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I need to buy this theme for my project.

Can you please mention approx. release date of HTML version?

thanks, Nasir

Hi brother, how far you are? While my project is on hold, I am anxiously waiting for HTML version.

Hopefuly the html versionwill be ready by the end of this week

Will you be making a wordpress version of this design? :)

Hi Daniel, yes please consult the FAQ for the timeline…

waiting for the HTML Version Inshallam and im so proud that a guy from my country has this Magnificent design

Waiting for HTML so i can Code it and just a Note If it’s possible to make this Design in Bootstrap

Thank You Habibi For Your Replay i’ll be waiting for it and i hope we could have some chit chat about it soon inshalla i’ll email you using contact form in your profile

Will Buy It Now :D Long Time Waiting For it :D

Why didn’t you add the repsonsive designs also in this gorgeous package? Your wp theme will be a big success, if you code as nice as you design.

Thanx for your answer. Do you have a more clear deadline for the wp theme launch? I can’t wait to play with it!

Based on my programmers feedback it should be ready between mid-June – End of June (you can follow the Status in the Support tab above.

Buddy listen,

This is awesome that you are making and HTML and WP version, all I can tell you is that if you actually add the features that people ask you (we are the best reviewers) you theme will definitely be a huge success, the other directory as you know, those people make it hard to add features and some of the NEEDED features they are no planning on adding, so PLEASE if you can actually follow that lead you will definitely be a success and also you will have another buyer, I been waiting for the other people to add stuff that I need and thats the reason why i havent bought it because they dont listen. Listen to your customers and you shall succeed :) good luck.

P.s. It will be nice if the search can be done by City, Zipcode, you know the common stuff in the USA. Thank you

You are getting me hyped! hope this is better than the other one selling here. Major success I would call it!

we hope that too, we will offer some nice feature & functionalities + will keep the theme flexible enough for customization, hopefully tomorrow we’ll send the HTML version for approval, WP in about 1 month if not earlier…


How do you plan to structure the directory? For SEO purposes, I am looking for a theme that will use the location in the URL.

Currently, all of the other directory themes use a structure like: http://www.xyz.com/listings/business-name/ or http://www.xyz.com/category/business-name/ I would like to be able to use the location in the URL, like: http://www.xyz.com/usa/illinois/chicago/business-name/ or http://www.xyz.com/category/usa/illinois/chicago/business-name/

That way if a user visited the URL http://www.xyz.com/restaurants/usa/illinois/chicago/ they would be able to see all restaurants in Chicago.

Thanks, Jason

Hii Jason i’m currently travelling will be back on thursdayand will reply.cheets.ks

sorry for my late reply, I’ve shared your request with the developers, we had many things to do for the HTML version so we’ll add the url approach optimized for SEO in the WP version ok, cheers. UOUdesign

When you are suppose to release HTML version? Nasir

End ofthis week inchallah, so try to add some days for the tf approval

Sounds good. Thanks for quick reply.

Hope things go well with the tf approval, can’t wait to see what the HTML theme looks like.

Coming soon :)

cant wait for the wordpress version… awesome design :)

Thanks, the HTML version is ready we’re polishing it and adding some cool features, we should submit it tomorrow or on Friday, the WP version should be ready in about 3 weeks time. Cheers KS

I hope you publish this Wordpress theme soon!

Hi, we should be publishing the HTML version tomorrow, WP might take approx 4 weeks, we would like to release a simple but complete version we’re really doing our best, thanks for your comments, be patient we’re almost there :)

Hi, when could we expect HTML version? You said it’d be published a few days ago

Hi, certain options & features were missing for example the possibility to hide/show the map, portfolio filters…. so it’s all set now we’re sending it for publication tomorrow. I will send a message here to update you with the status of the publication. very sorry about the delay, we want to publish something something that people will like :) thanks for your patience. Cheers. UOUdesign

Hey Everyone,

Glocal has been submitted some minutes ago, hopefully it will get approved, we will update our social networks’ links to facilitate communicatation in the future.

Thanks for your patience Cheers UOUdesign

Nice!, Hopefully this will impress me since I hate the other one around here and the ” not implemented or not foi future updates” messages lol

at your service… cheers.

btw, do you mind resending me the long list of features you sent me once, i can’t manage to find it, I shared it with the developers but they can’t find it either, thanks. cheers.

sure i’ll private message you.

Hi, I really like this template and have a couple of questions before I purchase

1. I assume there is not a joomla version? 2. This template is about 80% of what I need. I’d to incorporate the “Candidate” profiles and features from the “Careers Portal” site. How would I go about doing that?

Thanks Kipp

Actually there is a lot about both of these templates that I like. How might I go about creating a mashup to suit my needs?

send me a PM so that I can make you happy…


I want to buy theme, but before I would like to clarify some questions:

1)Is there possibility to switch membership package automatically, when paid membership expires?

2) Is there possibility to have logical fields when adding listing. For example, if user adds restaurant, “amount of people” field appears. If user chooses photographer, “price packages” field appears.

3) Can this theme be multilanguage? So when user adds listing he has to fill description in 2 languages. And listing would display corresponding language description?

Thank you.

Hi, sorry for the delay it’s quite an intensive start of the week,

1) can you report this question to http://uou.ticksy.com 2) we’re working on custom filters per category so it’s in our todo list (it will be one of the major changes in glocal so stay tuned)

3) yes you need to use wpml plugin for multilingual options, if you’re talking about the listings the user would have to create 2 listings correct each one in different language (I informed the dev to create an option where we can add multiple languages within the same listing but this requires some proper thinking and preparation)

so i think you should wait until you purchase glocal because it’s still not ready for your use

Cheers UOU