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Wonderful Job! Congratulations :)

Thank you


Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Thanks szthemes

Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Many thanks for your words

Looks good. Best wishes for the sales. DCSF

Hi DCSF, thanks for the comment

Thanks dev-themes

Hi, is it possible to integrate with an Angular 2 application? Will you support material design? Thanks and congratulations! great work!!!

No, angular 2 and react are completely different frameworks. So not possible. For material design, maybe if more request coming from the user.

However, if you want to use angular for frontend and this template for react, then yes it’s possible.

Amazing work, congratulations! Good luck with sales!

Thanks korneelo.

fantastic work ! :)

Great work! I was looking for ReactJS based admin template for a long time, there are almost none. So thank you for leading this. But you still need to improve it a lot, it needs more components. And I think it should be possible to change that blue color, maybe you should make color scheme choices :)

Thanks for your suggestions. I’ll check and implement the other important components in the future.

Congratulations! Awesome Work! GLWS :)

Hey. Is there a way I can convert it into HTML?

Also there’s full doc in the package as well as official doc of create-react-app cli tool here

It’s unique of a kind and the only template in this marketplace which is made in reactJS. Filter it in admin category, you’ll know. And by the way, I’ve included a doc in the template on how to run. For development, you need to know react.js javascript framework.

And yes, there is html included but the way it is written is different from other templates. HTML is in JS. This is how react.js works. If you know JS, then react will be easy path and much faster.

Glad you liked it. Thanks for the comment.

i liked but can you support the RTL please :)

I’m already working on other features. So can’t at the moment. May be future.

Hey man, how’s going? Can you check this for me? there is apparently something missing.

Hi, I sent you a email. Check that. Do try `npm install` from terminal again and let me know.

Hi. Do you use create-react-app or react-boilerplate in your theme?

Hi, I’m using `create-react-app` as mentioned in the product page.

Hey, is it done in Photohop or Sketch? Is it possible to get source files after purchase?

Hi, it’s done in sketch, but I’ve not completed the whole design. Only minimal first page.

For some strange reason, my main.css file is not being included in the index.html generated by on npm start. Is there something I am missing?

Sent you a mail. Please provide online demo, so that I can see. You can use ngrok

any example to show how we can use this template for our development? Just a small compoenent will help me understand better. If I get good sense then I will buy this immediately.

After buying this template, do we get PSD files also?

no, psd not included