Discussion on Monolit – Responsive Architecture WordPress Theme

Discussion on Monolit – Responsive Architecture WordPress Theme

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Hi, I received these errors while importing the demo data

New AJAX call! [WARNING] Failed to import portfolio_cat Parallax

You can ignore the warning.

I love the design of this theme, but I’m only familiar with elementor. Do you have a similar theme or is there a way to make this compatible with elementor?

It’s not possible


Lurginka Purchased

Hello Cththemes … I have just prolonged the support for Monolit theme however have problems resetting password for my user Lurginka ….Seems like the form does not work… Could You please help so I can access the support forum? Thanks

1. Verify that the email address associated with your account is entered correctly when trying to reset your password.

2. Check your spam or junk mail folder to ensure that the password reset email was not accidentally filtered there. Be sure to check any subfolders or promotions tabs.

If the above steps do not work, please reach out to cththemes@gmail.com and provide your purchase code. We will assist you in resolving your issue.

The performance of this theme on current Android phones is very bad. Constant stutters. Fluid scrolling is impossible. This can easily be tested with the official demo installation right here on themeforest. Please fix this.

Hello, please submit a ticket to our support forum then we will help. https://support.cththemes.com/?page_id=16090 Thank you.

Thanks for your quick reply. My support has expired, but it’s not a problem with my local installation.

You can test it with the “Live Preview” of your theme here on Envato/ThemeForest and any Android 12 phone or tablet.

You will not be able to scroll smoothly through the frontpage, but experience periodic stuttering (ranging from mild to heavy).

It affects every existing installation of Monolit and should be fixed with an update.

Will you be upgrading the theme for compatibility with WP 6.0? If yes, when?

As it was reported before here (by myself and by others), the YouTube video on the homepage doesn’t always start. Also, the Vimeo video support for the homepage does only seem to work with paid Vimeo accounts (plays video only once or twice, then halts the video forever on free accounts).

This was reported before, but you didn’t reply to any of these reports.

Is this going to be fixed? Will I have to renew my support to get help on this?
Please reply, thanks!

My client has taken forever to get back to me with content so my support just expired. I need to change the vertical label in the left bar on the portfolio archive page but am unable to locate where that lives. Where do I find that since this is a dynamically created page? Here is the dev page: https://blklabel2021.wpengine.com/portfolio/


VQB Purchased

Hey there, 1. On the portfolio page i would like to open the portfolio when clicking on the name and the picture. Now when clicking on the picture open a bigger picture 2. my menu is not working well. Thanks for your help. I tried to contact support, opened a ticket, but no answer

Hi I want to update the WP Bakery plugin that you bundle with the theme. WP Bakery says:

“How to update and receive support if I do not purchase a direct license? In such case, you need to wait for your WordPress theme author to update WPBakery Page Builder on their side and push it to you. Also, support related questions should be addressed to your WordPress theme provider.”

That’s what I did here combined with the question whether there are any updates for WP Bakery about you?

Hi there, here’s a big feature request for the theme: As Vimeo support is limited (not really working with free Vimeo accounts) and YouTube has its hassles too, it would be great if you could support self-hosted videos as video backgrounds for the homepage.

I’m sure that it would be REALLY helpful for many people who struggle with Vimeo and/or YouTube. Thanks!

hi…..does the theme support RTL?

this theme support RTL ?

No, it doesn’t support RTL

Hello there.

Really nice theme, I’m using this via Envato Elements.

Is it possible to use subcategories in the portfolio page? I can’t find it. It only shows some of categories, but the subcategories don’t show up.


Product 1
-Type A
-Type B
-Type C
-Type D
-Type E

Product 2
-Model A
-Model B
-Model C

I want it to show like this, is that possible?

Thank you very much and great job, this theme is beautiful.

I forgot to mention it, but its related to portfolio FILTER.

Thank you.


Image to ilustrate. I have right now like 40 categories/subcategories, but its only showing a few to chose in the portfolio page.

it’s not possible.

Hello, I am optimizing the web for Google and GTMetrix, everything has been optimized correctly except for the mobile version in Google. I would like to install a child theme and be able to defer the loading of the javascript since the main problem is the time in which the main thread processes, do you have any code that you recommend?

Also … There is a plugin called Assets Clean UP that in its PRO version differs the loading of Javascript, the problem is that I do not know the compatibility …., or maybe …. is there a plugin that you recommend ?. Thanks!

https://prnt.sc/1x79g92 Hi. I would like to translate this button but the translation is not working (tried with loco translate and poedit). Do you know, where is the problem? Regards, Peter

For example on this link https://studio-teiner.si/portfolio-parallax/ transalte is correct and is working. https://prnt.sc/1xa66v1 Thanks.

Hello, I have created site with this theme: https://vozarchitect.com/ But when I click on view project on mobile screen, page is not scrolling smoothly. There is some issue. Please revert back to me. It’s urgent

Hello, please submit a ticket to our support forum then we will help. https://support.cththemes.com/?page_id=16090 Thank you.


I would like to kindly ask, where I can change sidebar section title, marked on printscreen below: https://prnt.sc/1t2jtly Regards, Peter

It’s the page title/

Thanks, where can I change it? I don’t find the option to change it.

It a one pager…

Hi, I’ve been using your theme for a while now and noticed upon updating to the latest version, the Home Youtube Video element on my homepage doesn’t always autoplay like it used to. Is there a way to fix this?

Hello there.

Really nice theme, I’m using this with elements.

I need help with one little thing. I want to change the structure link.

For example, I don’t want it to be “www.mywebsite.com/monolit_member/name”. I want to change the monolit_member for only members or anything else.

Could you help me with this? I just need some kind of information on how to do it by myself, with a plugin or something like that.

Thank you very much!

You need to use translation plugin (Loco Translate ) to change the text then go to Settings -> Permalinks -> Save Changes

I need to change the color of the share section at the top right. it is currently in white and I have not found any way to change it to other color.


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