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Hi, I am planning to purchase this template. I searched through the whole demo website for it, but I can’t find the HTML page that displays after the user has been logged in to the website to see his/her order status/history? Is there an example how this page will look like? Best regards!

Hi, see. Contact form works. Other forms are just static

Thanks! Just purchased the template

thanks a lot

Hi, Lovely template. My product images are all different shapes. Is there a way to have these display in the product boxes and still have the product boxes the same height even although the product images are different heights? I can make them the same width.

Hi, I don’t understand the problem. Open a ticket please

Hi Mad, I’m going to purchase this theme but I have a question, how can I translate all terms ? Is there any solution to translate all the terms in the theme like .po file?

Hi, you write into Flatastic HTML, you have to check Flatastic WP Yes, you have to translate via po file

hi mad, I dont want Flatastic WP, I want HTML one, but I dont know how to translate it in HTML version easily like WP version.

If you want to translate html version you have to edit each word in the code

Call to Power as Product Quick View But calling in an external link EXAMPLE

Internal link on the same page <!-product preview-> <!-hot product-> \\ \\ Quick View

<!-custom popup-> <section class=”popup r_corners shadow”> <button class=”bg_tr color_dark tr_all_hover text_cs_hover close f_size_large”></button> <!-left popup column-> \\ \\


<!-product preview-> <!-hot product-> \\ \\ Quick View

my email:

Comments is not support area

Please how can i make a sidebar fixed, so when people scroll the sidebar remains static?

Yeah. They make some update. I think it will be available soon

I’m sorry so would you not be able to help me until they’re back up?

Today is weekend. If you create now ticket I will reply on Monday

please i have submitted 3 tickets i would appreciate you kindly treat them thank you.

Hi, contact me via contact form on my profile page. Ticksy system is moving to another hosting and I don’t have access to tickets

At this point i’m just tired because i have submitted about 3 tickets to your ticksy which have all been ignored, well if you can help with this one i would appreciate it, why can’t the buttons be disabled?

hi, I don’t understand you.Why can’t you submit tickets?

may be a stupid question on license – If i want to use this template to build an ecommerce site (selling products through my site) what type of license should i use ? – Regular Or Extended ?

Hi, you have to use Regular license;)

thank you :-)

Awesome, one of the best on ThemeForest, I want it, but it runs a little bit slow and crashes G. Chrome on my phone :\

Hi, I think it needs to make products less on page

Too many transitions at the time in just one page kill my phone. Is there a way to turn all of them off with only one setting?

Hi, you can switch animation off, but it needs to remove anmation class. It’s easier to make this at Wordpress version

I am planning to buy your template but was wonder if it is SASS compatible? The project I am building will be built with SASS, so I need to know if this will work. Thank you!

Hi, I’m not sure that it’s compatible with SASS

Hi Mad, is there a design for the My Account area? I was not able to find.

Hi, we don’t have My account page, because each CMS has own My Account, but we have all elements for this page

Hi, is there this same template yellow?

Hi, if you need to chagle a color you can change via css. Just make autoreplace color

I CANNOT have support, because the Support System does not recognize the purchase code for the HTML version of the theme, but only the WP version. Please, how can I get support? Thank you

Hi, I don’t understand. Have you opened a ticket?

I like the product, but there one thing that I wonder I can do before I buy it. In the search page, there is a filter section on the left side of the page where we can put a check mark on the category that we want to filter. currently it is a check mark box where you can choose multiple categories. I want a radio button where we can choose only one category. how hard it is to make this change?

Hi, sorry for delay, I see that you already bought the template.


I have a problem with the menu at mobile devices. When you got long menu and are trying to scroll down, it results a click on the menu item that was touched.

I thought this was an error I introduces because of populating items from database. I downloaded the latest version and uploaded the standard theme to a test server to be able to modify my error. But the bug is also in your latest version: Try to open the menu, then open the “Shop”-menu folder and then try to scroll down in the menu.

I have tried this in both iPhone and Android units, and the bug is consistent​.

I know my time of support has expired, but I think this bug is annoying and will be nagging everyone using multiple items in the sub menus.

Do you have any tips, or do you recommend me to find solutions on my own?

By the way, the Flatastic is an amazing and stunning theme!

Regards, Tor Ole Grønvoll

Hi, I guess you use old vertsion, because we fixed that. You have to download the latest version on themeforest and read changelog