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Hi, I live in Brazil. I got your theme today, I’m having trouble adding it because the link does not redirect when I click the menu button. I saved the index.html file as index.php and included the php text quoted in the manual at the beginning of the index.php file anyway so when I click the menus the page does not redirect to the link.

When removing the code snippet: <script src = “js / code.js”> </ script> the page redirects but is without any formatting, I need the links to redirect to PHP pages and not HTML and this is not happening as solved.


Are you testing the files on a server?

Normally the php should be added with ajax, and keep the extension .html of the files. This way you will have the final product act like a web app, not like a website.

What version are you using? Single page or multipage?


If using the multipage version try to edit this lines from the code.js

6. if(hash==href.substr(0,href.length-5)){



30. window.location.hash = $(this).attr(‘href’).substr(0,$(this).attr(‘href’).length-5);


window.location.hash = $(this).attr(‘href’).substr(0,$(this).attr(‘href’).length-4);

This will work with .php

Hello again.

Sorry, I have a new query… How can I prevent the page contents swiping when dragging on them my fingers and that navigation is only done by clicking over the elements using jquery?

I need to navigate between pages only using buttons, not swiper.

For example: $(document).on(‘click’, ’#button_1’, function () { swiperParent.swipeTo(4); });

Thank you very much for your answer!! Happy Thanksgiving!!


I gues you are using the onepage version.

To click to navigate to a page use:

a href="#" onclick="swiperParent.swipeTo(1);"

Do you want to totally remove the option to slide between pages?

Thank you for choosing our mobile template!! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!

Exactly, I need to remove the option to slide between pages.

How can I do that?


Hi, Since all the onepage version is build a slide one page template, you will have to use the multipage one. This why we provided 2 versions.

Or separate the code from onepage version into multiple html pages, and link them.


zobi2 Purchased

Hello, great theme! We are thinking of purchasing this and converting it into a mobile website app. I see that you updated this theme this year with new layouts. But we would like to use one of the older layouts (probably the wedding skin). That layout was one of the original layouts released 4 years my question is…is that and the other older layouts still ok to use in 2017… should everything work well on newer, modern phones if I use one of the older layouts?


All the demo layouts are included in the archive you will download. Also the item is available as onepage version and multipage one. Depending on the product you want to achieve.


Hello. I am developing an app. I need to create a custom form that includes a combo/select object. So I add jQuery Mobile, but the combo options panel (for the devices) is not appear on the screen. I have screenshoot to show you. How can add a combo/select/spinner for user select an option between them?

Sorry the delay. I am working using the onepage version.

I have check the code.js file, and this code block is blocking the use of the options for select html object:

var swiperParent = new Swiper(’.swiper-parent’,{ pagination: ’.pagination’, paginationClickable: false, onSlideChangeEnd : function() { //Do something when you touch the slide if (swiperParent.activeIndex != 0){ $(’#header’).animate({‘top’:’0px’},400); } if (swiperParent.activeIndex == 0){ $(’#header’).animate({‘top’:’-100px’},400); } } })

When I remove this code the select object work fine, but of course I do not have the swiper pages options. When I put this code I have pages transition but no select option. See this image please, you can see the select object but no options display:


You added jquerymobile code just for that select? Or you need more features from jquery mobile?

I can include a custom select into the template, without all the libraries of jquery mobile if you want?


Hi, how can i put back button to return via “insidelink” Thanks!!

I need to pass url variables, how i can do this?


The back button of the mobile? You cannot control via html or js the back button of the mobile. Only by a native code inside a native app.

You can create a back button in html inside the template only. You can pass variable inside html with javascript or jquery or better with ajax, but will require a custom structure depending on the code you have added.


Good morning, I would have the following question because I want to buy the Go Mobile template. But I do not know, which program I can edit? Thank you very much for your reply


Since Go Mobile is an HTML mobile template, the only way to edit it is an HTML editor, like simple Notepad++ or more complete Dreamweaver…etc

Will require basic HTML knowledge.


Hi, there

prepurchase questions:

1 can you please fix the QR code demo, it reminds to a 404 page

2 are the form inside your theme protected from brute force, html injection and other hacks with regular expression submit on input text fields?

thanks in advance

Kinde regards


1. Thanks for notice that. We will update it.

2. The form is a simple ajax/php form. Not extra protection there.


When using the business version of this theme the Toggle Styles do not work. I click them but nothing happens.

I cannot get them to work on the demo on your site also.


Thanks for notice that, will update the files in the next days and let you know about the update.



Found the issue on that color template files.

Just open index_corporate.html and got to the bottom of the page where you see this:

script type=”text/javascript” src=”js/jquery.fitvids.js”

Replace it with script type=”text/javascript” src=”js/plyr.js”

The video script used was updated, and we no longer use that fit vids script. That caused the toggle conflict.


Works now. Thank you.