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Hey – I got a Question – Why 4th and 5th Menu layout (header options) doesnt work as a OnePege menu? Only 1,2 and 3rd work well.

Nope! I mean that when I choose: Theme Options > Header Options > 5th meny layout nad at my OXNET page which is my main page with One Page template, and Use One Page Menu switch on, main page displays 5th menu but doesn’t scroll me down but loads page. Scrolling @ 4th and 5th menu option doesn’t work with One Page Option.

P.S. – I dont use Advanced Customization at main page (oxnet) Use One Page Menu – is on

Well, 4 & 5th layouts print menu on different location/div. We can convert it with OnePage structure but style will be same as fixed menu on those layouts. Stay tuned the next update.

Thanks a lot

Excellent support, amazing design. Advise everyone to buy this theme

Really appreciated sir, Regards ThemeTon


i like your theme and ready to buy now but trying the demo on my Galaxy phone it gave me a full site resolution on the phone instead of a mobile site with a mobile menu like how bootstrap foundation shows in mobile…

if i buy this theme can the mobile resolution be manipulated well?

Interesting. I’ve tested it on Galaxy s2 and note, and online tools. Seems everything fine here. What is your galaxy version?

Thanks a lot

you are right… i bought it and its serving me well… thanks. still going through it

how do i reduce height of the default header and i tried embedding a support code in one of the pages but wasn’t showing in chrome and other pages

w3 total plugin seems not working with it too.. any idea

What is your support username?
W3 Total Cache plugin works here fine. Hard to tell something. Can you give me more information about it.

Also what is your header layout. Typically you can use this style for reducing header space.
#header { padding:20px 0; } 
Header area has 50px padding and above style reduces by 30px and you can use it on Custom CSS field.

Regards, TT

I see bbPress will be supported in upcoming features, is there anyway to get a time frame. I would really like to use this on an upcoming project but they need forum capability. Thanks so much.

This theme is awesome from what I have seen.

Oops forgot to remove this message from upcoming. Now it is compatible, we’ve fixed css issues with it :)

Regards, TT

Great, thanks for your time sir.


With your theme, iIs this possible to put the logo of my enterprise on the center of the top menu ?

Thank you

Here is the example of centered logo,
You can upload there bigger logo image too :)

Thanks a lot

Great looking theme!

Got a pre-purchase question – can the navbar be placed underneath the main slider? I would also like to leave the logo at the top, but the main navbar just below the slider.


There don’t have an option for that. But we can do it simple php changes (move Wide navi printing under slider).

Regards, TT

This worked. Thx for the reply!


I have purchased this theme and when I try to install it, it takes long and then I get the following error:

“Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.”

The website is and Wordpress version is 3.5.1 and I have an existing theme active on the site.

Please let me know asap.

Thank you, Mona

Another customer mentioned it recently and Looks this have to be popular issue. I’ve searched out about it on google and found this
Many people talked about it but no more good suggestion and details except manual installation about this issue.

I suspect our theme size is big to upload and php memory on some servers. Now theme has 11mb and we can reduce it to 6 or 5 mb because LayerSlider has 6.5mb and needs to remove demo skins.

Please let me know and send me a ticket if you need to install it manually, I’ll ready to help you

Regards, TT

Hello after purchasing I noticed a couple of bugs.

No 1. I could not exit the top bar message until I assigned one of the dummy home pages to the home page on wordpress settings.

No 2. I have installed all dummy data that came with the theme however the product pages do not display properly. The sidebar is displayed below the rest of the content and not at the side. I noticed that this was because the css grid system had the widths of a 1 column page.

No support? I submitted a ticket to the link provided in the support tab for the theme on themeforest.

The ticket has got the current status: Being Processed since last 3 days 5 hrs.

Whats taking so long?

1. I have no idea about that. There don’t have specific relation those pages and message box. Can you send me your site address?

2. I’m ready to update the theme now. I’ll give you updated files list for woo changes. Please overwrite those on your theme. But please consider using child theme for modifications.

Thanks a lot

Hello I have updated the theme and the problem still exists. You closed the ticket for the support system even though you have not fixed the problem?

Please send a reply the ticket and that will reopen with your reply. Let’s talk about your problem there

Thanks a lot

great theme, but I’ve only one issue. I choose agency home page but i cannot resize images as backgrounds in phone , tablet, ecc images remain with the same width and height. Can you help me?

with one page template..

Have you selected the Cover option of your bg images?
Need to see your site, please send us a ticket with your site address

Thanks a lot

Quick question, there is 1-4 column layout and 6 column layout but no 5, is there a reason for that? I have 5 items I want to share and had to use the 6 column layout. Maybe I am missing something?

This is an amazing theme!!!


I see. Guess they made some customization on grid columns. Thanks for sharing it :)

No problem this is amazing. I just mentioned because I have it on other themes but yes they are customized to have 5 columns. Not at all an issue.

This is one of the best themes on Themeforest.


Thank you again Brad, :)

Just FYI, you already know PageBuilder has Row element. Which has a possibility to add inside rows in it. Then you can build a layout with row element inside the rows.

Your pleasure!


      V1.5.0 – Nov 19 2013

  • ENHANCEMENT : Various color options such as Menu, Title, Link, ... color
  • ENHANCEMENT : Combine & Compress function for CSS, JS libraries
  • UPDATE : Arrow indicator of sub menu for main menu
  • UPDATE : Hide option of Featured image for single post and whole site
  • FIX : WooCommerce sidebar issue. Product, Cart and Shop page
  • FIX : WooCommerce taxonomy page title issue
  • FIX : Responsive issue of Pricing table
  • FIX : Portfolio Taxonomy loop issue

Hi, the theme looks stupidly powerful and customisable, and I’m still looking to buy it once you’ve fixed the image gallery thumbnail size, but I’ve noticed another oddity on your demo site.

1) Sometimes, depending on the size of the window, the mega menu columns appear messed up. See the screen shot here, with the 2nd row all pushed along a column and the “Others” column underneath.

2) Is it possible to add Vimeo to the social icons in the header?

Many thanks!

1. Thanks for the image. Please read this image
Fixed it on demo site now and you can check it again :)

2. Theme uses FontAwesome 3. There wasn’t have Vimeo icon yet. But it updated recently to version 4 and included the icon. So we have a plan to update it to latest. Yeah yes, after library update you can extend socials with whatever you want from this list

Thanks mate!

Hello, I just updated to version 1.5 and I am having trouble. Full width is gone and also certain theme styles are missing their formatting. Are you ironing out bugs or am I missing something obvious?

Hi Colin,

Recent update raises issues related cache. Some hosting requires extra configuration for cache function and we found the solution here. Will update it soon. If you have more issues, please send us a ticket and we’ll ready to help you there

Stay tuned the next update, Thanks a million

Hey guy ! I’m loving your theme since weeks.

But i’m steel having a trouble with caption. They doesn’t appear at the botton of featured image ! How can i fix that ? Thanks a lot

Can you point me little bit to your issue?
So is this on Lightbox, blog or single page or elsewhere? What exactly the caption.. yeah point me, we’ll fix this issue when I’ve realized.


When i write something in the caption field of a picture, when i’m including it like feature image, that caption text doesn’t appear in front-office (single.php). You see ?

Confusing. Featured image shows at top of single page without caption. I think there don’t need to print it there.

And regular image can show with caption. Probably you should add your featured image on content area same as regular image with your caption.

Thanks a lot

Why was I kicked out of the support forum? It says my account has no permissions? :(

I try to log in and I can’t, I tried to reset my password and I can’t.

Here we was maintain few things on support forum. Now it is back to work.

But I suggest you to use ticket system if it is possible for you

Thanks a lot

Ohhh… no maintenance message, that’s why I was confused. Well, I preferred the forums to share the solutions with the community, but I’ll open a ticket, I can’t found a way to fix the google map gap to the left. :(

Okay sir, I’ll answer there for your ticket. Thanks

Good day, can you tell me where can i find the contract form shortcodes??? :-) Thanks Chris

Demo site installed Contact form 7 plugin. I think it is the best one for this business. Please use it there :)

Thanks mate!

Nice looking theme. When I access your theme from my iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S4 and try to go to the shortcodes and then selected toggles, they will not work on either of these phones. Neither do accordions and a number of other options. Can you please let me know when this will be fixed? Your theme as listed as a responsive things but if these elements don’t work on the two most popular phones it’s a real problem. Thanks.

Thank you for the info & message. Either don’t work on iPhone 4s. Looks we really focused on home pages and missed them. Anyway no need more excuses, I’ll fix it soon and let you know :)

Thanks again bro!

Again me :)

If you have another issues, please let us know and we will try to fix all of them. I think we’ve fixed 90% of notices issues/problems of the theme now. Any thoughts and notices would be very appreciated.

Best wishes, TT

Hi again,

If you look at the demo site now, you’ll see how shortcodes work there. Issue was sidebar covering content area and preventing click/touch event there. So I’ve fixed it now and you can see it in action in the demo site now.

Just FYI, probably you need to clear cache or refresh enough times on your browser there because changes has javascript file.

Thanks a lot

These guys rock. The theme is great – very flexible, and as you can see from the release notes, they’re continuing to enhance it. They really listen to their customers.

Personally, that is what has made the difference for me – I’ve purchased other themes in the past, but when you combine the functionality of the theme, and the real dedication they show in their support (they’ve tolerated a lot of tickets/questions from me – none have been theme defects), you’ve got what you need to build great websites.

Keep up the great work – and apologies for my ongoing questions!!!

Thank you for the great compliment :)

And I’ll keep moving forward and solve your issues there

OK I created a support ticket, it worked and you replied to me in email, however when I go to reply to ticket with my login info it’s saying I do not have permission. So I am logged in and try to see my tickets, nothing there.

1. I have a form with a popup that does work 2. and anytime I make the primary navigation active it kills my Revolution Slider background.

I like this theme, but it’s bugged out on me, can’t even set up a simple splash page for the client. And I can’t access my ticket as it says I do not have one.

Never mind on #2, it seems if I only have one item in the navigation it breaks Revo Slider background. Anything more than one item and it works fine.

Just ignore the ticket and this message, I have to move on with another theme. My deadline is too close, and it was not wise on my part to use such a new theme. Hopefully I can use this further down the line. As of now he menu breaks everything. I now henu the menu working and revo slider working, but now my sections are all gray when they should be white and my WP admin bar is all formatted strange. The font style changed, it looks like it has potential but time is money for me right now.

Thanks for your time

Thanks for your time. Hope next time we will serve you more better themes.

Best of luck