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Thanks for the really quick reply.

My href and img are being set correctly so I think my problem is that the Swipebox is not being updated to the new images are not in the swipebox.

I don’t really want to refresh the whole page just the contents of the swipebox. Is there a way to do this programatically?

Thanks again,



No, there is no solution to refresh just the swipe content, since the template is build as one page template. You are using the one page version right?

You need to refresh the main page index.

Ignore my lap email about Swipebox as I’ve now managed to get it to work dynamically retrieving images from a server and refreshing correctly.



Ok Dan, thank for notice us.



I tried to purchase this template but the system return unsuccessful transaction. The problem is i received sms from my bank informing me that the amount have been deducted for purchasing this item. Please advice.

Here is the sms i received from my bank.

RM0.00 MBB:TQ for using your Maybankard ending 4930 for USD16.00 AT ENVATOMARKET*29455288\\SA 41;13/07/16;12:04.For enq call num at back of your card


Please send your message to Envato support section, because they handle the sale process. We the authors can only support item problems, not selling issues


Do you have any plans to update this theme to the latest versions of jQuery (3.1) etc.?



Hi Dan,

I will make some tests with the latest jquery version and update it in the close future.



I uploaded the files to my hosting and started to use the template. I opened the template by safari on my iphone and created icon by using add to home screen option. Everything is well until this point.


When I click to icon on my iphone screen, it redirects me to youtube video of go mobile introduction.

How can i stop and cancel it ?

Hi There !

Do you know what is strange actually ?

I have searched about my question to check it has been asked before or not.

And yes it has.

And, as it seems clearly you had answer the same style like you think we are blind.

You are the blind !

First, check what is wrong on your code side before asking we are sure or not !

Of course we are sure !!!

I have checked already before your late answer and realised that on your codes the 6th section which is about videos page has iframes to display youtube videos and the reason it occurs problem and iphone ask by default if you want to play video on youtube app or not.

Don’t you know how to stop this problem ?


Your support is fake and template is not actually what i expect.

Send my money back !


Considering the number of sales of this mobile template and the people that are using it with success, I guess you realise this is not a fake product, or that we do no offer fake support.

You are just angry because you don’t know how to use it. I gues there were people that asked there before too. But one in 1000.

Why I was asking you if you are sure, because most of the users load the template, then browse thrue the pages and then save it on home screen. And they do not save on home screen the actuall home page. The template uses ajax to load sections, and the url they save on home screen is a section loaded after they browse the pages.

This was the reason I was asking you to test our demo url too. Just simple load that home page, do NOT go to another page. Save it on your home screen after you first load it.

We test this as we speak. It works on our side well. It’s strange that is not working for you.

But to show you that our support is not fake we will respect any decision you will take. If you want your money back just ask for a refund on Envato, and we will give it to you.

If you want to investigate this more, to see where the bug is, we will send you a video made on how we save the website on home screen, and seems to work.

Regards, and sorry for creating this confusion for you.

Here is a video showing on how to save the template to iPhone home screen.

Thank you for your understanding.

I’ve adapted the Gallery page to display thumbnail images when it initially displays and then the full size images in the slideshow.

Is it possible, if one of the thumbnails links to a video file, to play this video file?

Thanks for your help,



DLuczywo Purchased

Hi Guys, I’ve just tried to get a self hosted video working with your latest template and it’s not playing. All I’ve done in the code is replace the href to the youtube video with a reference to my own. Am I missing something? Thanks, Dan

Hi Dan,

Is your video mp4 ? Try to make it mp4. You can find a lot of free convertors online to convert your videos to this format.

As we know that is the format that will work best on mobiles.

And our demo code uses mp4

<source src="videos/demovideo.mp4" type="video/mp4">



DLuczywo Purchased

Yeah the video is mp4 although it’s on a server so I’ve added which doesn’t play. Can you try your demo code with a remote file?


pmdewir Purchased


I purchased the theme and am liking it so far! I see the pages all have a “scroll to top” arrow at the bottom. Would it be possible to also make a scroll to bottom arrow? How would I go about changing the JS code? I believe this is what needs to be modified:

$(".scrolltop").click(function() {                      


Just a small update telling you that we are still working on this code. We did not forget about your request. Seems that creating a jquery scroll bottom function in our code requires a little more work.

Thank you for you patience. Will get back to you asap.


Hi there, any progress on the button? Thanks!


Yes we did created the button. Was a little tricky to do it. Seemed an easy job, but the code structure swiper code have did not allowed that, to scroll to bottom.

We did found a solution after a few investigations.

Sorry for the delay on this.

Please write us an email using the contact form on our profile page, and we will reply with the demo files. We will send you the files we modified in order to create a button.


Hi, I’m trying to disable the swipe on the single page app version, and only change pages from buttons, but it seems that the swipe library is outdated and the commands from the current api are not working. Can you provide a way to only change pages from buttons ?

Hi, it really works, but this also disables the scroll up/down on same page :( . any ideas how to make the scroll work ?

sorry, my bad, i had a function from previous tries which was disabling touchMove event. Your solution works great!

Glad it works.

Thank you too for choosing our mobile template.

Best Regards

Have you guys any plans to use Framework and Swiper instead of jQuery for this or any similar templates?

I hope the work on playing own hosted video is coming along well :)

Great news.

Can you also include audio in the photo/video gallery?

The latest version of Swiper is very different from the version you are using so I’m not surprised it’s not compatible.

Do you have any plans to release any new products that use Swiper 3?

Keep up the good work.

Please send me the latest version


You can now download the latest version from your account. It was aproved today.

About the swiper, I will try to shortly explain to you how we are using this script. Basically from that script we only use the swipe navigation of the sections. And combined with a custom script called swiper.scrollbar we have enabled the vertical scrolling inside the pages. And that’s all we use from swiper.

At the point we released this template swiper was a simple touch-slide script. Now it becames a full gallery with a lot of options. This why is not compatible anymore, it is build more complex.

I think we will not use swiper 3 to create a new mobile template because that script is now a gallery script. Maybe just to include it as a gallery in one of the future template. A template that uses framework7 as main core, and swiper as photo gallery.

And for audio files in the swipebox / photo gallery we cannot include tham since swipebox does not support that player we added in the popup.


Thanks for the explanation :)

Hi again! Still enjoying the theme! I was wondering if there was a way to add the scrollbar (preferably only for desktop, but otherwise ok!) back. I can change the overflow from “hidden”, but that makes the middle part of the page stop half way down. Any solution to this? Thanks in advance!


Glad you still like the theme.

The scroll bar is part of the general structure. The one page version is composed basically from one big slider vertical and horizontal.

If I will remove the scrollbar the slider will be fixed in height, this why you cannot scroll down after.

This why at some point we have included the multipage version in the archive for download. So users can choose another version that function differently.

So the solution for now is to use the multipage version.

Hi, is it possible to change the name of the app “go mobile” for a different name?


This app working with android and iphone?


Ofcourse you can change the name of the template.

Just remember this a mobile template, an web app buid using html/css and jquery.

It’s not a native app.

Yes it’s working on android and iphone. You can test it in the browser of any mobile.


Hi. Thanks for the template. I love the way it opens as an app. Can you help me? I can edit the pages and the links work fine. However I want to create new pages, i.e. a third page or link. However this doesn’t seem to work. The link to that third page breaks away from the css and js. i can copy head code and then the page looks fine on the website, but when opened from the app leaves the app and opens in safari.

Also, on the live preview there is a native audio file. It looks much better than the standard audio tag I use. Can you send me the script for that? Thanks loads



1. So you are using the multipage version.

When duplicating the pages make sure you do not edit the main code of the layout , like

div id=”content” div id=”wrapper” div class=”pages_container”

It must work. Also make sure all your DIV are corectly closed and edited.

2. Ok check your files. If you don’t find the code we will send it to you.


Thanks. I am using the multipage. I haven’t edited the head code at all, but the the javascript and css no longer apply unless I do add them to the head tag. also, when opened from the home screen, opening the “third page” leaves the app and open in safari?? any ideas? Thanks


You need to add them in the header too This why in safari in app mode leaves the full screen mode and opens sepratelly. That is build with javascript.


DLuczywo Purchased

Hi Guys,

I’m adding images dynamically into class photo_gallery_13 using $(”.photo_gallery_13”).html(list); where list is a string built up to create

  • .....
  • for each image I retrieve from my server. This works perfectly except that the height of the container does not get modified and so I cannot scroll down the page. However, if I change the orientation of my phone to landscape then back to portrait everything is fine. How do I programatically refresh the height of the container after the dynamic content has loaded. Thanks, Dan

    Hi Dan,

    But the error only apear when you load the gallery section?

    Can you send us a copy of your file by email. It’s the best way to test it and see what is wrong there.

    I gues on the original files that error is not showing right?



    DLuczywo Purchased

    Hi Guys, I’ve just solved my problem! It was all to do with the scope of swipernested. This was declared with a var inside a function in code.js so when I was trying to use swipernested.reInit() in another function it couldn’t find it. I’ve now declared it globally and it works fine! Thanks.


    Glad that you solved this.

    Thanks for sharing your solution, maybe will help others too.


    DLuczywo Purchased

    Hi Guys, Is there any way to get the “Photo title” in the gallery to wrap onto multiple lines if it’s, say, 150 characters long? Thanks again :)


    DLuczywo Purchased

    Did you have any thoughts about this?


    That title is added inside the title”” tag of one photo code line.

    Unfortunatelly we cannot add any HTML elements inside title=”” tag as it is. Only by adding an HTML elements could break the text into other elements, multiple lines…etc

    For now to modify this will be too much work on editing how the gallery function.

    As it is at some point the title break into another line, but it’s not looking quite good.

    A solution will be to make the font smaller, will let more text fit in one line.



    DLuczywo Purchased

    OK, thanks. I’ve some other ideas to get round it…...

    Hi, I have just purchased and have a query before I start using it (it looks great). Most of our images are landscape and I notice that your images are square. Is it possible to have a landscape image in the gallery so when viewing on smartphone they can change the orientation of the phone and the image will fill their screen. When you change the orientation (portrait to landscape) on the phone now the image gets smaller? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks