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Wow so clean Theme and huge features. Goodluck!

Thank you buddy :)

love the theme and your presentation as well. Well done bro

Thanks biyanpasau

Great preview , congrats , fantastic!

Thank you friend!

Nice work. Good luck :)

Thanks a lot :]

Wow! Amazing work! I very like it. :P

I like your psd designs too :)

Good multipurpose theme by a good author.

Appreciated wpnukes!

Good luck with the sales guys! This theme is amazing!

Thank you joefrey, much appreciated!

Oh My WOW This looks amazing (of course Not surprised since designed by #Themeton) watched your vid and GRT page builder, and AWESOME all the Demos you made (and version 5!$$) BIG SALE$ for Sure and will put at top of my List for upcoming Clients asap!

Now download has full content by xml. I thought about it to separate just for home1, home2 and … as you say. But those are little bit complicated because most of them come from combination of pages. Yesterday I’ve tried a content exporting plugin for exporting specific pages but that wasn’t quite fine for my purpose. But don’t worry if I couldn’t find proper plugin, I can separate them manually :)

Thank for your good questions, <3 it

Woooo Hooo alright yeah if I could have that option I’d appreciate!! LUV your designs and skills and looks like already great customer support!

We are working on those updates now, hope it is very soon. If you like it, please rate it with 5 stars, Friendly request :)

Nice theme there! Does it include a floating scroll to top button instead of the scroll to top in the footer? Is there an instant search function where you automatically get some results?

Of course both of those possible.
Thanks for sharing and your opinion is important for us. We will include those on next version. Hope that will be included in next few days :)

Also we working on new feature as video background. Hope you like it too

Thanks again

Nice work! Good luck with sales ;)

Thanks so much!

Wow! A really amazing Theme – I am sure it will become a Bestseller!

Concerning Woocommerce: - Does the Theme come with a “Dropdown / Menu Cart”? - Can I also design the Shop pages e.g. with a header picture or custom Text?

Thanks a lot and all the Best!

This option don’t have right now. But add options for that ins’t hard for me. Do you really want this?

Thanks again!

Would be a great feature – especially for Shops! :-)

Fine, I just added it on my UPCOMING FEATURES. Hope it will be included next update ;)


Hi. Great theme. I am having trouble working out how to change the colour of the menu font. I tried changing the font colour in the menu area but nothing changed on the menu. It may be in a really obvious place, I just can’t find it anywhere. Thanks

Please tell me if there have another lack things. We will improve it with your thoughts. It is the right place to tell us you opinion :)

Thanks again

Thanks heaps. At this stage everything is awesome but I will know a bit more in a couple of hours. At the moment my menu colour is default aqua and background colour is white. Also not sure where to change the colour for links.

I see sir. Color option seems too general now. I’ll update it very detailed such as link and hover color, menu and sub menu bg and text … Stay tuned next update

Thanks man :)

1.) Can the logo be centered in the header section? I didn’t see a demo that has that.

2.) Any possibility of adding a newsletter widget?

3.) Most themes don’t have this, but it’s an important part of marketing in it’s placement… Do you think you could create an opt-in form that can be placed somewhere in the upper third?

4.) Possible add on of a login form modal or some type of front end login/registration?

This theme is awesome, and I will be getting this today, I just want to see if I can finally get a few suggestions into a theme lol.

Thank you for the questions.

1. Yes, has an option. Seems missed to show it on demo. Take a look at this

2. I think it is possible. But so many plugins have for that out there. What is the disadvantage of existing plugins sir?

3. If I understand correctly, you want to show adsense at top. So please check this new page

4. Yeah possible. We have an experience of login form on another theme. Is this fine on Top bar?

Thanks bro!

1.) Nice 2.) Newsletter widgets are out there, but if it’s already integrated into the theme that’s always nice :) lol.

3.) No no, that’s an advertisement. I mean an optin form like an newsletter sign-up, but it can be used to give away a “free report” or something to entice them to have to sign up with their e-mails. Like this:

4.) Yeah that’s cool! Between Shop and Search would be a drop down or even a modal :)

Thanks man! I’m gonna purchase right now

Excellent, Glad this can be used immediately :)

2 & 3. I see. I think it will take a some time to apply. But not late than next week
4. Stay tuned next update

Can I use this theme(Regular license) in wordpress multi-site?

But wordpress multi-site feature is part of ONE wordpress application, which means I use this theme in one end product?

Sir, I just sent a ticket to envato support. I’ll let you know how they answer. Thanks :)

I have an answer from staff,
Hello Themeton,

Thank you for your message to Envato Support. Great question, and we appreciate you following up with us for clarification.

No, we don’t actually have a multi-site license. Both the regular and extended licenses are for use in a single end product/product/site.

So a customer would need to purchase a new license for each URL that they wanted to use the theme on.

You can review our license terms and conditions, and FAQ through the links below:

I hope that this helps explain things, so that you can pass the information on to your potential buyer.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Warm Regards, Brad

Envato Support Team
Hope everything clear now. Regards TT

Very nice theme!

Thanks :]

Nice theme you’ve created … I have some questions:

Do you use the wordpress standard post formats? Is it possible, that posts don’t need a featured image (for the posts in the blog), because I have a lot of standard posts, where no images are set.

Is it possible, to show the type of post format for example in the masonry view?

Yes theme supports. Check this documentation link,

Thanks for interesting

Hi, really nice theme. Bit of an off topic question but what method did you use to create the item preview icons?

Thanks, Paul

Still very tricky?
Duplicated layers enough time (10 in my case) and place them over and over … If till unclear let me know, I’ll send you psd mockup

Thanks a lot

A PSD would be great to see what you did!!! My disposable email address is

The only tut that i found was using 3ds Max, but I don’t use the program, but it’s exactly what I was after. See here:

Sent a mail with download link,
Enjoy ;)

Awesome Theme :) good luck with big sale

Thank you for you BIG heart. Best of luck

Hi, I am having a trouble when installing the plugins required. I checked that the plugins are right there in wp-content/themes/Mana/framework/plugins/


This really depends on your category layout. Which layout do you using for your category? There have a few layout options.

Anyway, there don’t have specific option to change this because every layout has different style and different size. Means it is very rude if we add there Title font size option for layout1, layout2, layout3 title font size …

Guess your layout is default and if it is please apply this simple style with Custom CSS field
.entry_title h2 { font-size: 14px !important; }
We’ve provided there (ThemeOptions=>CustomCSS) 4 individual css fields for resolutions and exactly we need to use. Hope you like this :)

Thanks a lot

Thank you very much. Great support! I still need some edit to the style but have no idea which stylesheet should I go into. How to make these blank margin smaller? It’s a waste of space for mobile devices.

Thank you for the image, it helps a lot to understand everything
So it is not a single line style, please apply it on mobile css field
.entry_media,.entry_title,.entry_meta{margin-bottom:10px !important}
.entry_more{margin-top:10px !important}

Typically styles exists in “framework/pagebuilder/css/blox-blog.css” file but I highly recommend you to use Custom CSS field or Child theme for your customization. Because it’s safe for keep changes when released updates of the theme


Hey! Super theme!

1. Do you plan some BBpress/BuddyPress integration, maybe, for a few months? 2. Can I use the page-builder for portfolio/blog sections too? 3. Is it possible to add revolution slider to the blog-post, portfolio-post or sidebar too? 4. Does the theme allow the multiple portfolios? 5. Does the theme support child-themes?

Thank you for the fresh air here, and for plan to add support of the videobackground too. Nice, very nice!

Very decent questions man,

1. YES I have a plan. I’ve tested those plugin on my theme and it was not bad. But I don’t want to rush things then take back for a while. Then those update won’t be surpass next week.
2. YES. Look at this,
3. YES. Page builder have an element to show your slider on content. And Rev slider provides shortcode then you can place it on your sidebar with text widget.
4. You mean multiple portfolio page? YES. You can create multiple pages and include there various portfolio types including carousel and grid style. If you check demo site again, you’ll see many portfolio pages
5. YES.

Thank you for interesting ;)

Thank you for so positive answers! I’m one second from purchase now. One more question: is it possible to have so nice metro-style for portfolio section too? Now, if we choose the metro-style site, the portfolio section will look there little out-styled (if I’m not wrong). Please, explain me a little with this. Another words, can I create amazing metro-layout for portfolio too? I really need this for my project now. Thank you!

Hi FotoMaster,

Now it is only posts and It is possible to apply portfolio post type. But I’m doubt that might bother customers too many additional options there. So I have an idea to give some update files they can usable in child theme only for you

And it won’t be simple line glitch and requires little bit time. So please let me know when you’ve purchased and ready to use it :)

Best Wishes, ThemeTon