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Hey, Love the Experience theme edition so far but I have changed the accent colour in my Colour Scheme 1 and all other areas from the black to pink, and set the header to Colour Scheme 1 but when ever I visit the site the navigation/footer area is still black not the pink I have set it to. In Customise it is pink but live on the web and in front end editor of the visual composer page builder I bought.

I left it 24-48hrs thinking it might just be a caching issue but still no luck. Am I missing a setting somewhere??

Website is pbpconsultancy.co.uk

EDIT: sorry I miss read your message. I thought you were refering to the background colour not the accent colour.

It might be that the CSS is not being correctly generated. Try changing the accent colour to a different colour and saving. Then, change it back to the pink you want and save again.

Failing that please email us login details via the contact form on our themeforest profile page so we can take a closer look.

- Eugene

It is actually a few areas but mainly the accent colour. I changed it to my brand pink but live on the web it is still the black/blue used in the original preset. I ended up coding the navigation background to pink but wondered if I am missing a setting somewhere other than theme – styling that I need to change the accent colour.

Thanks, I will try that.

Hi there, is there a way to make the slider thinner? I want to use some professional photos I have but they pixelate every time I load them up, so wondering if I make the slider thinner will they appear better.

Also how do I make it responsive? When I look on Mobile it just shows the middle section like a thumbnail.


So if I enlarge the images to that size they should be ok?

EDIT – The original images are actually 1920×1080. Do you have an idea on what the sizes should actually be so I can get new images made?

It is recommend that you used images at leas 1440×900 but 1920×1080 is fine as long as the images file size isn’t too large.

The image of the women in a pink shirt (http://pbpconsultancy.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/print-bl-318.jpg) is 1024×512 and is pixelated because it’s being stretch to fill the slider. For this image, I would recommend uploading a larger image.

The second image is the correct size but even in the original image the photograph that’s used looks pixelated (http://pbpconsultancy.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/im-fargo-2.jpg). This is because the original image is low quality because it was the photography was taken in low light. The only option to improve it would be to find a clearer image.

- Eugene