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Hello I rated 5 stars this is amazing. One quick question: When I add an image via the page builder how can I make it open in a lightbox? I added an image and then text below, there is a hover over effect (white bg with picture symbol) but when I click on the image it does not get larger.



Thank you sir, I checked and see what exactly you explained. If there have another issues, please let me know. Issue will be fixed on next version

Best wishes, ThemeTon

Hi, can I link the image of any people of the Team? I want to create a page with more info. What can I do?

And one more question. What can I do for put the map like your map in the your Demo Site? I had only the map but I want to put an arrow or something to localize where I am.

Thank you!

Okay sir, I think you need a new link option which links for images.

This is a slider on LayerSlider and selected on page top. So you can see everything what I’ve done there if you include demo slider content. Dummy data directory has slider content.

Best wishes, ThemeTon

Hi again, v1.4.1 has link option for Team image. Please update and check this out :)

We are trying to use some google map plugin for our website. But it is not showing map in any page in your theme. We tried it with other themes to see if plugin has any issue. But, plugin is working well. Can you please let us know what could be the issue. One of the plugin we tried is “Simplified Google Maps”.

Let me know if you need more information on this.

Hi kurdishway

How did you use this?
Please add your shortcode on Text element and try again because this element executes any custom shortcode. If it doesn’t help, please leave a ticket with your site information

Best wishes, ThemeTon

Hi, fantastic theme! How do I show a portfolio of pages, rather than posts?


Hi cupdraws,

Please use there Portfolio and Blog elements. Here is the documentation tip :)

Thanks a lot

I have been checking out themes for almost 2 weeks. Now i have come to a conclusion that THIS IS IT!. MANA gives it all. YOU GUYS F’in ROCK :D.

So, im a noob in coding. Zero coding to be precise. But ive used wordpress before. So is it a good idea for me to buy this theme and start editing? I actually dont need anything more. infact maybe remove some parts. So is it a right choice to buy this theme? Can the control panel help me do everything? Edit every part?

Thanks Mou

I think so friend. We have provided you tons of options and possibility with user friendly and detailed options, please watch following tips.

Theme Options :
Page builder :
Page customizer :

Best of luck, :)

hello! so install the WooCommerce plugin, theme crashes! what I can do!?

What kind of problem out there?
If you send me a ticket with your site information, I can give you more direct answers.

Kind regards

hello, I already sent a ticket! so active plugin nothing funcona theme gives error, the ticket I sent 2 pictures. same theme colors crash.

I answered there. Please give me a more details. Thanks

Hello, please let me ask some prebuy questions:

1) Where would I see the wpml language selector? social icons menu or maim menu? would that be flags or languaje selector.

2) Can I remove the Mountain view option in the portfolio and have only the chain option in the center?

3) Besides the portfolio page i mentioned, could I have at the same time a second portfolio page with pictures with the mountain view option only?

4) Can I add text below the vimeo/youtube videos?

5) Can I use a 2:35 proportion photos in the home salider? would the slideradjust to that size?

6) Can I adjust the height of the very last footer “powered…” to match the slider? 2:35 proportion

7) Can I remove the rest of footers?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Excuse me sir, I need a clarification.
What exactly “Mountain function” means?


In the photos there is an icon with landscape (Mountain) and an icon with a chain


Icon with a landscape I mean

Hi themeton,

since I am working on my new blog with your theme I had some issues with the following:

1. Colors I know you guys working on it but I thought it would be good for you to know whats needed. - I can`t save color changes to “content boxes”! - I need the possibility to change the color of tabs, accordion (backgrounds and text). - Color changes in the Megamenü background i doesn´t seem to work. I would like to have the (Megamenu background in black and Text white and icons red)...

2. The “Hot-Icon” in the MegaMenu works but not the “New-Icon” it just doesn´t appear when I put the shortcut in it.

Thats it for now. I hope some of these issues are solved in the next updates.

Thanks for your great work and support! Best Regards

Hi themeton,

you´re right, now I got it how to control the colors better.

The issue with the hot-icon is solved. It wasn´t visible because of the color. But is there a possibility to change the red color of the “New-Icon”?

And I have some further problems… When I use my Megamenu Navigation the drop-down menu stops with the fist I touch/open with my mouse. I can`t go throw it (left to right/right to left side and open one after another to see whats in it) so it makes it very hard to navigate through. Do you have any idea why that could be and how to solve that?

Also I don`t get it how to integrade a full-width google map like on your contact page in the demo. Its always like boxed. Is there a trick I don`t see?

Thanks for your help like always! Best regards Hendrik

Oh and another one… I noticed that the Navigation Icons disapearing completely when I scroll down? It`s kind of irritating when its first there and than not. I use for every Kategory an Icon.

Hi there,

- We can change it with simple custom style. Now it styles same color with general color. ul .menu_item .new:after { background:#YOURCOLOR;}

- I have no idea about it. Suspect something overlapping those navigation links … needs to check it. Can you send me your site address via ticket?

- You should set your slider fullwidth under slider options. Then add map embed code as background of the slider. There you can see 2 green markers but honestly those are fake, I just added there images and they don’t sticky with the map and stay there when you drag and move map :p Hope you understand it is for demo purpose.

We’ve provided you LayerSlider data and you can include and check it there.

Thanks a lot


      VERSION 1.4.2 – Nov 12 2013

  • UPDATE : Opacity filter on Grid layouts of Blog & Portfolio
  • FIX : Mobile menu issue on 4 & 5th Header layouts

      VERSION 1.4.1 – Nov 12 2013

  • UPDATE : Link option for Team member image
  • FIX : Unnecessary test chars from Text element

      Version 1.4.0 – Nov 11 2013

  • NEW : New clean skins for Blog & Portfolio elements
  • NEW : Skin option for Woo items
  • UPDATE : RevSlider V4.0
  • UPDATE : Skip X number posts on Blog element
  • UPDATE : New option for Hide featured image on Single page
  • UPDATE : Post content for Grid and Masonry layouts of Blog element
  • UPDATE : Lightbox option for regular image element
  • FIX : Carousel invisible issue on IE9
  • FIX : IE8 compatibility
  • FIX : Ajax saving issue
  • FIX : Some HTML validation issues
  • MINOR UPDATE : Changed email icon on Team member

Hi there,

I’ve been looking over your theme and can see why it’s been such a hit already – well done & congratulations!!! Great job with the documentation and videos – not only is it helpful, but it’s really good to see how the theme is managed in Wordpress. Very useful!!

I have a couple of quick questions for you, and apologies if they’re a bit basic, but I’m not a coder and am new to Wordpress & Bootstrap (yikes!).

- How much of the original Bootstrap code exists? I have another site which uses Bootstrap and I’m wondering how much of the CSS could be used.

- Am I able to use all of the regular Bootstrap features, even if they don’t appear in your shortcodes menu, ie popovers, tooltips, modals, etc? Would these need to be added manually?

Many thanks & I wish you lots of success with this theme!!

Thanks you for the consideration and complement, it inspires us a lot :)

Theme includes only Bootstrap core CSS library (a bit cleared unnecessary parts) and uses classes on html tags and php code. That means using grid and responsive features of Bootstrap entirely. Then doesn’t included js libraries and won’t work elements those uses js functions. We need to add those libs to work them and I’ll help you for that if you’ll purchased the theme.

Best wishes, TT

No problem, you deserve it! :) And thanks for responding so quickly – it inspires great confidence. I think I can stop looking for a theme now that I’ve found yours :) I’ll be back to purchase it soon!!

Your pleasure, :)

Hi, I like where this theme is heading! Congrats again.

I think I’ll be buying this next week, but thought I’d point out one issue I’d found.

1) In image gallery lightboxes, the thumbnail images at the bottom are the full-size image rather than using thumbnails, so for example one thumbnail is a 470kb 1920×1200 image scaled down to 50×31, rather than using the an actual thumbnail image.

Obviously for decent-sized galleries this is going to cause huge load times.

Have to say I’ve not spotted anything else though. Speed isn’t the best, but I’ll put that down to the hosting and heavy page-content at the moment.

2) Edit: I know you can’t be expected to have compatibility with every plugin, but do you fix issues people have with popular plugins, such as TablePress and RoyalSlider (not saying there are issues, but if people reported them, would you look into it?)

Thanks, Gav

1. I see. I know this issue but the gallery slider allows only one image at the time and doesn’t allow thumbnail image separately. So I’ll follow to find solution for it or change the slider scripts.

2. Yeah I can’t serve all custom plugins. But I hope both of those work fine with it. And of course I’ll fix the problems if they are related the theme!

Thanks friend!

How can I unnest a homepage. I want this site to be the landing page without using a redirect plugin.

I am using Home-3 one page as the site.

Hi sir, your site looks beautiful. I guess your question was to set homepage as your new one. Looks there you’ve set everything correctly now. Please let me know if it isn’t.

FYI, looks image doesn’t exists now.

Best of luck

Does your theme allow users to select certain categories when using blog or portfolio short code and display only posts from the chosen category? Just bought a theme and this is the deal breaker for me at this stage so looking for something else. Thanks.

Yes yes, it is possible. I think it is a very general option nowadays :)

Also please look at this detailed Blog options,

Regards, TT

Hi ThemeTon, congratulation, beautiful theme! I have just a simple question, how i can change the image hover color? Thank you

Oops, it doesn’t changed by general color option :P
So I’m prepared color option update tomorrow. You can get this changes on next version too. Also you can get custom css for it until next version update
.entry_hover {
   background-color:#00b4cc; /*for IE*/
   background-color:rgba(0,180,204,.1); /* color with opacity */

Thanks a lot

Hi TT, thank you for the updates. Now I have a big problem, how can update theme and maintain my customization?

You should use CustomCss field and consider to use child theme there. All the best, TT

Hi TT,

Yaay, I bought it! Got a couple of quick questions before I get going…

Being new to WP, I’m a bit concerned about my site’s security and want to add some plugins, etc.

1) Is it better to load up security plugins before or after installing this theme, or doesn’t it make any difference?

2) Are there any plugins you recommend to work with this theme?

3) Are there any (that you know of) that aren’t compatible with this theme?

Many thanks! Can’t wait to get started :)

Hi Meanderling,

1. Looks you attempts are correct. But there have something wrong and I don’t know what’s that there.

I think it is better to solve this issue if you send us a site link with login details. Then I can give you direct support rather than endless I explain and you try … Also I need to know what exactly want to. Where and how it would be fine for you … More details please :)

2. Yes exactly.

3. Sorry me too because confusing what you mean. Typically row element don’t have background color/shadow/image if you don’t set there. Probably your “row” is a different meaning. Please send me your site address with your desire. If I see things in my eyes, I understand easily help you better

4. First one is a form of ContactForm7 plugin. This helps you to receive contact mail messages from visitors. And next one is a Login form that comes from WooCommerce which asks your credentials to view your shop cart. Hope it makes sense now ;)

Best of luck,

Hi TT,

1) Hmmm, I thought there was something funny going on… :(

3) If I add a row element in Blox, it automatically gives it the site’s content colour. I’ll send you my site details (good idea), you’ll see exactly what I need :)

4) I realise the forms are from different plugins, but all forms should look the same. Is there an easy way to do this? Actually I’ve realised that neither of your forms follow your styling (the Woo form is close) as neither uses your Message Box styling :(

OK, I’ll drop you a support ticket with my site details in.

Thanks TT :)

4) Both plugins includes their form styles and don’t let apply another plugins’ style. So If it is really need for you I try to include there move power style (used !important) there.

Also I’ve answered your ticket there and hope everything solved now :)

Thanks friend

Hello ThemeTon,

First of all, great job with the theme!

I want to ask you how do i insert a button into the Layer Slider? That’s essencial for the Homepage slider i’m putting together.

Thank you in advance :)

Got it, ticket sent.

To all of you following the comments, the issue is now fixed, thanks to Themeton’s superb support.

I surely would recommend buying this theme: the learning curve is fast and it’s a pleasure to work with.

Awesome man, Please visit my profile page and check the “What customers say” part :)

When viewing mobile (iphone 5), the cart breaks. You cannot go to checkout because the tabs for that are floating right and not viewable in the screen. Thanks,

Is it same even if your cart empty and with items?
So I’ll check and fix it. Thanks a lot

when I have an item in the cart, view it here if you do not have a way…

Thanks for it. Fix it very soon :)


Before buying your theme that seems best future theme. I would like to know:

1 – The size of the current width is 1140px, it is possible to change it?

2 – In the demo number 3, the icons on the header of the menus, we can insert images other than the pre-loaded icons? Because I want to create a website dedicated to the airport, so I want to put icons dedicated to tourism. Is it possible to choose the picture?

3 – Can we personalized page 404?


Hi AdFiles,

1. You can increase width value on Bootstrap style. Now it sets 1170px (1140 + 15×2) width over than 1200px screen.

2. There have 660 font icons and you have to prefer to use those. Because Icon fonts are stretchable and can set color … Just like a text.

But we can add there images with custom style. You should tell me when you’ve prepared your images.

3. Everything is possible with css and php modification in 404.php file. Customization is always open because it is your site :)

Thanks a million

Hey, One question, how can I remove the post image in the article? In wich php is it? I hope you know what I mean.

Thank you.

There have options for turn this off. Please use for all singles, and use this individually on your posts

Best regards.

Is there no theme options for woocommerce pages? Would like to set sidebars, but cant find a way.

I thought, we/you can set sidebar option on Woo pages manually and use Woo sidebar for single product pages.

All right, there we need to add specific options for that. Stay tuned next versions of the theme

Thanks a lot.