. I’m really liking the theme overall but would appreciate someone contacting me to cover off these bits that are not in your documentation.

Sorry for the late respond. Please submit your issue in our support forum Our developer will support you there

As per my comments above. I can’t register on your support forum. I have tried 3 different email accounts and then sent you an email directly through your contact form. If I could have posted it on your support forum I would have.