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Hi There, The question above is of me, because I login confused account.

I want custom booking method at step 3 checkout is transfer number banking( or skip step 3) and me just need step 4 verify email.

Please, help me.! Thanks so much.

HI, could you describe in more details how this custom booking method should work. Please reply on my email https://themeforest.net/user/raybreaker -> Email raybreaker form.

Regards, Ray

Hello raybreaker,

I want show module “online reservation” same theme demo http://prntscr.com/cof7c9 How to do it? Thanks,

Hello, you can do that through theme options in your Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Options > Reservation Widget.

Regards, Ray


Many thanks for the theme! I just need help on how to set up the PayPal settings in the Nation Booking System. Which steps I have to follow to get an API username, pass and signature?

Thank you in advance

Hello, you’re welcome.

1. To generate Sandbox credentials please follow guide here: https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/lifecycle/sb_credentials/

2. To generate Live credentials please use: https://developer.paypal.com/docs/classic/lifecycle/goingLive/#credentials

P.S. Please don’t forget to check/uncheck Sandbox mode options in Settings as these credentials is not compatible with each other. I.e. you need to use Sandbox credentials with Sandbox mode activated and vice versa.

Regards, Ray


Thanks for the info, I will try it! Another thing, how can we put more than 4 images in a room?

Thanks again

Hi, please email me through my profile page (https://themeforest.net/user/raybreaker) and I’ll help you with that. Please send a link on your website with your WordPress login and password so I could apply these changes also please tell me how much room images you want to show there.

Regards, Ray


I am having problems installing dummy data. Keeps failing!

Any ideas what could be the issue or how I can resolve?



Hi, could you send a link on your website with your WordPress login and password on my email so I can check it?

Regards, Ray

Hi Ray I choose your effort :D I think many question to you… My service to you.

Ray ! please check the ‘search form’ on iPhone 6 / iso10 ! can’t close the search form

and I don’t want to use credit card open system. How can I to do?


1. You need to click on the search icon to close the search form.

2. I can help you to disable credit card related fields please send a link on your website with your WordPress login and password on my email.

Regards, Ray

Good day,

I wish to buy but want to ask if the nation hotel WordPress has integration with woocommerce (yes/no) and does it have discount settings with it.

Thank you …

Hello, it doesn’t support WooCommerce but it has discount settings. If you want to check the backend yourself please email me and I’ll send you test login and password.

Regards, Ray


This is a pre-purchase question.

I wanted to purchase this theme for a banquet hall booking, where an interactive booking calendar shows current status of hall booking and users can book a hall for any available date by clicking on that date, fills the form & doing the payment. After that the date should show as booked/not available.

second, i wanted a list/grid of past, present & upcoming events.

Are these things possible with your theme?


1. It works like that by default i.e. after your customer create a reservation and you approve it through backend the corresponding date would show as not available. If you want to check the backend please email me and I’ll send you test login and password.

2. I believe you could achieve that with the default blog (please check the blog page in the live demo preview).

Regards, Ray


Thank You for your reply.

1. I can see a booking calendar, but it doesn’t show dates as booked or available. it is possible to show that at front end?

2. After clicking on particular dates, a list of rooms open but i have only a single banquet hall to show. is it possible to directly go on form filling step after clicking dates?

3. Can i integrate any other payment gateway (other than paypal)?

4. Yes, i want to see back-end. Please send me test login & password.


1. To see how it looks like you can hover on “Family Spacious Room” and then click on the calendar icon.

2. I can help you with that for additional payment we can discus details through email.

3. It’s possible with extra code modifications but by default the theme only supports PayPal payment gateway.

4. Please email me through my profile page: https://themeforest.net/user/raybreaker

Regards, Ray


I am very interested in buying this theme. Just two questions…

1) Is it possilble to remove the number of rooms from the HP widget? I have only one piece of a room type.

2) When I fill the HP widget, I am transferred to this page – http://preview.themeforest.net/item/nation-hotel-responsive-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/6895743?_ga=1.179550573.83513304.1478358109

I would like to link the title of the room type to a page for the room. For example “Room with one bedroom” I would like to link here – http://raybreaker-theme.com/wpnation/rooms/room-with-one-bedroom/.

Will I be able to do that?

Thank you in advance for your feedback.



1. Sure, I can help you with that, just email me after purchase and I’ll help you to remove the number of rooms.

2. You want to show the select dropdown in the HP widget that would redirect your customer on the single rooms page instead of the default reservation page? I can help you to implement this feature for additional payment if you want to discus details, please email me through my themeforest profile page – https://themeforest.net/user/raybreaker/portfolio

Regards, Ray

Hi, i need help with theme. I would need to have prices being dependent on how many people are in the room, for example: – 1 person in room will pay 55EUR/day – 2 people in room 65/EUR/day/room – 3 people 80EUR/day/room – and so on.

Hi, I’ve just replied on your email please check it.

Regards, Ray

Hellow ray,

I just purchased your theme and I am customizing it for a villa. In booking, the requirement is to book whole villa with all the rooms. Can you help me on this?. How can I customize the booking system in order to meet the requested functionality?

Thanks & Regards, Hanushka

Okay thanks Ray. I will check it.

I read your email. My requirement is like this,For some seasons I want to rent whole villa and other days rooms wise. If you can provide me an option to switch between above maintained two options, thats what exactly my request is.

Regards, Hanushka

I’ve just replied on your email please check it.

Regards, Ray

Hi again

When I visit the page of a room in german and click the availability tab, it doesn’t load the calendar with the prices. It only shows a loading icon. Any ideas what the problem might be? In english it works normally.

Thank you in advance

Hi, you incorrectly translated month names for the availability calendars. I’ve replied on your email with steps to fix this issue, please check it.

Regards, Ray

good day. is it possible to add extras in that booking system? Also coupons or discounts? Can we check the admin side?

Hello, could you describe in more details what extra you want to add?

Yes it’s possible to add discount coupons.

Please email me through my themeforest profile page (Email raybreaker form in the bottom right corner on this page: https://themeforest.net/user/raybreaker) and I’ll send you admin credentials.

Regards, Ray

Hello, do you have backend demo? we need to see how to manage rooms and bookings.

Hello, yes, please email me through my themeforest profile page (https://themeforest.net/user/raybreaker) and I’ll send you test login and password.

Regards, Ray

Please if I buy this theme, will I get free installation on my server with demo content? Thanks

Hello, it’s very easy to do by following steps in the documentation but if you would have any problems with it I can help you, just install the theme and send your WordPress login and password on my email after purchase (use email raybreaker forms on my profile page: https://themeforest.net/user/raybreaker).

Regards, Ray

Hello, I bought the template Nation Hotel – Responsible WordPress theme but if the reservation system does not work for me it stays in step no. 2 and does not follow

Hello, I’ve just replied on your email message please check it.

Regards, Ray

Good morning, I´m interested in your theme but I need to clarify some doubts about it: We are going to rent apartments as a single rental unit, not separated rooms. 1. Is it possible to include transfer payment in apartment bookings? 2. To book the apartment, the tourist has to pay only 30% of the total prize. Is it possible to set this in your theme? 3. I´d also like to know if its possible to set prizes for specific days. 4. Is it compatible with visual composer?