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Great card ; wonderlicious design. :)
Kind Regards,

Thank you.

Looks great but I can’t seem to get the demo site to show on my phone. Is there a mobile friendly version? Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The exact same problem occurs in Internet Explorer 11 on PC as on my Android phone: The page appears to load but then everything turns white. The page works great with Chrome on PC for me.

Hi, we have fixed it now. Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for the fast response!

Great Work. Really Liked it, Will purchase this someday for sure. Anyways, Dont forget to add auto update feature on your themes. They are so beautiful and they need it :) Wish you a very good lick with this theme :)


Hi There. I tried to open the demo site in my Ipad but it crashes every time. Is it going to be possible to make it work on it and Iphone as well? Thank you.

Hi, we have fixed the issue, please check again.

Thank you pixel wars. It does works now

nice work, gud luck :)

Thank you.

Nice, good luck with sales :)


Really nice theme guys – great work… just have a couple of issues:

Using chrome on a default installation of WP 3.9, shortcode entry isn’t working for posts/pages etc. Also the map shortcode doesn’t work properly for lat and long – it stays as the default values. I got around it by inserting the HTML instead in the text composer, so no biggie for me… might want to check it out though.

Also it’s pretty messed up on IE8… (I know, who in their right mind uses IE8??)... just a heads up.

Before I purchase this I have a question about what blog content show up at the /#/blog of the demo site. At the address /blog you can see all blog posts such as video, status, sound etc. but on /#/blog they are absent. What determines if they show up? Post type or whether they have a future image?

Hi, there is an option to set only show posts with featured image. That is checked for the demo site. If you don’t check, you will see your all posts. There are two kind of displaying method; post title with featured image and only post title. The date meta for both.


Thanks! Will purchase as soon as I can

Hi guys, Loved this theme, just a couple of issues: - Maps lat and long is not working, stays as the default values. - Base Styles stay as well just in Minimal (doesn’t change to other 3 modes)

Thank you.

Hi, please use our support forum for support requests, thanks.

Same issue as angelbolanose for google map and base styles… Please help!

Hi, please use our support forum for support requests, thanks.

Hi! Wondering how I can change the color of the yellow box underneath the main heading?

Hi, please use our support forum for support requests, thanks.


Not sure where my purchase code is to access support. Your link is not working

Nice, although every now and then the links stop being click-able? I hover the hyperlinks and the cursor doesn’t change to a hand and nothing happens on click :-?

Hi, the links working fine on my side.

Does the theme include a child theme?

Hi, there isn’t a child theme in the package, but I can create a child theme for you in our support forum.


Do you simply have to replace the email adress for receiving a message when you use the contact form?

Hi, yes, it is true.

Loved it. Is it for wordpress? Didn’t find any mention of it in the product description.

Hi, yes it is a wordpress theme.

I can not write to you because there is no support for registration, the opportunity to question my captcha for the contact form cvCard WP

Hi, if you are experiencing problems about signing up to our support forums, please send an e-mail via our profile page. I will manually sign you up.

Does this theme work well with a child theme?

You need to download the latest version from ThemeForest. All updates are free. And it is easy to update with a few steps.

Is there like any notifications for new updates?

You can check the notification option in your downloads page.

See in the image:

New Update Notification

Good job! love the design!

But i’m wondering is “Codeacademy”’s icon in the social icons?? And if yes, how do i use it??


Hi, “Codeacademy” social icon is not available by default, but you can add custom social icons easily with a little custom css code. Feel free to check our support forums.