Discussion on Material Wrap - Admin Dashboard Template

Discussion on Material Wrap - Admin Dashboard Template

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Would you have the graphic files of this material available? Figma, Sketch, PSD…


I have to give two clicks when selecting an option <select name = “document_type” id = ”” class = “select form-control”> i need your help to get it working for me with one click

i am using bootstrap and html5 version

Hi, taking a look now and will update our repo with the fix.

I have to give two clicks when selecting an option <select name = “document_type” id = ”” class = “select form-control”> i need your help to get it working for me with one click

Hi, taking a look now and will update our repo with the fix.

Hello, I am trying to use the multiselect dropdown but it is only allowing me to select 1 option – please advise how I can select more than one option?

This is happening on my own install of the theme plus also in the demo theme that you host, the multiselect is not working (tried using Chrome and also Edge).

Hi – sorry for the delay, I have the bug fixed and adding it to the GitHub repo. Do you have access to get the latest updates? If not, please send me a request to authenticgoods.co@gmail.com with your GitHub username and I’ll get you added. That would be the fastest way to get the update, otherwise it may take a couple of days to receive the updates through TF.

Screenshot of the fix. https://snipboard.io/doMFXm.jpg

Hi i would like to purchase your theme. Material Wrap – Admin Dashboard Template. is that available ?

Thanks, Narendra

Hi. I have purchased the “Material Wrap – Admin Dashboard Template” but I have received only Angular template file but I want Bootstrap html format file. Even during the card creation, show me the HTML file formatted, so now what can we do?

Hi – you should have 5 folders in the root folder of your download. You’ll have 2 Angular projects, and 2 HTML Bootstrap projects. The folder named ‘jquery-full’ will be your full HTML Bootstrap theme with no Angular, HTML only. The folder named ‘jquery-seed’ will be your HTML Bootstrap starter project.

Hope this helps!

Hey Are you still actively supporting this theme?

Hi, yes I am. How may I help you?

Just wondering when is your next release of this template and planned enhancements? e.g. additional components…

This is a very good theme, but it´s not updated at all.

Hi, I am interested to buy this theme… Tell me which version of Angular is currently used?

Hi, Yes it’s currently on Version 5

Hello, I am having issues using the dropdowns. I need to click them twice to list the options.

Can you please suggest how to solve this ?

Thank you.

Hi, I’m not seeing this issue, can you tell me what browser and os your using? Also are you talking about the dropdowns from the top toolbar or the ones on the component page. One last question are you using the HTML or the Angular version. Thank you.

Hello, I am using ubuntu 18.04, Google Chrome Version 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64-bit). The issue is that I need to click twice the dropdown to get the values, first click it shows the values really fast and then they are gone, when I click the 2nd time it works.

is there any support for full calendar in this theme

There will be on the next release…coming soon.


UML Purchased

Hello Material Wrap,

I have purchased your theme and currently using HTML5 + Bootstrap 3 version.

I am currently trying to add anchor tag in edit button in data-table but somehow it does not navigate the user to given link.

Can you please advice what extra efforts required to make it work?

Regards, Sam

Hey Sam,

It looks like there’s some demo code that contains a binding to edit link. https://snipboard.io/itcAQ3.jpg

The binding contains a e.preventDefault so it’s preventing you from navigating to a url with it. I’ll probably remove this binding in the upcoming release. But for now, you can remove this binding by removing the iconModal function located on demo.js inside of the ‘app/js/modules/demo.js’ file then run the webpack file to recompile the javascript app.bundle.js file.

Or if you’re not running the build tools to recompile the bundle files, you can simple open up the app.bundle.js file directly and remove that binding. You would do so by opening up ‘dist/assets/js/app.bundle.js’ and scroll down to line 4315 and comment out or remove directly from that file.

If you’re still having issues please send me an email to support@authenticgoods.co and I’ll send you the replacement file you’ll need for that.


UML Purchased

Hello there,

I have made a purchase of Material Wrap theme and thought of using static HTML5 + Bootstrap3 version for our project.

Though on demo page theme provides demo of both static HTML and Angular 5 version, Download does not contain Static HTML5 version.

In download it covers – angular5-full – angular5-seed – jquery-full – jquery-seed

When I checked the documentation of jQuery versions, it seems I need to download npm dependencies and would require the node to generate and Run HTML on http://localhost:5000.

What we need is static HTML5+ Boostrap3 version which we can transform to the dynamic theme as per our project requirement.

Can you please help me provide that?

Hoping to hear back from you.

Regards, Sam. CEO – Urgan Marketing Pty Ltd.

Hi Sam,

The “jquery-full” folder is the static HTML5 + Bootstrap3 project. You do not need to download node or npm to run the project. Those are only helpful tips for development purposes. Take a look at the “dist” folder inside of the “jquery-full” folder… “jquery-full/dist/”. There you will find everything you need to run the static project. If you click on the index.html file in your browser you can run the site off your local desktop to see the working demo.

Hope this helps!

File manager, on mobile mode, i scroll to middle and tap one of a file, context menu display on top. Please help to rectify. Thanks

Hi, how is the status now? Thank you

There’s a complete rewrite underway that will be addressing that issue. I’m hopefully only about 2 weeks out for its release. Here’s a sneak preview….




Great. Can’t wait to get it. Hope this new version solved “file manager” context menu problem

Hi, is there any plan for adding calendar ?

Hi, is there any progress about new version ?

Hey, thanks for checking in! Making lots of progress, was hoping to have it live by now. Working hard to have it ready asap!

hi, what is the status ? still there is no update?

Hi, I´m having problem creating a menu like below. The items has white font color, instead a silver color. Only when passing mouse over I can see the text.

<div class="content_inner_wrapper ng-star-inserted"> <div id="content_wrapper" class="fullWidth2-wrapper"> <div class="content"> <header class="header-wrapper overlay header-md"> <h1>Your account</h1> <ul class="actions icons top-right"> <li class="dropdown" dropdown=""> <a href="javascript:void(0)" dropdowntoggle=""> <i class="zmdi zmdi-more-vert text-white" /> </a> <ul class="dropdown-menu dropdown-menu-right btn-primary"> <li> <a href="javascript:void(0)">Change password</a> </li> <li> <a href="javascript:void(0)">Delete avatar</a> </li> </ul> </li> </ul> </header> <div class="content-body"> ...... .... </div></div></div></div>

Hi – Are you using one of our prebuilt theme colors, or are you creating custom theme colors? Please send me some screenshots to support@authenticgoods.co

So, where can I found detailed documentation about Angular Implementation of your layout?

Look for the documentation folder in the download, open up the index.html file. There you’ll find a link on the left sidebar for the Angular documentation.

I can’t install on windows 10. I got errors installing npm packages and runner server

The problem was with node 10. I downgrade to 8 and works.

Hi – Glad you figured it out. I’ll take a look at upgrading the packages for node 10.

Hi , I am trying to use the “left side navigation v1” provided on the theme , I’m facing something unusual the menu items doesn’t seem to appear , the only difference is that I’m using angular 7 and its angular 5 in your theme. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks.

That would be hard to say, a lot has changed from v5 to v7. I would guess that you’re dealing with some out of date components that are no longer supported in v7. If you want to .zip up your project and email it to us support@authenticgoods.co I’ll take a look at it, see what I can figure out for you.


Im trying to install npm modules in angular template but the installation always shows a warn on tarball data.

extract: WARN tarball data for material-design-icons@3.0.1 (sha1-mnHEh0chjrylHlGmbaCA4zct78=) seems to be corrupted. Trying one more time

I wait until the installation change to a different package but after tarnball data tries one more time, the installation shows error on that package.


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