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Is there a version of Convertible for Magento? Or a similar one?

no, unfortunately not.

Greetings, love this template. We have purchased and used it here:

But, we are having a tiny problem, at the bottom of the page, there the owl carousel is labeled “Study Groups”, there is this one extra navigation button there, and we don’t know why?

Any ideas, we’ve been working on this for two hours!

Hello and thanks for the kind words

please send a message with your request to this e-mail:

Could you please provide what file(s) were updated in the 0614/14 package. I don’t see any info in the download as to which files to replace or update..

Hello. Some of our client asked us to notify them when wp version is released so we made un update just to notify our buyers for wp release.

Sorry for your inconvenience

Hello such, I want to configure the Contact module as set up the email address and the smpt server? thanks

where’s your purchase badge sir ?

hi , here why?

i don’t see ur purchase badge.

Is this a WordPress theme?

no, it’s a html template. WordPress version can be found here :


I am considering in buying this template but there are some bugs on Ipad 2 retina ios7 with safari Only The landscape display the elements properly but the dropdown menu is not working, and it’s not possible to swipe the pictures when there is a slideshow. Is there a new update for that ? Also in portrait mode the menu is not working either and the pictures stays big as if something was blocking the resize… I did a test on my Iphone 5s with ios8 and all the elements that are supposed to be slided are displaying as many blocks.

I did screenshots if you want

So here is my question, will you fix all theses bugs through a new update?

Thanks for all


please send a message with your request to this e-mail:

Hello Is this a Responsive html5 ? if yes , Please tell me , how to use of tablet design or mobile and desktop?

please send a message with your request to this e-mail:


Question before purchase. In testimonials section, it is possible to activate automatic slide ?


Hello and thanks for showing itnerest in our work.

yes that’s possible of course.

after you have purchased our template please send a message with your request to this e-mail: and he will make the changes as per your request


Hi, where is a code for mobile devices.


it’s on bootstrap.css and responsive.css


Great template.

The mobile navigation does not scroll for a user to view all the menu items.

For example for the Convertible demo site.

If you view the site on iPhone 6, you can click on the menu button HTML: <button class=”navbar-toggle” data-target=”.navbar-collapse” data-toggle=”collapse” type=”button”>

Menu triggers and the final viewable Menu items display:

SLIDERS Revolution Slider

Issue is that you can not scroll past the menu item “Revolution Slider” and view the next menu items…. like “Flexslider” then the next sections ABOUT US… BLOG… ect.”

Question: is there a fix to view all the menu items for the mobile view?

Thanks for any support.


please send a message with your request to this e-mail:

Hello i pechesed your great theame but i want to use the latest revolution slider version (4.6.3) when i downloaded the theme files i get version 3.0.8 how can i get the latest one? plus in revolution slider im trying to add slide with video to the first slide (youtube iFrame) but when it starts after some secounds the timer is moving to the next slide. please advise. here is the code for video slide: <li data-transition="3dcurtain-vertical" data-slotamount="10" data-masterspeed="300"> <!-- THE MAIN IMAGE IN THE FIRST SLIDE --> <img alt="" src="upload/slider-revolution/0.png" /> <!-- THE CAPTIONS IN THIS SLDIE --> <div class="caption large_text sfb" data-x="140" data-y="128" data-speed="2000" data-start="1400" data-easing="easeOutExpo" data-end="9200" data-endspeed="500" data-endeasing="easeInSine"> <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> </div> </li> please advise

still waitting….. :(


Thanks :)

Hi-wondering if you’ve had experience using this template in the MURA cms? I like the look and functionality and would like to rebrand some of our sites using variations of the theme.

Hello and thanks for showing interest in our work.

No, unfortunately never done that so far.

so far we have only 3 themes which are available for MuraCMS:


Hi I’m having problems viewing video gives me error, and can not find where to correct this issue.

Control code for indicating me how to proceed.

Thank you.

\\ <!-error->
Iphone Wallpaper

Hi. I want to make navigation menu on 3 levels. Can you help me. Thank you

Hi, how can i canseled menu strict scrolled? I want to canceled sticky menu.


The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.


This is HTML template and not WordPress theme. Are you trying to upload it in WordPress ?

Thank you..