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Nice design, GLWS :)

Thanks you so much my friend :)

Great work mate, Good luck !!! :D

Thanks my friend :)

Very nice work! I like it :)

Thanks you so much :)

Great work, glws o7

Thanks you DJMiMi

Hi there, I am very interested in this theme and wondering if it supports youtube videos. Also, can I add the instagram button?

Thank you!

Hello there,

Thanks for interesting my work. First I want to say you, this is not WordPress theme this is just a html template. If you are looking WordPress version we will update it soon to the ThemeForest.

Yes its support Youtube videos, you can use with embeding codes.


WOOWW I love this layout! GLWS my friend!

Thanks you so much my friend :) I am very glad if you like it.

Good work :)

Thanks you so much mehkar :)

I want to purchase this template but the person using it does not know how to code. I want them to be able to update the blog.

Any suggestions?

Hello Thanks for your interest, this is html version. We are working on WP version and it will be available soon.

Hello. I’m interested in this theme, but while going through the Live Previes there are some bugs. Some of the pages work (like going to Authors), but then it becomes unresponsive. Is this representative of the theme, or is it just buggy on here? I was particularly interested in see what is under the ‘Magazine’ page.

I used to code HTML pages back in the day, and I’m looking to get back into it by making myself a page. Could I import this theme to my domain at Namecheap and go at it? I’ve been away since the days of Angelfire and Tripod, but I have been taking classes throughout the years. Thanks for your help.

Hello there, thanks for interest in our work. So, i checked authors page and other pages everything is fine on responsive check here : http://awesomescreenshot.com/0ce362xp6d can you send me an example screenshot which section have problem?

It seems to be running fine now, maybe something on my side. Thanks for your quick response anyway. What about my second question, about being able to upload this to my domain at Namecheap? I have been searching for info on a simple question like this, I even went to the bookstore, but a case of too much information. I just want to know if I can use this theme to start playing around with, in HTML5. Thanks for your help. Beautiful site.

Hello there,

Please forgive me for late answer. Its weekend for us.

So, for your second question, If you have hosting package with compatible your domain name, you can use this design yes.

Open your public_html with FillaZilla or similar software programs then copy all ibloggo files to the server that’s it.

Your site will work like this : www.yoursite.com

If you want content management system like WordPress, we will upload soon WordPress version to the ThemeForest. Its very eay to use for beginners.



I can see there is one “AUTHOR LOGIN” page. What is the use of that? Will it be possible to post content via that page or contents (blogs, picture, audio and video) has to be hard coded in html?

Also any projected timeline for having wordpress version?



The login page just an HTML design for showcase. I hope so next week we will upload WordPress version to ThemeForest. All pages and functions will be work on WordPress.


I am trying to use the dark theme you deliver with the template. However, I cannot figure out how to setup the dark theme so it works. I have the CSS file added, what else do I need to do? Besides this one confusion, I love it.

Thank you… I thought I was stupid for not figuring it out. I’ll get it updated tonight.

I like it! Now I just need to fix my logo. http://mikewills.me/

Great To know that you made it work and its really looking awesome.

Hello! Very nice template, I’m interested in buying it. I was wondering if the search, twitter and newsletter subscribe features are functional or they are included only for the design purposes. Thank you for your answer. Greetings. Madalina


I am glad that you like this . I am sorry to say but they are only HTML design.

Best’s Regards


It’s a lovely design. I wonder if you can add a Resume page?



Just a resume template as page example. Something like that: http://www.bitpublimedia.ro/themeforest/resume-v2/index-1.html

Same details but with your theme style and may looks different.

Ok i will try to do this for you in our free time.

Hi….I just love this theme and I am planning to use it as my blog…I had a quick question….on the home page you have images with text. Can I change the size of the images length wise. I don’t want to change their width as its going to ruin the grid structure but what if I want to change the height, is that easily done?

When you click on any of the images on the homepage, it takes you to the inside page, all the pages have one image with lot of text, can I add more images on the bottom?

I know little bit of coding, will those changes be very drastic or simple to do?


Hello friend thanks for your comment, I am sure if you have a knowledge little bit you can do otherwise i am here to help you out my best. Regarding fonts its a Georgia’ and sans-serif

Hi There…thanks for the quick response, I was wondering whats the name of the font that you have used for the heading…is it “Sans-Serif” because when I am searching for it , it not showing up..

which heading ?

Is there a way to use this with blogger?

You can use with WP only.

Hi, I just noticed the menu drop down doesn’t work on phones. Could you look into that please? Thank you!

Its working fine.

Hey, Just wondering how to display a summary (excerpt) of text only on the blog page with a read more link to the full article on a separate page, as was shown in the preview.


Please mail for us: support@designingmedia.com Thanks

Hi! I just bought this theme but I have some trouble installing it. It’s failing when I upload the theme inside my Wordpress. It says that the file style.css is missing a theme head (don’t know if this is correct english, I’m from Sweden and my Wordpress is swedish).

Oh, no! I bought the wrong version :( What can I do now? :*(

I am sorry you need to contact envato.

Hi. Friend. a question before buying. Is it template compatible on blogger/blogspot??? Please reply my question, Thanks.

Hi, This is simple static HTML theme. If you need blogpost option please buy “http://themeforest.net/item/ibloggo-minimal-personal-blog-wordpress-theme/8659678” it’s wordpress version.