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Are we seriously going to sit here and act like our child theme does not need access to our plugins?

As great as a theme as Enfold is, the one thing that it lacks is the ability to edit plugins when using a child theme. For example. Buddypress.

Please inform me on how I can develop a professional site utilizing your services, well known plugins and child themes… and also stay up to date with future releases.

Thank you for any assistance.

I just bought the theme and playing with it. I am unable to change theme colors. it does not work neither the ‘general style’ change, neither the single element colors (i.e. footer background.) Nothing works on color change, from inside the Enfold general style section. The color scheme remains the same, the native bluette colors of the ecommerce demo flavour. May I (where?) give you my login credential so that you maybe take a look and tell me how to change colors? Thank you.

sorry… just a caching problem… solved.

my portfolio items are not serving up “next” and “previous” links. What do I need to set?

Hello Yeet, I hope you are doing well. I would like to ask, when is planed next update please? Just some guessing, october, november… :) Thanks!