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Finally a new theme from Kriesi after a long time.

Very nice work :)

Best of luck with sales

true, was about time :) thanks a lot!

Hi Kriesi nice work as always,

is there a boxed version included? Is it possible to have a unbranded Admin Dashboard.


Not yet but I am working on the boxed version. Admin interface looks like this: – some unique style so you cant really call it unbranded, but there are no backlinks or similar stuff to themeforest or my site if thats what you mean :)

Boxed version now included ;)

you are more than a designer, you are an artist. Thanks for a great all-include theme!! Well done!!! I will purchase it for sure!!

Kind regards, xrisxal2000

Thanks a lot, glad you like it :)

clean work.. good luck!

Thanks! :)

Very nice work!

Good luck with sales. :-)

Thank you!

Nice! Good luck with sales.

Thanks a lot :)

Nice theme. Is a boxed layout with background image also supported?

Not yet but I am already working on that :)

Boxed version now included ;)

Yay !! I was the first to purchase this theme !! :)

hehe thanks! :)

Beautiful design!

Glad you like it :)

Impressive work!!

Thank you!

2nd! Anyway – really looking forward getting my hands on this new framework. Expect high quality from Kriesi.

Thanks for purchasing! Let me know what you think :)

first look: blown away! your concept is so well tought of and crafted. this framework is such a timesaver. will see how customization and cpt goes

Great to hear! If you encounter any issues let me know :)

WOW…WOW…and WOW! I am only 3 pages into the live preview and am blown away!!

thanks, glad you like it that much! :)

hi, thanks for this great theme, just wonder

1) if there is demo xml that can be imported to setup a demo site just as yours: 2) can the height/width ratio of the portforlio be changed? 3) does the layer slider be included?


1.) yes, you can see it here:

2.) before you start uploading your portfolio images you can change the image size array at the top of functions.php to your likings. all portfolio images uploaded afterwards will use this size

3.) Yes. Already included into the download and will install automatically with the theme, no extra installation needed

Really impressive and innovative. Great work :)

Thank you!

I have seen others asking for boxed layout! Do let me know too if there’s one. Thank you!

Coming soon ;)

Boxed version now included ;)

hi and congratulations! some questions :

1. is there a video & documentation of the new template builder & its elements ?

2. are all your demo homepages built with t. builder ?

3. is envato wordpress kit supported for theme auto updates ?

4. can we set bg images/patterns for sections backgrounds (or “just” bg colors) ?


1.) My support team is alredy working on that

2.) yes

3.) Didnt test the plugin yet, will post it in the theme description once i did

4.) images and patterns work as well. examples:

WOW this is cool and love the blank page ideas – as always great but even for your work this stands out!

Thank you! :)

Awesome work!


Nice and powerful!
Good luck :)

Thank you! :)