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Good Job, I Like It , GLWS ;)

Thanks mate :)

Great Job Faton. Glws

Thank u so much!

This is an awesome template! GLWS :)

hey Iman, Thank u so much mate :)

Good Job! What i’m missing is a cart area, because you have also a shop template.

hi rufnex.

we hope to add that in our upcoming updates.


Good Job Faton brother. GLWS

Thank you so much bro :)

Good job Faton & Besim. GLWS

Thanks Sam :)

Shortcode ? Pricing Tables ? Cart Page ? Form css ?

Elements page ? Button ?

No can speak english :):) I can speak turkish. Turkis help ?

okay Muhammed, we’ll try to add new page/elements in our upcoming updates, hopefully.

Thanks :D

solve these problems as soon as possible :)

Waiting for you date?

Thanks :)

lol, these are not problems, these are additional feature that u want, not problems :).


Does the menu not have second level capability?

hi Jisaac and thanks for purchasing Convertible.

Currently it does not have that capability. We hope to add that feature in our upcoming updates.

Thank u so much

How do I get to pass the mouse over the map there is no rolling?

I do not want that the user can scroll and zoom the map.

How do I get this function?

Thank you.

hello and thanks for purchasing Convertible :).

please open “script.js” and edit the code as in screenshot below:


you are welcome :)

I like your theme. Do you have this theme for wordpress?

hi Boby, no, WP version is not ready and we don’t have any specific date for it yet but stay tuned and follow us so u can be notified.


We have purchased a number of items from Themeforest over the years. I can say, without reservation, the team at Premium Layers is one of the best. The product we purchased is also one of the most well designed, easy to understand templates of all those we have purchase. I would strongly recommend Premium Layers to anyone. Thanks guys!

hey stockxprt, Thank you very much for the kind words, we are very happy to hear that from you :)


I bought your theme last day and it looks very nice. But am a little disappointed in one thing which is the documentation.. Honestly it will be great if you provide some good detailed documentations. As an example how could we change the slide show from Revo to Flex. Hope you got me..

hi sforsandeep and sorry for your inconvenience
Ussually we don’t make extensive documentation for HTML templates since they are more easy to understand and work with.

Could you please send a direct message to our front-end developer – so he can help you out with this.

please include all the informations/requests u have and send the files too if you want us to add/change everything for you.


Thank you for an excellent theme – beautiful and very flexible! I have started on a project already and saw the update, which I downloaded. GLAD to see ongoing development and improvements. One little request/suggestion: If you could PLEASE put version and changelog in each download package – it would save your buyers (now fans :) ) some time and perhaps rework. I checked the support area… If I missed the file or info somewhere please direct me to it.

Thanx again for a GREAT theme and your ongoing development. I posted my 5 stars days ago!

hi Savvyone. thank you so much for your suggestion. you are totally right. :) i’m glad to hear such a good words from an experienced customer. ur profile says it all :)

So far we’ve made 2 updates :

first update – December 4, 2013:
added smooth scroll 
added transition effect on menu. 
Second Update – added 3rd level for menu dropdown, 4 hours ago:
added 3rd level for menu dropdown

from this moment we’ll make sure to add a version number + changelog for edited & new files.

Thank you very much for ur 5 star rating :) this will surely help us move further and motivate us to improve our products.


Hi, beautiful theme. Can you advise me how to add social icons? I have already downloaded glyphicons. Thanks!

seems some characters are missing from my previous comment but if u like to resend plz leave ur e-mail here.


The complete message appeared through the reply notification via email. I used the font awesome option. Thanks for your help!

oh that’s great :D

Is there a way to make this theme compatible with IE8? I did all of the work to integrate my CMS but now find that it is not functional with IE8 when testing (still 20% of traffic to my site uses IE8).

Thank you for any advice.

hi Jisaac and thanks for purchasing Convertible.

unfortunately not cuz we are using the bootstrap 3 which doesn’t support IE8.

btw, you can search for solution i think i’ve noticed some posts on the internet about this issue and seems somebody solved this problem. plz search


Absolutely love your template. Likewise live your Vertikal one. I want to buy them, but first can you comment about a problem which I see when I view the site on my Android phone Galaxy SIII – the menu has very long gaps in it. Same problem landscape or portrait mode. Is there a fix?


Issue Fixed :) plz check it out!

Great! This is very fast service! Thanks. Buying now…

You are always welcome :)

Thank u very much for purchasing Convertible.

Hi, nice theme do you have a demo for the boxed version?


What happened to buttons on this theme? In the entire theme I can only find buttons as submit buttons in forms. I’ve never seen a theme without buttons before.

Yeah, I went and imported some. Just wondered why I couldn’t find any, though settings.css refers to diferent coloured buttons that then aren’t used. I guess it’s recycled css from another theme? Not to worry; that’s now not a huge problem. The nav is…

Meant to say – these irritations aside, it’s quite a nice theme!

hi Brian, and thanks for your comments.

the settings.css is from bootstrap framework and for sure we’ve used that css in many elements and u can notice that very easily.

Thank u.

Opening your demo with a Nokia Lumia 920 using the latest version of IE (10 or 11 but I’ve no idea exactly which version as I don’t know where to look) your mobile menu isn’t a mobile menu in the normal sense.

It looks like an open ‘meganav’ menu or whatever they call those things that cover half your screen with reams of links. It overlays about 80% of the main slider on the index page and a similar amount of other pages. Never mind that the links are all way to small to read.

I just opened the demo for another theme on here called ‘Clava’ – in truth I just opened the most recently added theme – and it’s not my imagination or browser – the problem only shows up on this theme.

There’s no way I want a website that looks like this – as a visitor I’d assume it was broken and go elsewhere. What’s the cause?

We’ll check it out for you ;)

Thank you very much.

Well done, the css revision worked. Thanks

hi,i want buy this theme,is this theme of boxed version can change background JPG picture?

and how to change google map?

how can i change index.html to boxed version?thanks

All you have to do is add a class “boxed” to the container div.

Please let us do it for you. send us ur template to our front-end guy and mention all ur points that u want to change and he’ll get back to u with required changes

Kind Regards Faton