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Discussion on Float WordPress Theme

Discussion on Float WordPress Theme

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how can I properly format blockquotes with empty lines in between? Every time I leave an empty line the quote ends and begins.

That’s how it looks (http://imgur.com/0aeSoyl) and that’s how I want the text format to look (http://imgur.com/Y9pbahx).

Anything I can do?



Could you contact me via my profile page, so I can reply to you with the required CSS changes :)


Quick pre-sale Q, The description says it’s translation ready, are all strings translatable? We work with poedit, do the .po files come with the theme or do we need to generate the string xml after install?

Thank you in advance!


Yes, all strings are translatable.

Yes, .po file is included with the theme. All you need to do is open the file with Poedit, and translate the strings one by one.

There are 159 strings, but most of them are used only in the WordPress dashboard. So, the theme itself is pretty easy to translate :)

Thank you for the quick reply!

Hi. I purchased your theme and am having a technical issue trying to do something that I feel should be easy. My site is www.survivorsstill.com for reference.

What I am trying to do is get it so that guests / people can comment on a blog from the main landing page. If you look, you’ll see that there is the “comments” bubble in the top-right corner of each post, but when you scroll to the bottom of that post there is no option or link to click to leave a reply.

I need a link there, as most people don’t know that when on that page they need to click the title of the blog post to “take them into the actual post” where the post a reply comment section is, and would like it so they can reply right on the main page there where all the most recent blog postings are, or at least have a link at the bottom that will take them into the actual blog posting and queue up the reply form.

Can you please let me know how to do this? Other than that love the theme.


I replied to your email :)

Hello, Tried translating Default language file (default.po) using POEdit to swedish manually. but not replicating in site. Tried creating new .mo (default-sv_SE) and replaced even current language file with new one. But it shows only english terms.


Did you read the documentation, chapter 3. TRANSLATING THEME?

You should save the translated file as sv_SE.po

You can skip the last step on that chapter. You don’t have to add the language code in wp-config.php anymore. Instead do the following in the WordPress dashboard:

Go to Settings > General, and choose Svenska as the Site Language.


I want to buy this Theme for my personaly Blog. Is there any active support here?

greets Tobias


Yes, there is support :)

Perfect. :) I will buy this Design in the next few days.

2018 update ? Theme not updated since 2014 ? C’mon..


There are no plans for the next update. Is there something that needs to be updated? :)

BODY BG: is it gray? does it have gray color? I’il take it if it’s gray. I don’t want black.


You can set the background image and color as anything you like.

Hello , is it working with RTL and support google adsense ?


This theme does not have RTL support.

You can use widgets and plugins to insert ads.

Hello, is it possible to adjust the width of the content column? ... and what about the right sidebar?


You can adjust widths if you modify the CSS file. However, customizing the theme is not part of the support, so you are on your own :)


Nathe Purchased

There are no options to add in social media links. The Float Options only has a analytics box, where do I add my socials urls into?


You can add social media links with a menu.

Go to Appearance → Menus or Appearance → Customize → Menus. Create a new menu. Insert your links with the Custom Links option.

When you insert for example a link which URL includes text facebook.com, theme automatically converts it to a Facebook icon.

Now you can use this menu in the sidebar using the widget Float: Social Links at Appearance > Widgets.

Please renew you support license.

rappel Purchased

Love this theme. But I have found 2 bugs with WP 5.6.

1. There is no distance downwards when I use the delimiter (screenshot: https://share.getcloudapp.com/YEuX81yN ).

2. There is also a bug with embedded videos. They have a lot of empty space about that (screenshot https://share.getcloudapp.com/yAu6o2D6 ).

May be you have a fix for this?

Regards, r.

rappel Purchased

Sorry, bu one more from me.

The theme has the option to blend out the tags on the blog. Is there a way to blend out them also on the single posts?

And another one: Is there a way to show only the excerpts on homepage and not the full post?

Thanks and regards, r.


There is no option to hide tags on single posts. Could you just not use tags at all if you don’t want to display them anywhere? :)

To show only a part of an article on the main page, you must use the Read More tag. This way you can split your post anywhere you like.

Here are the instructions for the classic editor: https://wordpress.com/support/wordpress-editor/blocks/more-block/2/ And here for the block editor: https://wordpress.com/support/wordpress-editor/blocks/more-block/

rappel Purchased

Understanding, thanks. :)

rappel Purchased

Hi again. I thought the update from 4 February 21 fixed the bug with embedded videos. I do not know what happened but for now they have the lot of empty space about that as before.

I will send you a message via your profile with an example link.

Regards, r.

I will take a look at it :)

rappel Purchased

Nice to hear this. I will hope you can find the issue.

I just replied to your email :)

hallo float plugin not work

solved im change php config :)