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When I click on the ‘showmenu’ icon to hide and show the navigation, it does not work. Please help!

Bootstrap component like drop down action does not work on mobile devices. When i tried to click one it must go to my href defined but it does not work. Thank you

Don’t purchase this script. There is no support and the Author is gone to the Himalayas :)

Hi. I liked your katniss-premium-admin-template. but the thing is I’m looking for something time and project management. Have you such kind template? Or what you suggest.


Hi!, i’m using this template for blog management but i can’t upload images in the editor, to insert as the media.html.

ist it somethig wrong??, any bug?...

Just asking for html, not for php

Thank you in advance…

Hello , your template admin Katniss is great. I have a technical question about how link your template with my HTML Website ? ( I need to have possibility to change images and texts when I want since the dashboard) That’s possible ? if yes Can you advice me ?

Thanks for your answer ,

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Ivan Dmitriev

Would love to see an update to this theme to the latest versions and with a few new pages,etc. Bought it with that hope. Please….