Discussion on Drawer Mobile & Google AMP Template

Discussion on Drawer Mobile & Google AMP Template

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Hi, i have a wordpress with woocommerce, will be work with ?

Hey there, and thank you for your interest. We don’t have any products that work with WooCommerce at this time. As mentioned in the title, AMP Drawer is a Template and these are edited using code editors such as VSCode. Please send us a message via our contact form (link) if you require more technical details and we’ll gladly assist. Looking forward to your message. Cheers! :)

Hi, I can’t find the blog-post.html file in the AMP folder. The description says there are 10 pages in AMP folder but I found 9. If there is no blog-post.html file, I can’t post a Post.

Hey there, and thank you for your purchase. I just checked the Envato zip and indeed that was missing! Weird. I updated the file right now so you can re-download it and you’ll find the pages there. Apologies for the inconvenience. Also, I’d like to add, that if you wish to create a WordPress version of this page and actually post faster using an administrative panel rather than copy & pasting posts, you can check out this Envato Studio Provider. They can convert our product to WordPress for you. Cheers and again, apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your purchase! :)

Hello I wanted to know if purchasing this template, I can place a link, which points to a PDF (without leaving the web app)

A hack about the “the do not allow locking the overflow on X axis” problem in menu:

On $('.show-sidebar').click(function(){ put $('.page-content').bind('touchmove',function(e){ e.preventDefault(); }); and in $('.hide-sidebar').click(function(){ unbind $('.page-content').unbind('touchmove');

Hiya, loving the template, is there a compatible slider for this template, having probs with woo theme’s flexslider reloading the rest of the page every time the slide changes.

It’s a little shakey, please organise a decent slider. 8-) Then I’ll give you 5 stars again. 8-)

Having the same probs with your slider reloading the rest of the page every time the slide changes?

PS On iPhone 4

I’m testing the theme on android’s default browser. The fixed top bar isn’t moving to the right. It stays on the default position. Any fix for this?


It’s an error of your theme, Nobody may see the error?

I did send it, no response. So I posted the link here. Why you guys make such big deal about it?

We didn’t get your message, we would have replied by now. Because we like to keep our item comments clean. We solve all issues and it’s pointless to let links here that will no longer be valid. Please resend your message or use support page to send it! All the best!

I want to use the same logo (the same font), but change the name (change “The Drawer”). Do I have to download the font file from some other place or is it included in here somewhere?

Hey there! Please open the PSD provided to see what fonts are used! The fonts used as text in the item are Dosis, Lato and Open Sans! I believe the logo is Dosis as well!

For anyone else interested, the font is called Great Vibes regular, and i found it available for download here: http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/great-vibes


I purchased this template to help me launch a mobile website for our department.

I am using Visual Studio 2010 to develop the project, and when I rigt-click and “view in browser”, I get the following error message:

Error Message:

Line: 125 Error: Code.PhotoSwipe.createInstance: No images to passed.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

The error si by default on pages that do not have a gallery. Nothing to be alarmed. Ignore it! :)

Hi again,

I have not yet received any answer about the bugs I have highlighted 1 week ago. I have also opened a support ticket at http://www.paultrifa.com/support/ but no answer so far.

I urgently need to fix these problems to complete my project. Could you please give me support? Thanks


I have found some bugs in the template and I need your help:

1. DropDown Menu, the one used in the template does not retain the value selected, is there a way to fix it or is there another dropdown menu I can use?

2. Slider, I have not found a slider object (e.g. dragging you can change a value from 0 to 100), is there possibile to have one to use?

3. Navigation menu, I have noticed that if the page is short in height the menu is partially visible even if it is closed. Can you please let me know how to fix it?

Thanks for your support

Hi there, I have one quick question. I like the layout template but if I wanted to use it for my app (wrapped in phonegap, it’s not a website.), will I need a regular license or an extended license? I don’t mind getting a regular license for my app, but getting an extended license might not be suitable for my project given how small my project is.

You require an extended app for applications! :)

Oh, ok. Thank you for your reply! :)

When you scroll down a page and then open the menu to navigate nothing is clickable in the left side menu… unless you scroll back to the top… Im a bit lost on how to fix this or why this would behave like this… any suggestions? I am using a samsung galaxy 3 and iphone 5…

I tested it on my S3, up to date software and iPhone 5, 6.1.3 and it works perfectly on both!

Hi, I love the theme. The best I’ve seen by far.

One question.

I was trying to add more field on the contact form. So I edited the following in the php file.

$name = ””; $phone=””; $email = ””; $message = ””;

$name =  trim($_POST['contactNameField']);
$phone =  trim($_POST['contactPhoneField']);
$email =  trim($_POST['contactEmailField']);
$message =  trim($_POST['contactMessageTextarea']);
// variables end

and added this in contact.html

<label class=”field-title contactPhoneField” for=”contactPhoneField”>Phone: (required) </label> <input type=”text” name=”contactPhoneField” value=”” class=”contactField requiredField” id=”contactPhoneField”/>

between Name and Email fields.

Am I doing something wrong?

If so, can you please let me know step-by-step on how to add additional field?

Thank you so much in advance. D

Requires JS Editing as well. The contact.js file needs the fields variables added in! :)

i want a specific div to not have overflow:hidden, is there anyway i can override the below to get that done

div, a, p, img, blockquote, form, fieldset, textarea, input, label, iframe, code, pre { display: block; overflow:hidden; position:relative; }

Hey there Mugs, thank you for your purchase! You can do that by following the structure bellow!

<div class="first-custom-container">
    <div class="second-custom-container">
        <!-- Your Content Here --> 

In the CSS file, add .first-custom-container div{ overflow:visible!important; display:inline!important; position:static!important;}

I added all css attributes, you add whichever you need! Be sure to include the !important and that’s about it!

It worked like a charm. Thanks

Glad to have helped! Please don’t forget to rate 5 stars! It helps us too! :)

hey hou! :)

i really enjoy to work with your template so far! but i have some little wishes/suggestions for further templates:

1. i would use “touch” events for better response when clicking on the menu-icon. i hate de default 300ms delays from mobile devises…

2. for sliding the sidebar i would use css3 translate instead of jquery animate for better performance

3. scrolling the sidebar feels a little bit bumby, not like the content part… do you know why this happens?

thx again for the great work!! :)

Thanks for the tips. At the moment, they are made this way to keep compatibility at it’s highest. The sidebar is a little “bumpy” due to the fact that it’s a scrolling div. That isn’t render/scrolled by your device as the default browser window! :)

ahh ok :) thank you very much for your fast reply!

No worries mate! Anytime! :)

Hello there do this support arabic lang ? thx you

I really don’t know! The fonts used are Open Sans, Dosis, and Lato! Research the fonts, maybe they do! :)

Hej guys I am having a problem with checkbox. In the theme we have checkbox style using but how can I set the value of checkbox?

They need to be connected to PHP. This is just a template, only the contact form has PHP! :)

Love this, but only thing keeping me from buying is when the drawer is open if you swipe to close, it gets all jacked up. Any fix for this?

The template doesn’t support swipe. It only works by tapping buttons. The page can be swipped because mobile devices don’t support overflow-x. This happens to all templates from ThemeForest on mobile devices that have a sidebar. Don’t purchase it if you require swipe. Only the slider is swipe enabled.

can you prevent people from swipe to close drawer all together?

It cannot do that! No.

Hi there,

I really like this design, the general functionality and fluidness of the animation are good. I’ve noticed (on mobile, android) when the sidebar is open the main content can slide up, down and around back over the sidebar but the menu icon needs to be clicked to officially close the main content. As well as toggling the menu icon it would be great if the sidebar could be revealed just by sliding the main content to the right and closed by sliding to the left, at the moment is seems only to close by clicking the menu icon or content, not by sliding. Constraining the main content to either vertical or horizontal when sliding (but not diagonal) would be a great feature?

Is this something you’ve considered for a future release? if so when do think this might happen?

Great work with this so far.

Hi there, I replaced yours slider images with my own 640 wide x 400 high images but the bottom seems to be getting cut off. How do I resize the slider so that me entire image shows?

Hey there! You cannot resize the slider as it’s responsive! It’s best to keep images the side provided. 800×640 pixels.


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