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After upgrading to version 4.6 of wordpress my video type posts do not work anymore, I disabled all plugins to test and still does not work.

About 70% of my posts are videos, I have a giant problem at hand.

What can I do to solve that?

I didn’t make any change in 1.5.1 to videos. There might be some other issue at your end.

It’s strange, I only to update and work, the same plugins are activated. Thank you so much for the atention, the theme is the greatest :)

Hello, I have just installed the goblog theme on a fresh wp installation and on the post edit page i cannot see the post layout options! Only a placeholder for the post option style icon/graphic. Please advise!

Thank you in advance.

Thank you it works fine now!! :)

Do you think i should change to byblog ir stick with goblog?? I want a blog theme anyway, and both of them look great but i was wandering which one has more options or potential?? Any advice would help. Tks.

It’s upto you if you look at the design. Design is your preference. In terms of features, byblog is more advanced as it is just launched and goblog is somewhat old. But both themes are fine as I am regularly updating goblog.

If you need better features, you can go with byblog as it has more features than goblog.


Please advise how it is possible to remove the Read More button from the post list on the homepage.

Thank you.

Above for goblog


You can paste the following CSS to Theme Options -> Styling Options -> Custom CSS to hide it:

.read-more {
display: none;


The sticky header option does not work – at least on WP 4.6. When I set it to “enabled” and scroll the page down – the header disappears (instead of being sticky). Tested on FireFox 48.0.2, Google Chrome 53.0.2785.89 m and Microsoft Edge 25.10586.0.0

My blog is not online yet – so I can’t send you the link.

Yes it disappears when you scroll down and it shows again when scroll up. This feature is added to theme to give user more space on mobile phones.

When I purchased this, there appeared to be the ability to have multiple navigation menus at the top. However, I cannot find where I create these.


Links don’t show up on homepage if you are showing excerpts there. If you don’t want to show link text too, then you can enter different excerpt to show on homepage. You can find textarea for excerpt below post editor.

I didn’t understand your question regarding facebok group.


Thank you. Fixed the issue.


How to make this icon in “tabs widget” square shape instead of rectangle.

Which icon are you talking about?

Hello, I know my support for GoBlog is expired. But i have a problem with the theme, and maybe I am not the only one : visitors of my site can’t see all of the images when they’re using Safari (whether it’s with iPhone, iPad or iMac, and the problem appears on homepage & in the blog posts). I don’t know if it is because of the theme or something else, I didn’t find any clue but if you have any idea, or if it’s a problem within the theme code, any help would be appreciated ;-) Thanks again for the theme, and for useful support in the past. (BTW, the site is

Cheers. Love to help :)

If you are satisfied with theme and services then please consider rating the theme.


Yep, you’re right. I tought i did previously. Mistake just repaired ;-) Thanks again.

Thanks for the kind words :)

Hello, videos and gallery application does not run after your last update. I do not know of any other applications you have trouble. In the past I have installed all the videos I began to re-enter by hand. I will look for the plug-in gallery. Other users are experiencing problems do?

The problem doesn’t exist in latest version. The update is available already. I just downloaded files again and rechecked to confirm it.

Ok, there was no problem. There are currently running. Thank you.

Cheers :)


sainul Purchased

Hi, I can see some pictures that suitable for my website, Can I use those images to my website ?. where did you get those images ?

Yes, you can use them. All images are available for free.

You can get some images from and


Is there any way to add additional social buttons? Specifically, I’d like to add buttons for RSS and Pocket.

Are you talking about icons in social widget?

I’m referring to the “Share Options” on the “Single Post Options” page

How can one share on RSS?


Sorry for English, I’m Brazilian.

I’d like to report two websites that use your template, possibly illegally.

Please, if possible, check it but keep my complaint anonymous and delete this later ‘cause I’m afraid of retaliation.

I’m just reporting ‘cause felt bad that I also work with webdesign and I’d like that someone can do the same thing for me if someone pirated my work.



Thanks for reporting. I’ll check and action will be taken.

Hi there,

two questions; what is the best size for the logo? How can I change the color of the header (currently it is black) – I tried changing the CSS value, but nothing changed.




The size of logo used in demo is 82×40px. You can increase the width little bit but not the height to make it look perfect.

You don’t need to edit the code to change the header background color. Go to Theme Options -> Styling Options -> Header Background Color and change the color or add background image there.


Hi there, the featured images on the home page are not cropping properly, and so they extend outside the box for the post excerpt. This is happening in Chrome and Safari. I’m running 1.5.3 of the GoBlog theme and WP 4.6.1

My blog is here:

You can see the issue in the second to last post.



Thanks, I ran the plugin, which successfully regenerated the thumbnails, but this hasn’t resolved the issue on the home page. Do you have any further suggestions?

I will check into it and provide an update or suggestions.

Thanks BloomPixel, much appreciated.


thefab Purchased

The read more button is missing from the home page since three post ago.

Can you give me link to your blog to check?


thefab Purchased

Sure. and it’s only two post.

I need to check what wrong you did on your posts. For this you have to renew your support pack. You seem to have added/closed a html tag inside your 2 posts or any other mistake.

Hi, there is something wrong with the comments section of my posts on my site. When anyone (except 2 of us) try to leave a comment, they are unable to enter an email address (which is apparently required for leaving a comment). They can type a comment and their name, but when they try to enter email address, a cursor will not even come up for them to type in that field.


If you are using any cache plugin then you can try clearing the cache and if you are still facing issues, I need details of browser and OS in which you facing issues.

I do not know much about plugins, but I do not see a cache plugin installed in my blog. As for the OS and browsers facing the issues….that is a broad answer. Of 90 people who tried to comment on my blog, only 6 were able to. Everyone else said they could fill in all required fields EXCEPT the email field. I’d say that is a problem when that many cannot do it. Most said they were trying to via mobile devices…both apple and android. I need to get this resolved asap.

Okay. I will check on mobile browsers and provide fix if required. Currently I am on vacations. I will be back on 19th December most probably.

hello. I am willing to purchase this template. but I need to know if there is an option to switch it to RTL version


You can go ahead and purchase it. This theme has option to switch to RTL.


My support have ended. Moved the theme to new wp-installation that will replace the old blog. But cant get the slider display. On top of the page there are THREE? search-boxes, why?

Three search boxes? May I get your blog URL to check them?

Purchased a new theme instead. Didnot played well with wp 4.7 missing menu in top and some jquery-conflicts. Thanks anyway.

It works fine with WP 4.7 You might have missed something. Anyways good luck with new theme :)

Is there a way to publish a post but not have it appear on the home page, but accessible via a direct link? Like a hidden post?

There is no default way to achieve this but you can try a plugin “WP Hide Post”. I think it will help you achieve what you are looking for.