Reviews for Fuse - React 18+ Admin Template

Reviews for Fuse - React 18+ Admin Template

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The project doesnt run. There's no tutorial to run it. The dependencies are all depracated

Author response

You can see that all dependencies constantly updated since 2018.
Checkout the changelog:

Possibly you have some runtime issues mostly related with package manager version.

Please open support request at to find out what is wrong on your environment.

for Flexibility

Absolutely not reusable theme. Even themes are absolutely tied up with redux and it is very difficult to adapt to non redux apps.

I need a bare minimal template and even the skeleton template provided is not at all usable and had to spend lots of time to use the template.

I made a big mistake by purchasing this template. And it is very bad that there is no option to return it if it is not usable.

Author response


it's admin template and clearly stated that its using redux and the dependencies that are using.

It's mostly selected by the big projects.

You may didn't read the description well.

Kind regards.

for Code Quality

i buy one of the worst team ever.
1. I try to run the demo and skeleton both not working due lot of version conflict.
2. why you using beta repo .This is first time I saw someone using beta repo in live Project. it's pathetic .
3. Not working at all.
4. psd design not any flow, figma or xd but its ok .
5. Feel cheated

Author response


1. Possibly you have runtime issues mostly related with package manager version and node.js. If there are version conflicts, we would know and it shouldn't reported only from you not any other developers.
2. If you are asking for mui/base we are chosing their dependencies directly from their stable version from their demos. It's pathetic that you thought its a random choice.
3. As you may acknowledge It's working from the happy developers.
4. We do not mention in anywhere that the recent design files are included,
5. You do not have to think you are cheated, just open support request at to resolve your issues.

You may need to have some experiences before thinking the reasons of the problems are related with the code but your environment, or your knowledge.

for Customizability

This theme is excellent for building projects from scratch, as it offers a highly adaptable and easily modifiable base. It provides a solid foundation that can be easily customized to meet specific requirements.

for Feature Availability

Great react admin theme with fully customizable design, very helpful . Kudos to the developers

Author response

Thanks a lot for your support.

for Customizability

Code is very poor, no comments, it is too cumbersome, badly commented and poorly documented. Support is terrible, I haven't had a reply to my ticket in 7 days. Regret purchasing this


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