Discussion on Ethereal - Multipurpose Parallax HTML Template

Discussion on Ethereal - Multipurpose Parallax HTML Template

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Hallo, with new Google Chrome update menu don’t scroll. When you update your theme and libraries? Thanks

Hello! The template will be updated today, you’ll get email about this and you will need to update your ‘js/vendor’ folder. Please wait an appropriate email.
Best regards!

Hello! Great job and EXCELLENT support.

Hello, what’s new in the update? : D

Hi, Carlus!
That was small update in prettyPhoto plugin according TF message: http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/security-vulnerability-affecting-prettyphoto-jquery-script/181180

Hello ! Good job! But why so late opening?

Hello ! Great job! But I found your Template, Free,in download here: http://webacappellafull.com/ethereal-template-gratis-para-web-acappella/ Is this normal? Thank you in advance

Hi Carlus! Thanks for your report!
Publishing our template on other resourses is illegal.
Best regards and thanks again!

Thank you again I am happy with this purchase :)

Hi, great theme

is there a style for forms? So radio button, checkbox, textarea, single line input etc?

thanks marco

Hi, Marco!
Thanks for your interest.
This HTML template is build with Twitter Bootstrap, so it’s styles are based on this framework. You can find example of form elements (not all) on contact page:

Hello. I seen in PSD version nice background on 404 error page, but in HTML version 404 page have only light texture. Where i can find 404 page background like in PSD version?


Hello! In HTML archive there’s PSD files folder. You could take it from there.

Hi Miss read your theme and thought it was a wordpress theme, but infact it’s boot strap. Can i get a refund?

Hello! Unfortunately we don’t have the opportunity to do what You ask for. I think on Envato support could help You. Just contact them. If You’ll need Our confirmation for support, we’ll give it to You. Good luck!

Im new with this templates. Is there like and admin panel to edit or create sections with this template like in wordpress or any documentation?

Btw, nice theme :)

Hi, gerardogi!
Thanks for your interest!
This template is a set of regular HTML files, so there is no admin panel like in any kind of CMS.
To edit this template you need any HTML editor such as Notepad++, Sublime Text, Adobe Dreamweaver etc.
Best regards!

I have an issue, i install the template in my server, when you access from computer the template works, but when you access in mobile doesnt work because ” index.php was not found on this server”

now, i only have the site in local, but doesn’t matter if the operative system is Linux?

Hi, brajovela!
It’s hard to say what can be cause of this error.
If you have file ”.htaccess” in your root folder, please try to remove or rename it.
Also you can try to place your files from local server to remote host in some test subfolder and then test your site.
Best regards!

Looks great! GLWS ;)

GLWS, A really nice theme :)

This is really nice! I would love to learn this stuff any guidance? For now good luck!

Thank You. But I don’t understand Your question.

I sent you an email.

It is surely a wonderful and colorful html template, surely a work by a graphics master. Well done.

Hey, I purchased the PSD template because i didn’t see the HTML5 VERSION, i went ahead and bought that version because i needed the dev files. Is it possible to get a refund on the first purchase.

Hello! Unfortunately we don’t have the opportunity to do what You ask for. I think on Envato support could help You. Just contact them. If You’ll need Our confirmation for support, we’ll give it to You. Good luck and thanks for purchase.

Nice work, GLWS o7.

Nice colours, good work!

Thank you!

Hai I’m interested in this theme. Could you please let me know, whether this theme can be used as a raw HTML. AKA, we don’t need to plugin in to any CMS. Please get back to me.

Thanks Jes

Hi, Jesiccap!
There are no charts on “about.html” pages in this template. They are on “index.html” page in ”#skills” section. But if you want to add them onto “about.html” page, simple copy ”#skills” section from “index.html” to “about.html”.
Charts starts to animate when they come to viewport by default. There is no need to add any code.
Best regards!

Yes is about the skills and on the about.html linked from index.html. But I want the chart to be animated only when user scroll down to that specific section not on the page load. How can i do this?

Are you sure that they are animated on ‘window load’ event? Function that starts animation for charts is checking if charts are close to viewport and then only starts animation.
Can you provide link to your site?

Nice template and good luck with sales,!

Great job ! GLWS :)

Thank You ;)


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