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Hello, this is a fantastic theme thanks for it, by the way would you reply to my private ticket #1081688, thanks

Hello, especial thanks for your appreciation, yes i have directed the team to answer your ticket quickly. They are working on some ticket which were sent before your ticket, as soon as these tickets are solved your ticket will be taken up. Thanks a lot again for your positive ratings.

Thanks, they replied. Appreciated

You are welcome brother.

Hi, where i put the API Key for google maps ??

Sorry the google map api key option is not available in the theme option currently, please submit a ticket and request to add google API key option, they will add this option and give you a new version. Thanks a lot :)

I have a child theme installed, how do I auto update this theme?

Please read the following article in which proper guideline is available if you will have further questions, you can ask from us. https://webinane.ticksy.com/article/10116/ Thanks a lot


Webinane worked really hard this time to introduce a new Version 3.0 of Electric WordPress theme and the most important feature of this update is its 4 New Demos. Other changes are the following.

  • New – Construction Demo added.
  • New – Business Blog Demo added.
  • New – Modern Blog Demo added.
  • New – Business Agency Demo added.
  • New – 15 new shortcodes added.
  • New – New side header template added.
  • New – 2 new header styles added.
  • Fixed – Responsive menu issue fixed.
  • Fixed – Some Styling Issues fixed.
  • Fixed – Counter jQuery issues resolved.
  • Fixed – ‘Our best client’ shortcode issue fixed.
  • Fixed – ‘Our blog list style2’ shortcode issue fixed.
  • Fixed – Single portfolio issue fixed.
  • Fixed – ‘electric-about’ widget logo issue fixed.
  • Fixed – ‘electric-gallery’ shortcode issue fixed.
  • Fixed – Footer bottom custom color issue fixed in theme option.
  • Fixed – Default copy right issue fixed in theme options.
  • Fixed – Demo installation issues fixed.
  • Fixed – Header styles issue fixed in theme option.
  • Fixed – Layerslider styling issues fixed.
  • Updated – Compatible with updated Visual Composer plugin.
  • Updated – Compatible with updated Layerslider plugin.
  • Updated – Compatible with updated WooCommerce 3.0.8 plugin.
  • Updated – Compatible with latest version of WordPress 4.8.

Thanks a lot for considering and purchasing our product for your project. We will continue updating this theme in future.


I have previously checked your theme and liked it. CV Freelancer Modern is correct option for my client. But I am unable to see anything on page. Everything look disturbed.

How can I suggest such page to him..? Please tell me solution.


Actually our Hosting server crashed. We are working hard to bring back all the Demos up perfectly. Please wait until Monday and we will show it to you. Thanks a lot


Electric Version 3.1 is launched with new updated plugins, known fixes and new features. Buy today and enjoy a perfect theme for your perfect website.



kskj Purchased

In two places of changelog we can see “Updated – Revolution Slider Updated” but in theme there is no Revolution Slider. Please explain in to me. Second issue is the lach of updates “Visual Composer” – how can i do this?

After updating the theme, you will be asked to update the plugins automatically in the dashboard. Just follow the instructions and you are done. Thanks


kskj Purchased

I still have a message:

Installing Plugin: Layer Slider License activation is required to receive updates. Please read our online documentation to learn more.

TGMPA v2.5.2 Return to Required Plugins Installer

Do you have other ideas? Thanks

Both the theme and plugins work each other, when a new update of any plugin is launched the theme should be compatible with this new version. For this reason when you will receive the email asking to update the theme, you should update the theme and delete the old plugin. After that the system will ask for these updated versions of the plugins and you will have to follow the simple steps to install the new versions. In this way the plugins and theme are updated at the same time. So you don’t need an activation key to get the update from LayerSlider. Thanks a lot – let us know if you need further help.


kskj Purchased

I want change the services list from 8 to 6 but still have width col-md-3 (i want width col-md-4 to nice view). How can i do this?

We provide columns options on different shortcodes and detail page. If it is services detail page then please set the number of columns in theme options , if you are using shortcode and you don’t have columns options in it then send us your site information we will check this shortcode and add option for column settings. Please check the following screenshot. http://easycaptures.com/fs/uploaded/1200/0274638211.jpg Thanks a lot – let us know if you will need further help.


kskj Purchased

I use vc_column[/vc_column] and change settings from your screen for sure but nothing chagne. I still have 6 services in 4 columns but i need 3 columns, Do you have ither idea? Thanks

You don’t need to use vc_columns for this, we have provided this option in our custom shortcodes in case if you don’t have this option. We can recheck and add it for you so in this case please submit a ticket here https://webinane.ticksy.com/. Thanks a lot

Hello i did buy this theme. But iam realy disappointed. I upload the demo data “freelancer” but i get a complete diffrent result. I was thinking i did something wrong but i didnt. Please give me the good demo data as shown here http://preview.themeforest.net/item/electric-the-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/11470762?_ga=2.213240084.1428777470.1514815902-1546572196.1513098781 but the result you can see here http://www.medipio.nl and its complete diffrent. Please help me sent me a email on jordydboer1990@gmail.com please


We received your ticket earlier and we checked your site and everything was looking fine like freelancer demo. You just need to set the header and footer from dashboard > appearance > theme options and it will work as the Demo on our website. Thanks a lot

Hello on my website medipio.nl the contact forms are display nice on the website. But the form is not working. Help me please i dont recieve any emails on diffrent email adresses. I also maked a ticket.

Have you set up the email settings in the backend. Thanks a lot

First the email settings are done on the backend, the email is sent by using the server, the server sometimes don’t send email if restrictions are applied. So please first make it confirmed that your server is not restricted to send email. This can be confirmed by emailing your hosting providers. You can contact us afterwards about it through our ticketing system at https://webinane.ticksy.com if you will still face this problem. Thanks a lot for your cooperation.

Will you make it WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg proof?

Yes we will make it compatible with Wordpress 5.0. Thanks


sirfan Purchased

Listen, I have tried to make the changes to the theme through your Theme Options but your update has brought all bugs back into the theme which it ships with. No matter what I do, the changes are not taking place. Are you going to fix these issues or not?

One comment is pasted 5 times. Please mention the issues. Thanks


sirfan Purchased

I have tried to make the changes to the theme through your Theme Options but your update has brought all bugs back into the theme which it ships with. No matter what I do, the changes are not taking place. Are you going to fix these issues or not?

Same issues in Lifeline and Electric? Please mention here.

Hi All I have bought the theme and am not clear where I get the instructions on using the Electric theme. There is just the link in a text file – but I do not know how to access the link as it is not open. http://webinane.com/support/electric-documentation/

Guys, can you point me in the right direction?


Hello Gill,

Sorry for inconvenience, the link is not working now because of some technical reasons which we are trying to figure out. We have already started working on new and improved documentation so that we can guide you in a better way so please wait for coming Monday and we will deliver it to you.

Thanks a lot for your patience, please don’t worry about it we will help you completely.

When is the update coming for wp 5.0?

Gutenberg update is a big change and it may take some days to complete this update of Electric, next week we will provide this update to you. We are working on it. Thanks for your patience and cooperation.


Still waiting on the 5.0.X update. Any idea when this might happen?

Yes sure this week you will be able to download a new version. Thanks for your patience and cooperation.


dmh007 Purchased

whoops. Updated to 5.1 and it nuked the site(white screen of death) Is a theme update coming soon?

We have recently provided an update of Electric theme which is compatible with WordPress 5.0 please download the latest version of the theme from Themeforest and update the theme as well. This will solve your problem hopefully, as far as other updates are concerned we will provide an update surely in the coming days with more updates and features. Thanks