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rodaweb Purchased

I got your script on 11/15/2016 but until now I have not had Envato return … Purchase ID via PayPal: 98c701edfaf24a77b30fee99a17586dd. You can check for me because Envato does not answer me. Grateful Marco

Hi Marco,

So Envato returned the payment? Can you be more specific about what happened?

We the authors do not handle the payment, and cannot help on this. Only Envato can help you. Try to contact them using support section, or on forum.


A few quick pre-purchase questions, is the template suitable to strip back for a simple portfolio; that is the home screen can have 40 thumbnails that link to 40 screens showing a .svg image and small amount of text? Thx

Just purchased and it looks fine for my purposes thank you. Another question; am I able to include a BCC email address as well within the Contact form? I have a main recipient for the contact form but also want to include myself as a Bcc recipient so that I can monitor the emails being sent by the users.

<input class=”” type=”hidden” name=”to” value=”” />

Ignore that. I’ll just add my email to the value option yes?

Yes corect. Regards

I’m using the wedding template but only need 5 menu items, so 3 on one line and 2 more below that. How do I get the line with just 2 menus items to be centered? Thanks, Dan

Hi Dan , the icons automatically aling to left using float left inthe CSS, you need to change some values in the CSS. Making the li display inline block. And UL to have text aling center. I can prepare some custom code but will take a wile since I am in a small vacation for a couple of days. Regards.

Enjoy your holiday. No rush for the custom code but appreciate you doing that. Thanks, Dan

Hi Dan,

Here is what you need to change in order to make the icons aligned to center.

1. In wedding.css inside the colors/wedding/ folder

Add to .menu


Add to .menu ul

.menu ul{ text-align:center;}

Add to .menu ul li

.menu ul li{ display:inline-block;}

And at the bottom of wedding.css code where the media queries code is, just replace that code with this one:

@media screen and (max-width: 480px) {
.menu ul li{  padding:5% 0%;width:28.5%;margin:1% 1% 2% 1%;}
@media screen and (max-width: 360px) {
.menu ul li{  padding:4.6% 0.3%;width:28.5%;margin:1% 1% 2% 1%;}
@media screen and (max-width: 320px) {
.menu ul li{  padding:4.1% 0.1%;width:28.5%;margin:1% 1% 2% 1%;}


Presales queston… Can i use this template to build an hybrid mobile app for android and ios using apache cordova or phonegap?

Yes, all you need to know is the integration process.

Hi. I’m playing around with the wedding index page and have reduced the number of menu line items down to just 3. I can’t work out though how to now centre them vertically on the page. Are you able to advise thanks?


To aligned them vertically you will have to add a padding to the menu in the CSS file.

Add the padding in procents not a fixed value in px. This way will adapt to any mobile height.

I can provide a custom code if you want, just let me know if you cannot do it in the css file.


Thank you. Great after-sales service!

Hi again. I’m using the multi-page version but the styling (both style.css and in this case the gradient.css) are not being applied to the secondary pages UNLESS I include those links in the head of each secondary page for e.g.:

<!DOCTYPE html>

<head> <title>Secondary page 01</title> <link type=”text/css” rel=”stylesheet” href=”css/style.css”/> <link type=”text/css” rel=”stylesheet” href=”colors/gradient/gradient.css”/> </head>


But in our files this work fine. Each secondary page is loaded with ajax, and inside the files we did not add the style in any secondary pages. It load the style from the main index page.

Maybe you are making a mistake refreshing a secondary page after doing an update, wihout going first to the main index page.

So the corect view of some updates from the secondary pages is to load first index.html and then go from the menu to a secondary page. The index page needs to be refreshed first.

It works like this because it’s an ajax template. And we need to keep the url not refreshing on mobiles in app mode view. This way the template behaves like an app when opened in full screen mode for example on iphone.

Hope this make sense.


Hi there. Thank you for your reply. Yes what you suggested makes sense and is what I’m doing wrong. Thank you for the quick reply. :)

Hello i download this templete but how to install on wordpress … its showing error while trying to install on wordpress apperance theme section


As you can see this item is in HTML mobile templates category? Why are you trying to install in wordpress an HTML template?

HTML mobile templates cannot be installed in wordpress, they need to be used as they are.

We will accept your refund, since we respect all our clients.

Hi Guys, I’m sure this must have been asked before but is there any way to use pinch zoom on a touch screen in the photo gallery? Thanks


No in the swipebox script that we are using in the gallery section you cannot pinch zoom. The images are automatically 100% width there.



DLuczywo Purchased

Just found this which will enable the ability to pinch zoom the individual gallery pictures. I’ve tried it in my application and it works OK. It might be worthwhile adding to the template?


Thanks for this suggestion.

Will definitely be a good update for the template. Will add it in the next update.


I’m trying to get JS code activated when a certain page loads but it seems like no JS gets activated. I tried adding <script> inside #pages_container, tried adding onload and onshow attributes to certain divs, also not working. what to do?


I guess you are using the multipage version right?

There the JS code for secondary pages needs to be added in code.js file inside the JS folder.

Being an ajax template secondary pages so not refresh the url, meaning they use the js form the function loaded in index file.

See code.js file

function homenavclick() { ....... function showNewContent() { .....HERE are you custom function for secondary page…....

You can see for example there how we loaded different functions, like

$(”#CommentForm”).validate({..... for the contact page validation….and the rest of them.

Hope you understand what I mean.


Thank you. I managed to find it and add custom javascript upon page load using the toLoad variable and comparing it to the page’s name. My question is, is there are way we can execute the code AFTER the page has been loaded?


But the function showNewContent() { is displayed after the pages are loaded.

Maybe you want to add a loader. If you are getting some info from a database and this takes time, you will need a loader. And maybe custom functions to detect when all the info is completed loaded. This will require to customize the function we used there.


how to use my purchase GoMobile , i need documentation


There is a HELP file included in the general archive you can download.

You can use it as you use a normal HTML template. You will need also basic jQuery knowledge.



I’m very interested in this theme. But i’m a bit confued on how to use the theme edit it etc.. was looking for some WP mobile template becuase i already have desktop site build in WP. Now with your themes i’m not sure how to edit/create pages manu etc.. Arfe you using shotcodes? Do i need to have strong knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3? Do i need aditional software to create my mobile version of the site? I’m new in mobile development Thank you very much


Yes, SindevoThemes is part of SINDEVO company from 2016.

Yes the same company. But different products, with 100% different layout and code. GoMobile was created by the a different department a few time ago.

GoMobile uses a simplier code, Mobix uses the code from Framework7 as main core and for the page transitions.

Hope this helps.



So what product should i buy Go mobile or Mobix? both of them are nice and witch one is simple to modify or customize?

Thank you

If you are looking for a simplier one, then GoMobile is the one. It is very simple to modify in the code, and also this item includes a onepage version, and multipage version. And if you really want a simple mobile website, then onepageversion will do the job.



bjames16 Purchased

Hi, love your product “Go Mobile”. Everything is working fine with the exception of the contact form. When I put in the name, email and message and send, it does not give me a confirmation message and I do not receive the contact form via email.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!


Thank you for choosing our mobile template.

Can you please tell us if:

1. You are testing the template on a server not locally?

2. Did you check your spam folder?

3. Did you added some extra JS functions in the files that might created conflicts?

To make this faster is you point us the demo url we can tell exactly what the issue is.



bjames16 Purchased

I emailed before, but no reply. The contact form is not working. I reviewed multiple comments over the years and the same theme prevails.

Situation: 1. The mobile app is on a live server. 2. The server is setup to send emails. I have had other contact forms on this server that were successful to send out. 3. I have made the changes to the contact.html: <input class=”” type=”hidden” name=”to” value=”” /> and I have tried,, etc. and same results.


Sorry if we did not replay to you. But I don’t think we have any comment that we did not replied here on themeforest.

We will find your issue don’t worry.

Can you show us your demo url?

Or even better can you send us by email the files that handle the contact section?

We will test them on our server.



williak1 Purchased

Link to external copy of the Contact Form.

Hi, I’m hosting my website on Amazon’s AWS S3 which is a static hosting platform and does not support PHP so the contact form will not work there. Instead, I have changed the links to the Contact page on my website to go to another hosting [mysite2] which contains a copy of the website files. When I access the contact page from the main menu of my second site i.e. [mysite2]/index.html > [mysite2]/icontact.html, the form works fine. If I link to the contact page though via the original site – [gomobile-mysite]/index.html > [mysite2]/icontact.html the form will not work. Any suggestions besides not using AWS as I like the domain URL not to be a registered domain name. Thank you for your help.


Are you using the multipage version?

If yes please download the archive again. Yesterday we released a new update.

By using class=”externallink” to the a href, you can point outside the template. And by using class=”insidelink” inside the template files.

Being an ajax template that was the only solution.

PS. When you will update your template, you can simple use the new code.js file from the JS folder.



webosk Purchased

Hi, Thank you very much for updating this version, do you think about writing new themes? :)


Thank you too for choosing our item.

By “writing new themes” I gues you mean more designs skins for this template.

Yes we will update this template regually from now on.

Any feedback, or skin design feedback is welcomed, and will be included in the next updates.



webosk Purchased

\o/ thank you!!!!

Hi I am getting the following error when I click on the button

XMLHttpRequest cannot load file:///D:/Applications/go-mobile/go-mobile-multipage/corporate/about.html. Cross origin requests are only supported for protocol schemes: http, data, chrome, chrome-extension, https, chrome-extension-resource.

I am trying to access the below link


I am trying to access the multipage version and I am getting this error for all the links on the index page. Please suggest me the solution or anything wrong I am doing. Thanks.

I got it…I understand what I was doing wrong…trying to access the link directly, where I should actually need to access it from the proper index-*.html file and it can not be accessed locally, It should be accessed via a webserver.

Thank you.


Yes since this is an ajax template, you will need to load index file first.

Glad you figure it out



soovseng Purchased

I download the template,copy neceddary files into my phonegap directory and build a phonegap on it. however encounter error message with the contact form submission.

Whats are the necessary files for contact form and where can i set the “from email “info


In the HTML code you have the email subject, and email adress:

                                            <input class="" type="hidden" name="to"  value="" />
                                            <input class="" type="hidden" name="subject" value="Contacf form message" />

In contact-send.php you have PHP code for the form.

And in email.js (multipage version), at the bottom of the HTML code (one page version) you have the JS code that validate the form and send the ajax from/to php.



ku34r4n Purchased

Hi i’m having problem to get the contact form working on the “go-mobile-multipage” I have tested on the “go-mobile-onepage” its works fine. Also having problem to view the gallery images. whenever click on the images its doesn’t showing the “title”, “next” and “prev” icons. But its works fine on the “go-mobile-onepage”. I pretty sure connect all the links properly. Please help…


Is there any change you can show us the contact form page online?

Do you get the succes message? Or not even that?

Are you testing the template online? On a normal browser or testing on mobile?