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I am trying to create a portfolio and then just pull 8 images through from it to another page in a similar way to this site where you can add shortcode to pull through an image from whichever category you would like. Is that possible at all?



In that link you supplied if you look at the source of the images they are 2 different images, not the same image pulled in through a shortcode. That being said you could setup a custom function to do this if you wish. Thanks :)


The shortcode behind that is [portfolio projects=”4” title=”Showcase” show_title=”yes” filters=”all”] so it pulls 4 items through from the portfolio on this page across all categories. Or you can restrict the categories i.e. on this page it just brings through ones from relevant categories using this shortcode [portfolio projects=”4” title=”Showcase” show_title=”yes” filters=”wallpapers”] and that is the kind of functionality I need to achieve here. Could you let me know which file the shortcode for your portfolio and related functionality are please and then I can have a look at increasing the functionality if that isn’t something that your plugin can offer me at the moment.

Ahh ok I think I understand, you would need to edit wp-content/plugins/automotive/shortcodes.php around lines 679-827. :)


How can one change the color of the menu text? I tried a few CSS combo and thought that was the element to target but it is not working.

Could you please advise? :)


I thought this was for one of our other themes, I apologize for the confusion. You are correct it will have to be changed through CSS. Could you open a Support Ticket and we can assist you with this? Thanks! :)

OK, thanks. No worries, I have submitted a ticket now.

Support is on lunch for 45 more minutes, we will look at it in about an hour. Thanks! :)


I really love Flight theme but have one problem: my posts are quite long so I need to “cut” some of them for several pages, with extra navigation (1,2,3…). Can you tell me, how can I do that?

Thanks a lot! ;-)

Thanks for the kind words! :) You can easily just add the More Tag to your posts where you want to break them:

Hi Team! Great Theme! On our site in one page we use iframe. Can I turn off the responsive thing just for that page?


Not without some customization, the mobile/responsiveness turns on/off on a global level. Thanks for the question :)

Hello there, I have a pre-buy question.

Is there any link where I can see a live page with a sidebar right menu? I have tried with your demo but it only has the top bar menu…



Hi Carlos – We just set it up for you on a page in our demo: :)

Hello there, I have a pre-buy question.

Is there any link where I can see a live page with a sidebar right menu? I have tried with your demo but it only has the top bar menu…



Hi Carlos – We just set it up for you on a page in our demo: :)

Hi, thanks for your reply ;)

It seems to be for Automotive, not for flight… I was looking for something like this:

Is it completely possible in an easy way?


Sorry I didn’t realize it was for Flight! :) I just added the sidebar menu to Flight for you so you can see it:

How can i change default background image for portfolio?

Please open a Support Ticket and our support would be happy to assist you with this. :)

I don’t see the photos loading good on iphone and ipad on your preview.

Thanks for taking the time to report the issue you are experiencing. Can you provide us with a little more detail? I just tested it on an iPhone 4S and iPad and it seems to work ok for me.. is it just slow loading? Or some other problem? Thanks again :)

My client had this theme in HTML and I found it easy to customise. Now they want it in WP and I want to check before I buy it. How easy is it to do things like change the number of columns in a section of the page? Or add another row of columns on the front page eg “Fully-Responsive”, “Well-documented”? Is it actually available in WP? When I click on Flight responsive Wordpress it says “Welcome to Flight, a fullscreen slideshow portfolio HTML5 & CSS3 template.”

OK, I’m looking for a list of shortcodes to use – specifically to add a row of three boxes on the home page as I mentioned above. You gave me the full width one, now I want three in a row.

I found the shortcodes, thanks. In your user guide.

Glad to here you got it sorted :)

Hello. I really like the look of this theme, but I have one very important question before purchasing.

Would it be possible to use a custom font in the menu in this theme? I’m building a site for a small charity who insist on using their own custom fonts in all of their branding. How simple would it be to go about this (if at all)

Hopefully this is possible as the theme would fit perfectly with what I am after.

Brilliant! Thanks for that.

I’ve bought the theme now, and am using a font uploader which is working fine, but I do have a couple of questions, unfortunately the purchase number doesn’t seem to be liking the registration to open a ticket. Please forgive me for asking on here.

Firstly, what would be the ID or class selector for the fly out? I have the menu font changed no problem but need the flyout text to be of their brand too and I can’t inspect to find it’s ID as it closes on right-click :/

Secondly, is there a way of having submenus without requiring sidebars? I’d like the main nav to have submenus, but it looked messy.

Apologies again for posting in the wrong place and thank you also for a top theme.

Andy W

Hi Andy,

If you want to send the purchase code to we would been happy to help get your account setup and register your product for you (I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be working)

Regarding your questions, the selector for the fly out menu is: .menu-desc > div > span {}

As far as the submenus go unfortunately due to the nature of the design there is no real way to do this with the fly out menu.

Hopefully this helps, thanks again for your purchase! :)

Thanks. I’ve sent an email to this.

Is there any way of changing the content box width? I’m using the logo on left and menu on right, I’d like the content box to reach further to the left, under the logo, but even in Inspect, I can’t seem to be able to widen it

Followed up with you via your support ticket :) Thanks Andy!

Does this “flight” template come with the photos, layouts, as demonstrated?

Yes it does :)

Thank you for your expedient reply. I love this template but I have a few more questions before purchasing: Do the words “TakeFlight” stay on the templates?

The background pictures are absolutely gorgeous, but are they fixed, or can they be altered with some personal photos of my own?

Do I have the option to omit some of the menus on the right side as I personalize? I would like to gradually build and publish as I go, and not wait until I have everything on the site at one time.

Do I have the option to add my own website copyright on the bottom of the website?

Again, GREAT JOB. I absolutely love the template.

Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.

Sorry for the delay in responding over the weekend, answers to your questions are below:

Take: Flight – No you can change this text to whatever you want (or a custom logo graphic)

They can be altered to some personal photos, or you can use them if you wish. We have permission from the photographer that allows anyone who purchases the theme to use them on their website.

You can just remove whatever menu items you don’t currently need (or have pages completed for) under Appearance > Menus and work on it as you have time (and only publish what is complete)

Yes you can make the copyright say whatever you want

Thanks for the kind words, please let us know if you have any other questions! :)


B-man Purchased

I have an old version of flight theme and downloaded the latest one and it is not working at all. Some of the plug-in folders are empty. Not sure if that’s the reason or not. not sure if I have to repurchase it or not to get it functioning.

The framework is completely different in the latest version and there is no real upgrade path for people still using the old version. If you didn’t have a backup prior to upgrading just let us know what version you were previously using and we can send you an old copy of the theme and plugins that you can downgrade to in order to get the site working again. You can just send us an email at and we can send that over.

Evaluating the Flight theme has been fun. The hands on experience was helpful but found one problem using a static image for the background where it would tile instead of fill the entire background. Did I miss something? I searched the comments and didn’t see anything pertaining to this particular behavior.

Is it possible to set a custom color for the color scheme? I’ve developed a number of custom images for the background and want to match that color palate.

Thanks for your attention to this. Reviewing most of the comments it is clearly evident your support for the theme is extraordinary!

Thanks for the kind words! I had a look at this and realized that the demo for Flight had a bunch of extra restrictions on it that should not have been in place, you may want to try it again as now you can access the option panels and native WordPress wp-admin functions. Regarding the background image, you are correct this should fill and not tile, we are going to get that updated in the next release (but if you purchase it in the meantime just open up a Support Ticket and we will apply the fix to your site prior to the release. Regarding the custom colors we do offer a whole pile of color schemes, but this is a good suggestion for further customization, we will look at adding this as an update as well. In the meantime though you can add it in the Custom CSS section, and if you have trouble with this just let us know and we can assist you with setting these colors. Thanks for your interest, all the best with you new project! :)

Thank you so much for your prompt response. I will move forward with the purchase because I am confident any issues with the static background can be resolved with your support. I’ll make a point to update this post to let others know how that goes.

Having the opportunity to test drive the dashboard was a big help in evaluating whether or not to choose this theme. The ability to upload certain plugins to test would have helped but that understandably is a limitation beyond our control. However, I was able to see how certain features will actually help me achieve specifications in a unique yet user friendly way. I’m very glad I was able to connect with you (and your team).


John Miller, Colorado USA

Awesome sounds good John, thanks for your purchase! :)

Long time no talk! Two customers still happily using your template, so keep those updates coming! Question, I can’t for the life of me figure out where to set the admin email for the contact page in the latest version of the template! Nothing I add the email address to allows me to get beyond the error message of “Admin has not yet set an email address” on the contact page. Where is this set or is it a bug? Previous version of the template it was blatant and easy to find, this version it is not…

We have just released an update fixing this, thanks for reporting! :)

You guys are so slow to respond and act! kidding, KIDDING!!! :) You rock as always for service, thank you sir!!!

Thanks for the kind words! :)