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Hey, for some reason there’s a huge blank space (something like 400px) before the content when viewing the latest version with the new iPad. Any ideas on how to fix it?

Hi Tmtietooy,

I have take a look on my new iPad and i dont see the blank space? I think you have done something in your files?

If you show your project (email) maybe i can help you…

I am using smart wizad, let me know how can I dynamically setup a “selected” tab in wizard

Hi Pradeepdj,

Here is the documention of the wizard: http://techlaboratory.net/smartwizard/documentation

I hope this helps you.

Hey, how can i start opening the webpages with sidebar closed? thanks.

Hi alxsilva,

- Open costum.js en change the Hide left panel function to:

$("#left").animate({width:"0px"}, 0);
$("#right").animate({marginLeft:"20px"}, 0);
$("#wrapper, #container").animate({backgroundPosition:"-230px 0px"}, 0);
$(".hide-btn.top, .hide-btn.center, .hide-btn.bottom").animate({left: "-7px"}, 0);

    if($("#left").css("width") == "0px"){
        $("#left").animate({width:"230px"}, 500);
        $("#right").animate({marginLeft:"250px"}, 500);
        $("#wrapper, #container").animate({backgroundPosition:"0 0"}, 500);
        $(".hide-btn.top, .hide-btn.center, .hide-btn.bottom").animate({left: "223px"}, 500, function() { $(window).trigger("resize");});
        $("#left").animate({width:"0px"}, 500);
        $("#right").animate({marginLeft:"20px"}, 500);
        $("#wrapper, #container").animate({backgroundPosition:"-230px 0px"}, 500);
        $(".hide-btn.top, .hide-btn.center, .hide-btn.bottom").animate({left: "-7px"}, 500, function() { $(window).trigger("resize");});

Kind Regards, Rory

Works Perfect ;) Thanks

hi dreamwirenl, Another question… :) how can i start opening a webpage with a specific boxgrid minimized. Thanks in advance.

Hi Alxsilva,

See this page and then above the calendar: http://www.dreamwire.nl/themes/Mustache/v1.2/Fixed/uielements.html

Hi, Is there an easy way to disable it from hiding the side menus etc in iphones or ipads. ie turning off the responsiveness. Regards,

Hi Swapdude,

You want to disable the responsiveness? Then you can delete the handheld.css out of the templates and there is no longer a responsive design.

Hi…which file controls the position and size of the modal box?

Hi Tryan,

You have the modalwindow.css for the styles and in costum.js on line 100 you can set the weight and height…

Hi, id like to get this admin theme but id like to know if it’s possible to add an horizontal submenu just below main horizontal menu.

Id like to know if it’s responsive to see in iphone / ipad too.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Marianux,

The Mustache theme is responsive (make your screen smaller and you will see).

And the second menu is possible. You can do it the easy way to duplicate the first menu or you can style a new one….


I saw your earlier response about deleting the handheld.css to get rid of the responsiveness so the left side bar still appears. However, I’d like to have the responsiveness to make it look good on all devices, but still have the left side bar or at least make it accessible. There’s some navigation options and information that needs to be displayed at all times.

Is that possible? Thanks


Hi Jason,

It is possible with some tweaks in the handheld.css… (You need have some CSS skills).

Absolutely brilliant template ! Saved me heaps of time on my project. One question I’m stuck on, I’m not a jquery guru and can’t work out how I can have different sized Modal windows. eg. on one page I want it small maybe 200×200 but one another i need it larger maybe 800×600. It seems to be controlled in the custom.js file but only allows for one size modal window ? How do I work around this ?

edit: never mind ! I worked it out. Thanks for the great template !

How to use multiple radio buttons in form?

The radio buttons just seem to “stick” when selected

They stick when I change the name in the input tag, how do I use multiple radio buttons with different names

never mind, figured it out. Great template! :)

Hello, Could you help me to find liquid version of the theme, because i didn’t see in the archive. I saw the documentation and reslove this. No need to answare.

On uielements, where is finish button code for the wizard?

The JS code or the CSS code?

Hello, How can I find Liquid version (Fluid)?

Hi, I thin you had email me to… But in the style.css you will find your anwser! :-)

Hi, what if I would like to have a chart that ranges from let’s say the 19th one month to the 9th next month, iow, (19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9) how would I do that? It seems that it sorts it and lists 1 .. 31

Hi Segerdahl, You only can go up… So maybe to put 2 boxes next to each other and go future on the second box for the months?

Hey man, Great Template! However, there is a problem in using Radion Buttons & Checkbox buttons inside a Dialog box. Whereas the input works great, when you send the data via POST to PHP, the selected input value doesnt get sent, only the default one which is set to “checked”.

On the contrary, when you use Radio & Checkboxes outside the Dialog, i.e. on regular usage, data is sent perfectly.

Any thoughts how to fix this ? I have also sent you an email,


I have anwser your email and your Skype invite.


Great template thank you.

Any advice on how we can implement stacked bar charts?


Hi Sonic, Stacked is not possible in the template.

I can’t get it right with the plugin that i use so you can make the charts in HTML, sorry.

What you can do is rip out the jquery.graphtable-0.2.js and use flot chart as normal ‘http://www.flotcharts.org/'.

Hi there, Just wondering if you could tell me what I would need to do to have the modal window show on page load ?

Thanks !

Hi Alex, If you go to line 104 in costum.js and change that to ‘true’ than the window will show on pageload.

Awesome, like this one a lot!;

I like the the theme and I’m thinking to buy it and use it for one of my projects. However, when I opened the theme on a mobile device, the logo and the font seems to be very small and hard to read. Is there a way to make it big enough and dynamic for mobile screens ?

They way is to set the font size in the handheld css file bigger. :-)

Hi dreamwirenl! Great job! You can mark up to this pattern more pages, namely, 1) Main Site 2) News page 3) FAQ page If so, how much will it cost and how long will it take?

Hi anybot, You want a website in the same style but with a home, news and faq page? You can send a email on my profile what you want on the pages and then i can see what it costs for you.