Multi Style AngularJS Responsive Admin Template | mAdmin

Multi Style AngularJS Responsive Admin Template | mAdmin

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mAdmin built on Bootstrap 3.2 Framework with full responsive technique. It’s a multiform template with many style and many color themes, so you can use mAdmin for many types of web applications like custom admin panel, admin dashboard, application backend, etc.

“Buy One – Get All – Use Forever” is our development oriented. We always keep this template improving with special features and styles. Buy once you will receive all update release in the future and the best support from us .

We really want mAdmin comes better and more useful for your business, so if you have a great idea, don’t hesitate share with us.

Now enjoy it and keep updating latest information. Many awesome things are coming soon…

More new beautiful styles will come in the future. Please always update the latest information

  • HTML5 / CSS3 / LESS
  • Fully Responsive using Bootstrap framework
  • Multiform template with many styles & color themes
  • Static / fixed topbar
  • Left, left collapse, right, right collapse, horizontal menus and more
  • UI Elements – all important element for user
  • Form – form layout, component, wizard, validate etc
  • Table – basic, responsive, advance, filter, sample
  • Pages – gallery, timeline, about, contact, blog, calendar
  • Extras – special page like sign in, sign out, lock screen, profile, 404, 500, invoice, pricing etc
  • Charts – Flot Charts, Chartjs, HighCharts
  • Animation – Beauty animations built on CSS3 and jQuery
  • Many more in update version coming soon…

Version 5.2.0 – December 28, 2015
[+] Fix: open chat dialog on AngularJS version
Version 5.2 – December 16, 2014

Admin HTML version supported RTL

[+] Fix: responsive HTML Front End
[+] Fix: toggle menu button on AngularJS version (click once)
[+] Fix: search form on AngularJS version
Update 5.1 – December 1, 2014
[+]  Format code for HTML version
Version 5.1 – October 31, 2014
[+] Important - Add new: Lazyload module using ui-route & ocLazyLoad, lighter to run on mobile devices
      - Change "Gruntfile.js": Initialization ui-route & ocLazyLoad
      - Change "source/js/app.js": restructure follow ui-route & ocLazyLoad
      - Change "source/jade/index.jade": remove include libs.js script
[+] Fix: Click Event on toogle navigation on topbar
[+] Fix: Increase wheelstep of mini srolling
[+] Fix: Table tools on datatable( copy, csv, excel, pdf, print)
Version 5.0 – September 17, 2014
[+] Fix: minor bugs with format code in HTML version (update on Oct 14, 2014)
[+] Fix: responsive AngularJS version (update on Oct 7, 2014)
[+] Add new: PHP Boilerplate Template. Using Yii framework to handle these pages:
      - Login
      - DataGrid
      - Form
Version 4.1 – August 13, 2014
[+] Add new: update Angular app version
[+] Add new: document for Angular version
[+] Add new: DateRange Picker on breadcrumb in Dashboard
[+] Add new: Closeale Tabs
[+] Add new: UI->Preloader page
[+] Upgrade: distance and color icon in User list page
[+] Upgrade: content in Page Gallery
[+] Fix: check all button in User Profile page
[+] Fix: menu not active with Page menu
[+] Fix: hover & z-index in Pricing Table page
[+] Fix: social icon in Contact Us page
[+] Fix: text color in Timeline
Version 4.0 – August 11, 2014
[+] Add new: Angular JS App 
[+] Add new: X-editable
[+] Fix bug: short of text on small screen in some pages
[+] Fix bug: distance between icons & text on sidebar menu
Version 3.1 – August 01, 2014
[+] Important - Add new: New User profile page
    * Tab Activity
    * Tab Edit profile
    * Tab Message
    * All tabs have responsive style (resize browser of see on table & mobile)
[+] Add new: Advanced Form in Form Wizard page
[+] Upgrade: sidebar collapsed with auto scroll
[+] Upgrade: Tree view page have style follow template's style
Version 3.0 – July 28, 2014
[+] Important - Add new: Frontend one page with 16 versions:
    * 4 versions light style:
      - Image background
      - Slider background
      - Color solid background
      - Video background
    * 4 versions light style with animation:
      - Image background
      - Slider background
      - Color solid background
      - Video background
    * 4 versions dark style:
      - Image background
      - Slider background
      - Color solid background
      - Video background
    * 4 versions dark style with animation:
      - Image background
      - Slider background
      - Color solid background
      - Video background
    * Resource: 
      - animate.css
      - isotope
      - Backstretch
      - Circliful
      - LightBox
      - VideoBG
      - wowslider
      - Own Carousel
      - Hover direction
      - Modernizr
[+] Add new: slimscroll plugin for chat form
[+] Important - Upgrade: jQuery cookie with smooth loading page
[+] Upgrade: sidebar in Left sidebar collapsed page
[+] Upgrade: sidebar in Right sidebar collapsed page
[+] Upgrade: Ticket message on topbar only appear in dashboard
[+] Fix: break layout when see on small screen in:
      - Option 1 in layout-header-topbar page
      - UI-Element->paginations page
      - Dashboard->Panel Profile page
      - Dashboard->Todo List page
      - UI-Element-> Notific8 & Message page
[+] Fix: change title menu Notific8 & Sco.message to Notific8 & Message
[+] Fix: edit note in layout-header-topbar page
[+] Fix: edit note in layout-title-breabcrumb page
[+] Fix: clear error value description text in UI-Element->Sliders-> Ion Range Slider tabs
Version 2.1 – July 23, 2014
[+] Add New: Jeditable
[+] Add New: Table Export
      - Type of file support: JSON, XML, SQL, CSV, TXT, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF
[+] Add New: User List Page in Extras menu
[+] Add New: Dropdown Select in UI-Element
[+] Add New: Advanced News Ticker
[+] Upgrade: Sco.message in UI-Element menu
[+] Upgrade: Export Tool in Datatables
[+] Upgrade: search form style and theme setting style
[+] Fix: iCheck in Datatables page
Version 2.0 – July 18, 2014
[+] Add New: Update Bootstrap 3.2
[+] Add New: DataTalbes
      - Using own table template
      - Filter feature
      - Sorter 
      - Search 
      - Paging  
      - Edit and Export features are coming soon.
[+] Add New: Fixed menu featured
[+] Add New: Introduction part for some pages
[+] Upgrade: New effect on search form
[+] Upgrade: Badge on collapsed menu
[+] Fix: Topbar welcome section on Firefox
[+] Fix: Footer animation page on Firefox
Version 1.2 ? 08 July, 2014
[+] Add New: 2 new style navigation
      - Menu with big icon & flat design
      - Menu with color transition
[+] Add New: jQuery introjs. Introduce tips about this template
[+] Add New: Set up responsive tabs for pages
      - Redesign for tab direction
      - Mobile & Tablet version for tabs accordion
[+] Upgrade: Improve jquery cookie
      - User can make best theme by mix the style and color
      - Remember user's favourite theme and apply it to all pages
[+] Upgrade: Apply styles(Squared, Rounded, Bordered) for all pages in Datagrid menu
[+] Upgrade: Reconstruct menu on layout-horizontal-menu page
[+] Fix: bug on layout-header-topbar page
[+] Fix: Set up Animation page run on Firefox browser
Version 1.1 ? 04 July, 2014
[+] Add new: Bordered style
[+] Add New: Data Grids menu using jPList plugin
     - Layout Examples
           DIVs Layout
           Table Demo1
           Table Demo2
           2 Tables on the Page
     - Actions Examples
           Filters With UL/LI
           Filters With SELECT
           Double Sort
           Deep Linking
           Pagination Only
           Without "Items per Page" 
           Hidden Sort
     - jPList with jQuery UI
           Ranger Slider
           Date Picker Filter
[+] Add New: 2 options in timeline page
      - One column
      - Full Responsive
[+] Upgrade: chat form in sidebar and dashboard page
[+] Upgrade: checkall in datatable
[+] Fix: Minor bug
Version 1.0 – June 15, 2014
[+] Initial release

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