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Bit of a novice with stuff so bare with me :) The demo site looks amazing, but just want to check I would have to add everything and position it myself, stuff like the blog posts on the right on the demo site would need to be updated by hand etc?

Yes, you would need to update text on the html files as this is an html template (no backoffice).


Thanks, purchased your theme and so far its looking great, I do have a problem though in that when viewing say you preview site on my ipad mini in Safari and Chrome I get a gap at the bottom of the images before the text appears which looks ugly, can you point me to what changes need to be made so that the site works nicely on a smaller screen, I assume it is because the images used in the slider are wider than the res of the device. Chris

Yeah, the template was not intended for mobile.You can easily fix it though, via a simple css media query. If you notice, the slider has a height of 726px. For smaller resolutions you’ll need to lower this value to reduce the gap.

Very nice theme but i have one question… The Contact site does contain an Main form is this one complete or is there the processing in php missing ?

The last template which i buyed had it not and so the viewers cant mail me…

Sincerely, -Synter Games

PS could you do maybe the Slider responsitive ?

The contact form is functional (instructions are provided).

Hey! I am very interested in the template. Is there a way to create a games list and a wish list for each user? Each user should be able to create their own games collection to be seen on the personal page. Thanks so much.

This is an HTML template. The pages you see on the demo are the pages you get. Cheers

Hey! Any chance in getting a update to make it responsive?

Hi, I am also expecting to get a responsive version of this. It is highly needed now a days.

Hello :) I purchased this theme and I’m very happy to work with it BUT… I cannot open psd files in design folder… Is it blocked and normal? I’m constantly getting this “unexpected end of file” prompt message while trying opening these files.

I really have no intention to continue to feed this pointless discussion but, for clarity’s sake, I’ll answer your last comment; The design files bundled with the HTML template are a bonus. If you head over to the original PSD template (http://themeforest.net/item/game-devs/3047682) and check the item details, you’ll find: “Graphics Files Included: Photoshop PSD” and “Minimum Adobe CS Version: CS”. Hope this clears out any confusion.

jalberto – you should start with this. I thought that these psd files should work because I bought them. But they were gift from you added to my purchase. Gift is a gift and is always beyond ratings. I’m changing my rating to 5 stars as (I’ve never stated otherwise) your theme design is outstanding. Sorry for taking your time and misunderstanding. You should thing about changing description though to clarify this fact cause more people like me can come and waste your time even more.

Alright, I appreciate it. Hope you enjoy your theme. Cheers

What is the best way to add more social media buttons like Pinterest for example?

Any Update on getting a responsive update?

Looks nice on the home page but on the blog and the games page, the window is not big enough to see the full image(s) on the slider. It is probably staring me right in the face but where is this controlled?


Can you provide me with a link? I can’t understand what your issue is.

Just change the slider height for those pages in the css file (line 210).

Any plans on making it responsive? I’ll buy the template as soon as you update the theme…

Hello , i’m also interssted in a responsive version of this templates, to buy it. do have any intenstion of making it responsive ?

I look forward to buying this soon. I would suggest setting up mobile for this and maybe charging 20 bucks or so. This alone would increase sales. I’ll end up mobilizing it myself and if I can get it perfect I will let you know. The design is beautiful. I will probably purchase soon, can’t wait!

Hey! There’s now a responsive version available! Check it out here: http://themeforest.net/item/game-devs-redux-responsive-html/15986611


I bought the Redux version for $18 plus tax…I want to upload the HTML code into blogger…where do I find it?

I bought this template a while ago and made it responsive on my own as the redux was not available yet. I just wanted to thank you for this great template, for the price it is a steal :)

Thank you! Hope you enjoyed the template :)

hi i like your template can you contact me i am willing to buy it but some improvement wants in it

Hey! Send me a message through my profile and let me know what you need.

i think i have send invite you on hangout

Click on my name to go to my profile and you will see an option to send me a message through there.

check your hangout

I recently purchased this theme, but just noticed there are 2 versions, the other being responsive. Can I somehow trade in my purchase?