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Hi i would like to use the theme without drupal commerce it is not easy to completely remove Commerce from Drupal site any idea ?

Hi. Is it compliant with Drupal 9 ? Cheers.

can the package be implemented with postgresql? Would you facilitate the database?

Hi. Unfortunately we created it on the MySQL and can’t convert it to the postgresql. Thank you

​The following items are missing on the shortcoode setting page: 1. Uppercase field 2. Bold field​ 3. Display as Block field


Michael​ www.mombi.org

This is an amazing theme and I have had it working brilliantly for Drupal 7. For upgrade to Drupal 9 – I preferred to do a fresh install and manually reconfigure as I am doing a website redesign anyway. However, I find the install instructions for Drupal 8 do not work for Drupal 9 (there is no equivalent Drupal_9 folder…) are there any new instructions for Drupal 9 yet?

Hello, the visual shortcodes no upload svg files. I have installed https://www.drupal.org/project/svg_image for format support, but when upload no work in visual shortcodes with the element “Image”. Any ideas please???

Hi sir,

we have purchase your theme and was running on IIS. how optimize performance because running slow to load a page and save content (we use drupal 7). how to configure? what php version is supported?

Any advise and reply?

Did this theme is for Drupal 8?

Hi. Yes it is :)

Hi, please look at my support tickets and assist me with the issues.

Hi, Black Friday is coming, when your discount will be ready ?

Hey there.

We have installed the theme, and everything seems to work EXCEPT for the visual shortcodes. We can’t enable them. The console tells us XHR 403 – forbidden error.

We only have the opportunity for PHP 7.3 – and not 7.4

How can we enable the shortcodes?

I want to buy either “progressive” or “jango”. Can you tell what the difference between the two templates is, i.e. which features are in one that are not i the other?

Hi. The features a pretty similar, so you can choose the design which you like. Thanks


We recently purchased the Jango Drupal theme.

We have update Drupal dev 9.1.0 to 9.1.3 version. After update there is some deprecated function error coming like /Drupal::url(), some file function deprecated.

I have fixed some deprecated function by own.

There is one major issue with MD-slider if we trying to use original one. Please advice us how we can use MD-Slider in Drupal 9 latest version.

I have checked MD-Slider is not working in original theme provided by themeforest.

Please help with MD-Slider issue soon, as we have dead line by 2/1/2021 to complete the website.

FYI – we also opened the support ticket with your ticketing system ticket#2671292

Thanks, AWIP Team

@NikaDevs – Its really sad to see that our ticketing not answer past 6days. This is really bad support we are getting after purchasing of the theme. Please respond.

Hi. I’m sorry, but our developer still sick and feels bad. He is trying to answer some tickets every day. We will try to resolve your problem today. Thank you.

Thank @NikaDevs for quick response. Please see if they can respond to our ticket #2671292

Appreciate your help

About Jango theme, this theme has many problems it is not stable at all, some updates with Drupal may completely ruin your days, I work on and test one year plus on my internal Linux development servers, this product is not working with Drupal 9.+ I wonder how to developer claims this theme work with Drupal 9.+ I wish I could give positive feed back but lot time efforts for nothing!


mobunti Purchased

I purchased this theme for Drupal 9 at the end of December, had problems immediately with it not working, logged a ticket and it took a week to get a reply. I then had Covid so was unavailable for a while, logged another response and it took over 2 weeks to get a reply. Ive had another response now shortly after me asking for a refund and the exact same problem is still in place It just doesnt work with Drupal 9 as @joedoyan has said. The system reports errors as soon as I go to the profiles screen and when I try and apply the drupal database updates it fails. Whilst I appreciate you are not responsible for the rest of the drupal system, your install should be the same as me installing base drupal and then applying your theme. If you are going to supply the base drupal as part of your theme install then it needs to work with your theme

I bought a theme because I wanted a hassle free way of getting up and running and its been anything but hassle free. It probably works really well with older drupals but its not as advertised for v9

Hi. Please post this message on our forum https://nikadevs.ticksy.com/ and our support developer will help you. Thanks.


mobunti Purchased

@nikadevs. You missed the point of my post. There has been ticket on your support system for nearly 7 weeks. Ive asked for a refund.

Installed successfully with updated latest D8.9.13 build, and managed to update modules to date (composerized these for convenience), except for the following which I need verification if this will be supported or not:
  • Drupal Commerce (Security update)
  • IMCE (Unsupported)
  • Shortcode (Unsupported)
  • Webform (Security update)
Please advise if the modules with “unsupported” remarks will still work if updated for D8.9.13, and also the major, big ones like Commerce and Webform as this might break the site. Have these been tested already? Or any chance of providing an updated version of the package soon? Thanks.

Hi. Please post this message on our forum https://nikadevs.ticksy.com/ and our support developer will help you. Thanks.

Thanks! Posting there, and reporting other issues as well.


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