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Ok, I have been making progress on the dev site inparkgate.co.uk

a) Ecwid has been connected ok and got it showing in the store page

b) I have managed to change the site title via customise.php


c) No other option in OptionTree will saved, ie the number is still 99999, I can’t change the tagline, colours, I have uploaded a test header image, no idea where that shows…

d) How do I edit/remove the 3 column footer – Navigation – Get In Touch etc

e) I can’t see how the left hand side sidebar menu is controlled at http://inparkgate.co.uk/about-us/

Happy for you to have admin access…

2.0.16 works

I have installed the Theme, yet I’m getting the following error on the home page of http://www.poespassionglass.com/:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function qtrans_getlanguage() in /public_html/wp-content/themes/Mj_Simple_wordpress/header.php on line 72

How can I fix this? I’m lost on how to fix it.

Please read “MJ Simple installation Guide” Step-6’s Note

You must have to active all plugins after install them.

Go admin side and open plugin menu and active all plugin first.

Thank you.

I’ve installed the template, but I can’t get images to show. Why?


We are not providing any images with template. The images only appears in demo.

You can upload your own product images for the product in sample data.


I read in a previous post that another user had an issue with this. Yet I am curious if a newer version of this plugin has corrected the issue. At the moment I had to revert back to the Option Tree plugin Version 2.0.16 in order for it to work.

When I go to Appearance > Theme Options and change/update the settings, then click Save, it will save the new information in all three tabs (General, Footer settings, and Woocommerce), yet it won’t show the changes on the Live View of the Website.

It also wont change the color of the background either.

Any idea on how I may be able to correct this? Thanks.

Please Check the latest version released today. We have added condition for option tree plugin so when it is not activated the custom function should will not be called up.

For the slider, how can we remove the “Shop Now” and “Special Pricing Button”? In another word, I just wanna show the Product Name, Description, and the image on the slider. Thanks.


From Wp-admin->themeeditor locate  home.php and if you want to remove “Shop Now” and “Special Pricing Button” then remove code line No 31 to 33.

What’s the best dimension for the slider image? Thanks

Best slider image dimension minimum 1000px x 650px. Wordpress will generate other mage dimensions programatically.

Hello again, I’ve installed template, but is very confusing the way it was created. I can’t see in the admin view any widget to modify the slideshow. My clients aren’t going to edit the code. Also, I can’t see the widgets in the lower part and on both sides of the first page. In demo, it has blocks with categories, recent views, best sellers, etc. What can I do?

Extract main Mj_Simple_ecommerce_package zip file and find Help Section folder and open Installation_Guide.

Read installation guide and after then install theme step by step.

Also, I’ve seen it has 16 css files! That’s a lot. If I want to modify only a block, I need to look at 3 different css files for a simple div. Very confusing! Sorry, but I won’t buy any template of this author again.

Hi, Can you please tell us what you were trying to modify, so that we can understand the comments better.

Hello, I’m thinking of buying this theme and I’m wondering, can I disable the “product category” and “product tags” sidebar on the “single product page” “my basket page” and the “checkout page” and make the content on those pages the width of the page?

thank you

yes you can by controlling widgets

Hello. I am having severe and serious problems with your template. Example: because the photos of the slider is loaded in this way? I await your kind reply. Thank you.


Please visit profile page and send us FTP/admin details.

Mail sent. Thank you.

Another problem. I can not configure the widget. When I place them on the theme, using the control panel, windows widgets close by themselves without me intervening. Why?

Hello. I want to purchase this theme to move an existing store. Will I be able to import customers enabling them to use their old sign in information?

Can I get an email address for support? Hate to keep posting questions here.

Anyway, need to know if I can remove “slideshow” from the Products List. I tried to set the slideshow products to 0 and select “do not show products if out of stock” but the Category still appears. Seems like we should have the option to show and hide Categories at will? Documentation on this?

...i would just use a regular product image but it stretches to fit the slide, so I figure I could put more imagery on the slide by sizing it to the slideshow and making it custom.

Hi when I am in wordpress and hit the ‘View Site” I get a blank page and my navigation bar on top is gone witch makes editing and viewing the site annoying, and it takes 4x as long to work in wordpress this the way you guys designed the template?

Please share your site url

Please visit profile page and Email us FTP and admin details.

You guys never replied to my email about your template being compatible with Ecwid. Your template does not work right now and you told me its because I do not have woo commerce installed? I bought your template because theme forest had advertised it as being compatible with ecwid (its the only reason I bought it) so now i am confused do I have to have both ecwid and woo commerce plug in installed? I prefer not to have woo commerce installed if i do not have to. Please help here its been 2 weeks trying to get this site going I just need a straight answer. How do I get Ecwid to work with this templat?

The ideal way to set this up will be: 1) Add products for slideshow, content area(new, featured, latest) using woocommerce 2) In the menu create new link as Store and link it to ecwid store page.(this will be the page where ecwid plugin shows up and the ecwid content) 3)All the product links in home page should be linked to individual item page of ecwid.

So this way you have setup home page using Woocommerce and store is still pwoered by ecwid.

Alternatively you can modify home.php in wordpress theme and have ecwid store from home page itself, but that will require some coding knowledge.

I have another problem. When I try to insert a widget in the template, the widget will close shortly after, not allowing to configure it. You have a username and password. Can you solve the problem as soon as possible? It’s odyssey.

Just updated option tree, now theme options do not work. Can you tell me fix? Option Tree ver. 2.1.4. Now only defaults work?

When I select Customize, there are no options for theme colors in drop down?

your issue is resolved.

Fixed with installing updated theme 4.0; however, now the footer menu is stuck at the top? See at http://www.gijoecoffee.com.

actually it is the primary menu

visit profile page and send FTP and admin details.

Thanks for the help in solving the problem.

So when I am in word press edit mode and I click on “view site” I do not have the black edit bar on top? Witch makes it a bit more difficult to edit and navigate? Is this done on purpose? I have never seen a word press site where you you can not access editing in preview mode. Pleaae help

Also How do I get the slideshow to work ? I find this the most confusing template to use I have done all your said in your instruction creating products as categories yada yada Now how do I get the slideshow to show up on the home page? I find this template very confusing and I wanted and paid for A ECWID TEMPLATE why do I have to have woo commerce? your template is not what you advertised I would like a refund its all way to confusing


1) past this code on <head> tag in header.php file <?php if ( is_user_logged_in() ) {?> <style type="text/css"> #mj-topbar{ top:28px !important;} #wpadminbar { z-index: 2147483647; } </style> <?php }?>

2) you can go Help Section folder and open Installation_Guide. Read installation guide “Slideshow” tab and create your slideshow step by step.

Hi dasinfomedia,

I purchased this and was looking for the “Layered PSD File” as it says in your description but cannot find it. May i know where is the PSD file?

Sorry for the inconvenience please download latest package. It has the PSD you need.


If you like our support, please rate our product

I need the PSD files, did not come along with the folders. How do I get them?

Sorry for the inconvenience please download latest package. It has the PSD you need.