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Great work. Would you tell me where can I find that bottom picture with girl and stars? Would be really grateful.

Thanks, and image links are in the help file after you purchase the design.


But I’m not looking to purchase any design, I like that picture and I’d like to know where can I buy/download it?


Hi dear author! I do love your work, GLWS! I’ve left you an email, please reply me… Thanks in advance!

Thanks for your comment and we’ll be replying to email as soon as possible!

I’m still waiting and looking for your reply :(

Sorry man, check your email now :)

Hy Bro.. Very Excellent Work .. It’s looking Completely amazing .. Very Good. Keep it Up :) GLFS

Thanks a lot mate!

Wow! That’s some good effort of hard work! Nice job! :)

Thanks a lot for your nice comment Athul means a lot!

Great work! Good luck!

Thanks a lot!

May you tell me where I can purchase people images which you have used them on your footer—> “Recent Posts” please?

Purchased it. But failed to download, trying it now on different server but will take me 15h. Not sure what was the problem, but will cant wait to have it. Any other way to download :) ?

Thanks for purchasing the design!

And for the downloading part, all depends upon your internet speed, some people download in only couple of minutes.

As far as what I can do about it is concenred I can not control this and there are no other ways to as well because themeforest controls it, I hope you’ll be able to download it as soon as possible.


What are the px X px used for the large slider? Thanks!

Thanks for purchasing the design!

And sorry I didn’t understand that completely but if you’re asking about width it’s 1920px wide as sliders were designed for wider screen sizes.

If you’ve any other questions please feel free to ask, cheers!

Hi I’d want to buy this PSD theme. Could you tell me please what size does it have? How many Mb?



That’s a good question :) We are working on a new corporate theme at the moment and because of some human resource issues we can’t predict it’s exact time. It will be out in next coming months and we hope you’ll like it as well. If you’ve any other questions please feel free to ask.


It will be PSD format?

Yes it will be launched in PSD format first and then into other formats.

Can we use it in wp theme?

I’m not sure what do you mean by that.

You should read licensing at envato for better details.