Discussion on Massive Dynamic - WordPress Website Builder

Discussion on Massive Dynamic - WordPress Website Builder

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Hi it seems that since WP update 5.7 we can no longer edit header size etc. the sliders just don’t works / appears… can’t edit anything.

Hello , thanks for letting us know about the issue please contact us by visiting https://help.pixflow.net so we can provide a solution as soon as possible

Hi thanks, do you have a page preview or list somewhere where you can view at glance all icons with their name or short-code ?

Hello , unfortunately no but our icon base shortcode has icon selector panel which have all included icons there

Can you explain why the import template demo is not working? Cheers.

Sorry to hear about that , please contact us by visiting https://help.pixflow.net so we can help you there as soon as possible


elibi Purchased

What is wrong with this theme? Sometimes the site settings UI just stops working! All the controls are not functioning. It is like they get disabled or something! Can you please advise? I am on a tight deadline and spent a whole days trying to figure out what is wrong!

Hi there, Sorry to hear that. Please read this article and follow the instruction for updating Massive Dynamic to solve the issue.


elibi Purchased

I just bought it yesterday. Is there a new update?

Please contact us by visiting https://help.pixflow.net and send the screenshot of the issue. Also please send the URL of the website and the login information there.

This theme was working great until I updated to the latest version. The live editor isn’t working on every page. I have disabled all plugins.

Hi there, Please contact us by visiting https://help.pixflow.net to help you.

Hi, I have set up the last version but nothing is working, I can’t edit anything one the site setting section, especially the Typo. Can you please explain why ? Thank you

Hello, please contact us by visiting http://help.pixflow.net and share your website address and login credential so we can see what’s going wrong, also please make sure this issue happens while all plugins are deactivated

Hi there, i ned to build a Multilingual site, how te do this in Massive Dynamic?

Hello , Massive Dynamic is translate ready so you can use free or premium translation plugin for that purpose

Hello. Can I customize the menu color in your template to what I need? And is it possible to add two google maps and two contact forms to the contact page, depending on the selected country? Thank you

Hello , thanks for contacting , yes you can customize header options , and you can have 2 different contact form and google map ( it’s not conditional but if user visit different language of website you can show different form )

ever since theme updated to v8 my site crashed and i couldnt find a 7.2 version to download so i can restore my site.

Hello , thanks for contacting us , please contact us by visiting http://help.pixflow.net and share your website credential there so we can help you there

I’m considering Litespeed (openlitespeed) for my next upgrade of the server, I have actually a well configured nginx for wordpress and MD, since you have experience with litespeed, do you recommend using Litespeed (especially for load-speed) than nginx? I did a test in the past and I really didn’t see any speed difference (at all) between them. How is your experience of litespeed vs nginx?

Hello , thanks for contacting us , actually it depends on your server configuration and hardware , if it work faster with Nginx then all PHP scripts will run faster and vice versa so there will be no huge difference between Apache and Nginx but the important thing is that your server being well configured to be able use caching system , compressions and browser caching properly

Hi ” pixflow ” ,

According to the conversation I had with your support team, in the ticket you told us that you will solve the reported problems and a new update will be sent! About 7 months have passed since our conversation with your support team and you have not provided an new update yet and 19,000 customers have purchased this theme You are required to submit a new update. Your last update is for September 2020. Please tell us your exact time for the new update

Hello , thanks for contacting us , sorry if was a delay in our update , surely it will be available by end of this month , meanwhile you can contact us in our help center.

Isn’t this due an update? It’s been over six months since the last

Hello , surely by end of April there will be new update.

Could be possible to include a Markdown-based text editor in the next version? I think the feature that I miss the more is an efficient way to include reliable text content in the website, HTML is too annoying, the realtime editor is good but sometimes breaks the text, I just want to write or paste a markdown structured text that looks nice and not broken by default

Hi there, you can use the “Rich Text shortcode” of Massive Dynamic for adding Markdown-based text. open the website in edit content mode and then use the rich text shortcode >> https://prnt.sc/12chaml


According to your comment, you said that the update will be released by the end of April. The month is over but no update has been sent by you yet. Please state the reason why the update has not been released yet

Hello , sorry for late answer actually envato review procedure took much time from us but if you contact us in http://help.pixflow.net we will be glad to provide the update for you personally

Hello, I’m having lots of issues while editing text with the Massive Builder. Suddenly styles, indentations, font attributes are changed… any advices? Thanks!

Hello , please submit a ticket by visiting http://help.pixflow.net and share your website address and credential plus some screenshot so our support team can help you there