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Hi the background video is not working on Chrome


The video on the page you linked is working fine for me. The theme uses the YouTube video embed code from the Visual Composer plugin so if the background videos in Visual Composer are working the header videos should also work.

- Obi

when I open the link (that is not on my site, but it’s in your demo) I see a picture of a men looking up, I do see the stars video in Safari though with the same link.

Hello Team: Two questiions: 1) Demo site is offline, can you fixed? 2) Is possible to get the psd files? There are not included in the downloadable files

Thanks in advance


We’re in the process of migrating our sites to new hosts. We’ll have the demos back up shortly.

Sorry but there are no psd files for any of our themes.

- Obi


Is there a way to make the menu stay at the top when you scroll?

Also, how do you remove the search icon in the menu? Thanks

thanks, and also, on mobile, all of the buttons require 2 taps to work, the first tap fills the button, then you have to tap again to go to the linked page.

.site-header { position: absolute; } that didn;’t work :(

The double tap is expected. Mobiles register the hover event as the first tap and the click event as the second tap.

You will probably need to add weight to the CSS so that it overwrites the existing styles by either adding another parent class before .site-header or using the !important declaration.

.wrapper .site-header { position: absolute; }
.site-header { position: absolute !important; }

Do you plan on releasing an ADA compliant update any time soon? The reason I ask, is because I heard that there’s crazy law suits going around concerning websites who don’t follow the updated ADA compliances guidelines. Please, let me know as soon as you can. Thank you in advanced!

As we’re UK based we hadn’t heard much about this. From the checklist I’ve found most (but not all) of the necessary steps revolve around content rather than the theme itself. We’ll certainly look into it but can’t offer a timescale or any promises our theme’s will be made 100% compliant because of the nature of WordPress themes.

Thank you so much, for your quick response! You guys are the best.

Also, is there a way to make the menu links visible on the navigation bar instead of the awesome hamburger menu you’ve got? Trust me, I love what you’ve done with the menu, but due to ADA compliance (here in the USA), all links on the navigation have to be visible.

No that is not possible without heavy modification.

Hello, I am having what looks like a theme compatibility issue. When a lightbox pops up it immediately closes and redirect me to the 404 Error page.

This is only happening with relation to a primary plugin I am using. I contacted their developers about it first, but upon looking at it they determined it was a theme issue.

Please let me know if there is anything you need from me to troubleshoot this. I can send you a link to the page but I would prefer to send it privately.

Thank you.

I did not see your email come through. Could you please send it again, or post your fix here?

The issue is caused because the theme attaches events listeners to the link clicks to trigger the page fade out and loading animation. In the theme code there are exceptions listed that allow lightboxes to open without triggering that event however the lightbox you are using does not use any of the more standard flags to identify the link as a lightbox link.

Extract the zip and replace the existing version of jquery.custom.js in the theme’s js directory. It’s a very simple fix so should work without any issues.

- Obi

That worked. Thank you for your help!

Is there a reason why when I go on my mobile the video background isn’t showing up? The video appears on every other sized browser but it doesn’t work when I visit my site on mobile.


This is intentional as videos cannot autoplay on mobile devices so video backgrounds are disabled and hidden (otherwise you’d see the YouTube play button). It’s also more user friendly as mobile data can be both very expensive and slow. It is recommended that when you use a video background you also set an image background as a fallback for mobile devices.

- Eugene

Hello, i ‘m working with your theme : Hello, I would like to know how to integrate a video into my homepage, and not as article but as other option. Displeased, I can make visible the scroll which is present in your demo on the right (red arborescence) “Take a look – Features – Screenshots…”


We have added the video on the demo home page (the big play button) using the Video Button visual editor component. You will want to either set the video components Poster Image option or add a background image to the row that holds the video button component.

To enable the navigation buttons on the right side of the page enable the “Section Scroll Links” option on the page edit screen. There is help text next to the Section Scroll Links option explaining the other steps needed to setup the scroll links.

- Obi

Hello, the header photo on the mobile is not responsive on the demo is that fixable?


The header images are responsive in that they scale to correctly fit the header area however they are not adaptive, same size image is used for all devices. There are no plans to change this.

- Obi

Hello! Some time ago I acquired the theme Experience, it works really well, but it have a problem with the home page hearder on tablet. On my page there are a video background for computers reading and so a photo for mobile devices. The problem is that on the tablet the video doesn’t work and i can’t change it for a photo. Could you be so kind to help me a little. I only need to know how can i put a picture instead of youtube capture on the tablet header Thank you in advance

Kind regards

Maria Consuelo


Whether or not the video is shown is determined by the devices resolution. The reason you’re seeing the YouTube player instead of the an image is because the device has a resolution larger that what the theme considers a mobile device.

The responsive layout is managed by media queries in the css/responsive.css stylesheet. You can adjust the media queries in the responsive stylesheet to include larger devices but there is no catch all way of excluding tablets as the definition of a “tablet” is becoming harder and harder to define.

- Obi

I’ve added a custom pin to my Google map but the pin is not displaying. When I remove the custom pin the normal map pin displays okay.

In the console I’m getting this error…

Uncaught ReferenceError: mapPinheight is not defined at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (jquery.js-composer-experience.js:302) at Function.each (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2) at a.fn.init.each (jquery.js?ver=1.12.4:2) at initialize (jquery.js-composer-experience.js:235) at js?key=AIzaSyDNoRvdWWvluBQqZXX_k244mm50FdxKO58&callback=initialize:98 at js?key=AIzaSyDNoRvdWWvluBQqZXX_k244mm50FdxKO58&callback=initialize:56 at Object._.Mc (js?key=AIzaSyDNoRvdWWvluBQqZXX_k244mm50FdxKO58&callback=initialize:53) at Xc (js?key=AIzaSyDNoRvdWWvluBQqZXX_k244mm50FdxKO58&callback=initialize:56) at js?key=AIzaSyDNoRvdWWvluBQqZXX_k244mm50FdxKO58&callback=initialize:135 at (js?key=AIzaSyDNoRvdWWvluBQqZXX_k244mm50FdxKO58&callback=initialize:21)


There’s a typo in the experience visual composer extension plugin. Here is a link to an updated version of the plugin. Remove the current version from your WordPress installation and install the version linked below:

Do I just deactivate the’ Experience Visual Composer Extension’ plugin then click ‘Add New’ and select the file you sent me?

Completely deactivate and uninstall the version of the plugin you have now and then install the new version. We’ll be posting an update of the theme itself in a few hours that will include the new version of the plugin and prompt you to update.

- Obi

hi i would know how it’s possible manage multilanguage.

the only way i see it’s insert inside menu the choice of the language but in this case the visitors of the site have not the info that it’s possible do it.

there is other way to do it? (flags near search and menu icon?)

thank you for the answer Max


When the WPML plugin is active on your website the language menu automatically appears in the site header next to the search and navigation menu icon (Example:

You can add the language flag to the text by copying and modifying the experience_get_active_lang() function from the theme functions.php in your child theme’s functions.php.

Example, incomplete code:
$output = '<span class="language-toggle">'. esc_html( $l['language_code'] ) .'<img src="'. esc_url( $l['language_flag_url'] ) .'" alt="'. esc_attr( $l['native_name'] ) .'" /></span>';

- Obi

Hi, I’m Working with your theme “Experience”

I need to include a “stars” parallax effect to the main page of my website. The effect should be something like that:

I found this extension that could help:

My question is: is it possible to configure thisparallax effetc to my main page: ????

Kind regards,

Maiol Xercavins


You need to enqueue the plugin JavaScript file and your custom JavaScript file not jQuery itself as that is already added by the theme:
function my_enqueue_scripts() {
    wp_enqueue_script( 'plugin-script', get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/js/plugin_script.js', array( 'jquery' ) );
wp_enqueue_script( 'custom-script', get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/js/custom_script.js', array( 'jquery' ) );
add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'my_enqueue_scripts' );

The code I provided before will add the particles to the page header section where the page title is displayed (where you currently have the background image.

$(document).ready(function() {
        dotColor: '#ff0000',
        lineColor: '#ff0000'

For more specific help with wp_enqueue_scripts I recommend asking on the WordPress support forums:

For help with the JavaScript plugin I recommend using the plugins support channels:

Or you can bypass all the custom coding and try the WordPress plugin you linked to in your first post:

I have no idea how the WordPress plugin works so any questions about that will have to sent to the plugin developer.

- Obi


Thank you very much, finally it worked.

Now I’m having problems with CSS. I’m using this code: $(’.section-header’).particleground(); And I filtered only to apply the code on main page.

But the .section-header-content is going down, instead of being over the stars effect.

I tried to change CSS position from relative to fixed, and tried to center it, but nothing worked fine.

Any help?

Thank you very much,

Maiol Xercavins

Try using .section-header-wrapper in the JavaScript instead of .section-header so that the background fits better:

Than give the background absolute positioning so that it is behind the content:
.section-header-wrapper .pg-canvas { position: absolute; }

- Obi

I’ve created a four column row in the Experience theme with social media icons in each column. I’d like this to be a footer for all the pages. See..

It appears on all the pages but it won’t appear on the posts page or the portfolio page because that only uses the standard widgets footer.

Is there a way to add custom footers to the theme so they automatically appear on every page?


If you are adding the icons to absolutely every page of your site you would be better off just hard code them into a customized version of the footer.php template file placed in you child theme.

As far as I know there is no way to use the Visual Composer page builder on archive pages but that is a question for the plugin’s developer.

- Eugene

Tested with PHP 7?


As of this morning all our live previews have been updated to PHP7. We didn’t expect to find any issues with the theme after updating and so far we have not seen any.

- Obi

Great thanks, and out of curiosity how long do you plan on supporting and updating the theme before it’s end of life?

Thank you

There are no plans to discontinue support for the theme any time soon.

Please help, i am new user and bought this theme. but after installation the theme i could not find demo file. please send link or xml files. so i can use the experience theme easily. please do support me asap. as i have a client ready.


The demo xml files can be found in the “demos” directory of the complete theme package. You can download the complete theme package from your Themeforest account’s “downloads” page.

There are separate xml files for each of the demos in the live preview. Please also be aware that the images shown in the theme demos are not included with the demo xml files due to licensing and copyright restrictions.

- Obi

Hi, I nee know if I will have the all templates demos. How do it work?


Yes the theme includes a separate xml file for each of the theme demos that are imported to your WordPress installation using the standard WordPress Import plugin. Please be aware that the xml files do not include any of the images you see in the demos due to copyright restrictions. You will want to use your own images that are relevant to your business or organisation anyway,

- Eugene

I want to buy this theme, but I need to know if there will be the support I need to leave the site in a nice way. Would it be possible to leave exactly as the default template? examples of these links and . I want it just the way it is, I want to change only content (writings) and photos that you mentioned are in the copyright. I was interested in the layout and the way it works.


Yes the theme package includes separate xml files for each of the demos (except for the pink and purple demo, however we are happy to send you that one too).

As mentioned in the item description you will require the Visual Composer plugin which is sold separately. After installing the theme, Visual Composer plugin and importing the demo content you will have the same structure as the demo but without any images or videos, so you will need to go through each page and add your own images.

If you need any guidance figuring things out simply post your questions here in the item’s comments page and we’ll be more than happy to help.

- Eugene

Hello colleagues. Tell me where to find or download XML demo content files for this template experience?

The separate demo xml files can be found in the demos directory of the complete theme package.

You can download the main demo here: