Discussion on Higz — Simple Responsive Ghost Theme

Discussion on Higz — Simple Responsive Ghost Theme

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Good night! So, I`m buy theme, install Ghost. But when click “activete” see the errors.

Fatal Errors (Must-fix to activate theme) The {{image}} helper was replaced with the {{img_url}} helper. Please read the details.. The {{image}} helper was replaced with the {{img_url}} helper. Depending on the context of the {{img_url}} helper you would need to use e. g. {{#post}} {{img_url feature_image}} {{/post}} to render the feature image of the blog post. If you are using {{if image}}, then you have to replace it with e.g. {{if feature_image}}. Find more information about the {{img_url}} helper here and read more about Ghost's usage of contexts here. Affected files: author.hbs: Please remove or replace {{image}} from this template index.hbs: Please remove or replace {{image}} from this template tag.hbs: Please remove or replace {{image}} from this template Replace the {{cover}} helper with {{cover_image}} Replace the {{author.image}} helper with {{author.profile_image}} Replace the {{#if cover}} helper with {{#if cover_image}} Errors (Very recommended to fix, functionality could be restricted) The usage of {{meta_description}} in HTML head is no longer required Replace .archive-template with the .paged CSS class package.json property "author.email" is required package.json property "author.email" must be valid package.json property "name" must be lowercase package.json property "version" must be semver compliant

I`m find in documentation and fix them, but its thouble for me.

Node.js ver: 8.9.3 Ghost: 1.18.4

Hello! Thanks for buying the theme, but, unfortunately, Higz was developed years ago, when Ghost was only v.0.5. As stated in the very top of the theme description: THIS THEME DOESN’T SUPPORT OLDER VERSIONS OF GHOST, ONLY V0.5.X ONWARDS.

But, you know what? I think it’s time for me to update Higz. Give me a week — and you’ll receive an email about the new Higz update.

Sorry for the trouble, bear with me a little more ;)

Hello again! The new version of Higz was just been approved — now you can install it on your Ghost 1.0.0 and above with any problems.

Thanks again for choosing Higz, happy blogging!

Thank you for your attitude, response and update.

Merry Christmas!

Hi! Amazing theme. Is there a way to have the tags invisible or not appear while not removing them entirely (cf. colors)?

Thank you!

Hi, one last question, how do I remove the underlining on links? Thanks very much!

Add this line at the end of the CSS file: .posts-list .post-title a:hover {border-bottom: none;}

Beautiful design. Would like to see support for featured photos, so that the photo I’ve embedded from within the post itself (from the Ghost editor) is displayed as featured. In this current version of the theme, I have to upload the photo as the first element of the post, which is obtrusive.

Anyway to add Black as a color?

Hello and thanks for purchase! I’m adding black background right now, so wait for email notification from Envato when it gets approved.

lovely theme, is it easy to use any code highlighter in ghost? I just ask because I rarely see this feature on ghost themes. Cheers.

Thanks! New update is already on the review, so wait for an email from Themeforest and download new version with code highlighting function. Hope you’ll find it useful.

waiting update to buy it. Cheers!

It is available for some time already, check it out: http://higz.ghosted.net/docs/#codehighlight

Love the simplicity, great work.

Thanks a lot! (:


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