Discussion on Fuse - React 18+ Admin Template

Discussion on Fuse - React 18+ Admin Template

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Hi there, have a few questions: - I see you’re working on a typescript version. Is that ready for purchase? - Is this template compatible with Typescript if we set AllowJS to true? - Are all the packages up to date? if not, are there any deprecated packages?

Is it possible to integrate this template to React Inertia? And can your team give step-by-step guidance regarding this?

Hi, unfortunatelly we are using create-react-app as generator. If there is a migration guide from cra, you need to yourself.

Best regards.

Hi there, I really need advise. We are doing Chat app part and in real usage its very lagging so how to fix about the performance ? so we came up with 2 ways. but need your suggestion.

1. Any lib suggest us to do pagination infinite scroll react that fit with Fuse theme react. 2. Any lib to cache chat data that fit with Fuse theme. 3. Any ways to improve performance

I understand that our support expired but please help me just guild me and I will do research more.



There are no reasons not to use any react library with Fuse React, You ccan checkout this infinite scroll library: https://github.com/ankeetmaini/react-infinite-scroll-component

You need to use profiling to detect if any memory issues, but definitelly, its should be related with the huge data so infinitie scroll should fix your problem.

Best regards.

Amazing work with the template guys. I want to start migrating to the latest version of the theme and i will like to checkout early the Typescript version of it with React. I guess i need to register for github but i can not find the Fuse Template Purchase Code to request access. Can you suggest an alternative ?

Are you going to release a TypeScript version?

Hi, yes we will, it’s on progress, you can checkout on github, ts-skeleton is the skeleton version with ts, its almost completed, we continue to work the demo version. I don’t want to give a time, we want to give fully typed version without “any”s different than most of the projects.

Kind regards.

Why are my builds failing on : Parsing error: Cannot find module ‘babel-plugin-myPlugin’

in scripts: - src\@fuse\colors\fuseDark.js - src\@fuse\colors\index.js - src\@fuse\colors\skyBlue.js - src\@fuse\core\BrowserRouter\BrowserRouter.js - src\@fuse\core\BrowserRouter\index.js - src\@fuse\core\DemoContent\DemoContent.js - src\@fuse\core\DemoContent\index.js

and every other file in the application?

Yes, I removed its wiring in config-overrides because it looked like an example and didn’t seem to have source code that I could observe as to what it’s doing.

Please advise.

Hi. its allowing import core compoents etc as a library, not relative path.

You can checkout “aliases.js” and “config-overrides.js” files how it works.

I have access to sign-up page after logged in. It show just blank page. Where can I can I change this behaviour.

Please open support request on support.withinpixels.com

Hi. Is it possible to add Theme Switcher button for selected dark and light themes? Or can you share a code for this

Hi, please open support, ticket at http://support.withinpixels.com/

There are several elint Issues with this theme. For example, wtihAppProvider wraps the entire react App which raises the following:

Line 18:14: The object passed as the value prop to the Context provider changes every render.

I tried requesting access to your private repo to raise PRs but after several months, I still do not have access. Until these issues are resolved, this theme has some rendering issues. However, I still stand by it as the most powerful ReactJS theme on Themeforest. Thank you!

Could you open support ticket please: http://support.withinpixels.com/

Hello, I have integrated an API with JWT, and it throws the following two errors: first, it logs in but does not redirect, and second, when I manually access a route, it says that I have not logged in. Please help.

Could you open support ticket please: http://support.withinpixels.com/

if buy. you provide all code template for me?

Sure, its all in the package.

Is it based on TypeScript or plain JS

It’s JS

Is it possible to integrate GraphQL into this template? Can I use graphql instead of mock-API?

Hi, sure why not, it’s using http requests with axios, you can get graphql data with axios.

We are building a website for a non profit organisation. The website will sell products and membership to finance is activities and collect funds. We are not being paid to produce the application and all of the profits are going to help feeding people in needs. Is it possible to get a special license here ? If not will a regular license be enough for our needs ?


yuniel Purchased

is it possible to get access to older version ?

Hi, Sure you can access github repository with filling the form at http://support.withinpixels.com/github/ And checkout the branches.


yuniel Purchased

ok thx

Did this React version of the project use Tailwind

Yes its.

Is this project based on typescript

Hi, its javascript

hello Some pages do not look good in the RTL layout

Hi, The mock-api page is located under documentation so its for developers.

Since not everybody need multi-language setup for their apps, we decided NOT to put translations everywhere. If you want to see the translations in action, visit the Mail app, and then change the language from the Toolbar. Mail app is the only app that has translations for demonstration purposes. You can look at its source code to see the usage.

Checkout: https://react-material.fusetheme.com/documentation/configuration/multi-language

Kind regards.


I own the Angular version, and it would have been practical to learn the React way by purchasing this version,

but currently NextJS is using React and offering SEO ability and much other advantages over React,

Is there a plan to make a NextJS version ?

Hi, There is no plan to migrate to nextjs in short term.

issues with formatting and linting code in vscode.

- brand new wsl2 env, and brand new vscode installed. - installed prettier and eslint vscode plugins - setted settings.json as the Documentation/Development/IDEs (Webstorm, VsCode) IDEs - cloned skeleton branch of repo. - npm install

when open App.js show linting errors like (react/function-component-definition) when saving prettier is doubing quote coding. it seems prettier isn’t getting config inside .eslintrc how fix this?


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