Discussion on Flati - Responsive Flat Design Bootstrap Template

Discussion on Flati - Responsive Flat Design Bootstrap Template

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Css missing, can’t install. Please, need a solution or refund.

Hi, this is a html template, not a Wordpress theme.

Getting error while installing stylesheet is missing. how to resolve this?

I cannot install this theme at I purchased. I saw an article saying you have to unzip the main file and upload the theme file inside. I do not see the theme file in my folder. Please help.

My licence 318d23c5-499e-45a8-a399-91ae155635e4

I know this support not including installazing but can I pay extra for that service ?

When am tryin to installaze , I got massage missing style.css

Kindly regards / Jesper

Hello, video plays on desktop but not mobile please help. alexcascone.com/test/index5.html

This is obviously a very rough and early test.

This player doesn’t work as background for devices due to the restriction policy adopted by all on managing multimedia files via javascript.

Hi Author,

Your theme includes a google maps. But there is a dark overlay covering the map – telling that it is “for development purposes only”. because of there is no api key present as per google so,I tried manually to add google maps javascript API script but its display me an error “google maps api using multiple times”. could you please tell me how to solve this issue? I’m waiting for your answer.

Thank you!

Hello, I just opened the index5 file and tried to load a video background. It works fine on Chrome and Safari, but not on Firefox. Can you tell me how to make it work on Firefox? I only replaced the mp4 and not the ogv file.

Thank you

Hello, Now I have replaced the ogv file too, and video background still will not play in Firefox. Please help, if this doesn’t work I can’t use the template!

Do you have it online? It’s working in Firefox on the demo.

Ok – it works when I upload the site, just not locally for some reason – thanks!

Hi I just bought the theme and when I try to upload it to Wordpress it’s saying it’s missing the style.css stylesheet. Please help.

hi there what is the font that’s used for flati logo.png? thanks Lei

Hi, it’s Open Sans

flati great template! I really love it. have you any plans to upgrade to bootstrap 4? warmly Lei

Dear Author,

your template includes a google maps. But there is an dark overlay covering the map – telling that it is “for development purposes only”. Do I have to change the API-Key? And where could I change it?

Thank you, Ulrike

Yes. Google Maps has recently changed and you have to pay for an API! Not good. You can still do basic embedding. I will have to look into it. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi, My contact isn’t working and my server only supports php5.3 – 7.2 Is there something I can do?

Thanks, P

I’m not sure sorry!

Hi I’m having a bit of trouble getting the Google Map to show up on the contact page of my edited site. It works in the theme, and I even got it to show the address of my business. However, when I’m working off of my Wampserver version the map doesn’t show up at all. I’m not sure if there’s something I’m missing? Help!



Is it possible to have a static header with your template?


I bought this template thinking it was wordpress compatiable since it was listed under the wordpress template section on themeforest. I would like a refund please. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Visual composer, which was included with the theme when I originally purchased it, is no longer working. Is there a way to fix? Or is a separate license now required?

Hi, sorry I didn’t design the Wordpress version. The designer disappeared without notice so I can’t help you I’m afraid.

Hi Josweb,

I just recently bought the Flati theme and I love it. For the most part it’s been easy to customize. However, I’m having issues with two specific and related parts of the website. For both the column 2 slider on the index.html page and the portfolio block on the portfolio_2columns.html page I have taken some images that I have and resized them to the height of the placeholder images you have there (the height is the major issue not the width in each case) yet they still show up as too large and are pushing other elements down.

Is there a specific image format I should be using? I notice your placeholders are .jpg so I was saving my resized images as .jpg as well but there was still no change. I just took my images out today and put your placeholders back and everything went back to normal height and alignment. I’m not exactly sure what I’ve been doing wrong.


Nick Bassani

Hi, I would use jpgs and also make them all the same height & width.


I really love what you have done with flati, however I thought it was a wp theme. I am not sure how to use bootstrap! Do you have any resources on how to develop a wp website with flati bootstrap template?

Thank you Leyla

no sorry I don’t.


Unfortunately, I cannot get the map to display on my website on the contact page.

I have copied and pasted the contact page directly from the template to the server and it still doesn’t work.

As far as I know, I have also copied and pasted all of the files and folders from the template to the server. Everything else is fine and working but google maps isn’t displaying on the contact form.

Please note: the map is showing and working on the template.

One more question please: where do I enter my email address where I receive emails from the contact form?

I look forward to your reply – any help is much appreciated.

have you added all the js files? Info on adding your email address can be fund in the help document.


Where do you edit the “Team” members, more specifically the team images. I can’t seem to find it or get an image to show up. Thanks

[team_member fadein=”Fade Down” teamimage=”27”

Also having trouble getting the images under services to show up.

We can’t see that you have purchased the template?

I purchased the wordpress version. Any help for either issue would be appreciated


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