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We used Flati for a clients site and they would like to add Instagram to their social media links. Is there a fix to add this to the options?

Hi did you purchase the Wordpress theme as I cant see that you have purchased this template.


Do you plan on supporting Bootstrap 4 with the Flati design, and if so, do you have a timeline in mind?


I will look into it, however It wont be until the new year . Bootstrap3 will still be supported and improved on by Bootstrap.

My developer used this theme for our site.. The tags and categories all return a 500 server error. Can you determine why? I’ve toggled between this theme and other to test whether or not it was the theme and it is the theme.. Possibly some missing code in the backend?

Hi this is a Wordpress theme my template is html. There was a Wordpress theme but I wasn’t the developer however I see that my html css has been used?

Dear josweb,

I bought today your wordpress theme “Flati – Responsive Flat Design Bootstrap Template” with the purchase code “2ae7c1da-d5b6-4df0-b343-e1a2ad5a505a”. After downloading the zip file and installing the theme through the wordpress interface, i get the error message that no style.css could be found. I searched the downloaded zip file for a style.css with no succees. Not in the “flati” resp. in the “your_template_flati-BS3” folder.

Did I miss something ?

Thank you,


Hi, this is a html template not a Wordpress theme.


My client’s website uses the Flati theme, which works well overall, but they have discovered that when they want to update blocks of content the built-in version of Visual Composer is not working properly. The editing pane will only show the code in Text mode. Visual mode is blank. I tried to install the latest version of Visual Composer to correct the issue, but the theme will now allow the plugin to activate, and VC support recommending contacting the theme author. How can I fix the built-in version of VIsual Composer, or how can I replace it with the latest plugin version? Thank you.

I wasnt the developer of the Wordpress theme sorry.


vibu Purchased


Thanks for the great template. I recently used it to create my website. However, the contact form is not working. I followed the steps in the readme to configure it and I’m not sure what’s wrong, so wanted to check with you. I really appreciate your help with this.

Website link:

Thank you, Rajiv Samagond

Hi, I’ve moved the css folder into the assets folder and change the <link> settings as well, refresh the page, but the site looks like there is no CSS applied to it. Any tips ?

Do you have it online?


I currently have a site using Flati Bootstrap Wordpress ThemeVersion: 1.3.0 by UBL Designs & Spiral Pixel. Can I update to your version of Flati? Can I keep/transfer the settings?



Where do you edit the “Team” members, more specifically the team images. I can’t seem to find it or get an image to show up. Thanks

[team_member fadein=”Fade Down” teamimage=”27”

Also having trouble getting the images under services to show up.

We can’t see that you have purchased the template?

I purchased the wordpress version. Any help for either issue would be appreciated


Unfortunately, I cannot get the map to display on my website on the contact page.

I have copied and pasted the contact page directly from the template to the server and it still doesn’t work.

As far as I know, I have also copied and pasted all of the files and folders from the template to the server. Everything else is fine and working but google maps isn’t displaying on the contact form.

Please note: the map is showing and working on the template.

One more question please: where do I enter my email address where I receive emails from the contact form?

I look forward to your reply – any help is much appreciated.

have you added all the js files? Info on adding your email address can be fund in the help document.


lmovahedi Purchased


I really love what you have done with flati, however I thought it was a wp theme. I am not sure how to use bootstrap! Do you have any resources on how to develop a wp website with flati bootstrap template?

Thank you Leyla