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ajindal Purchased

I am interested in purchasing this theme for our temple and would like to confirm that the donations can be accepted using Stripe payment as we use that for our online donations. thanks.

Hi there

Thanks for your interest in NativeChurch theme. For donations I recommend Give WordPress plugin that is freely available here: which provide several addons for payment including Stripe payment gateway

Theme’s built in causes post use PayPal as standard payment option only.


Hi how to I create a user but limit his access to only create events? Thanks!

Hi there

This plugin should help you:


Hi bought this one. but there are no buttons. ‘edit’ and ‘delete’

And not join your support system. I wrote Purchase Code. But mention is “Sorry, but that item purchase code is invalid. Please make sure you have entered the correct purchase code.”

Hi there

Sorry, but as per the system here I can not see your purchase. Can you please send me your purchase code at envato[at] so I can check it?



winniema Purchased

Hi there, I’m wondering when your next update is going to occur? Also, for support, what happens after 12 months (if this is the coverage we are purchasing now)?

Hi there

Next update will be coming in mid of January. Theme comes with 6 months support that is included in the price, however you can extend it to 12 months at the time of purchase at a discounted price. After the initial support period you can extend it, details are here:






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Please do not tell me more stories and solve the problem. I can not waste any more time on this.

you sendme this email: Sorry, but that way you can not get a support, for all support queries you need to go to our forums and must have an active support package. It is not my fault that you have not updated your theme for 2 years, we provide lifetime updates not support for any of our themes. With in a couple of hours you have commented on the ThemeForest page, emailed me, tweet about it, sent a Facebook message, gave a 1 star rating, opened a refund request and this is just because you tried to update a theme that was not updated for 2 years but suddenly you came up with an idea to update it. I didn’t asked you for extra money what unfortunately you wrote on theme comments over ThemeForest. I just asked you to create a support thread no matter if your support term is active or not, I never asked you ti renew your support term either. I asked that just so my team can check and update theme on your website. Thanks Vipinn

----—-> Mi answer:

I have waited 2 years not to update the topic. I waited 2 years for you to put the list of events performed in chronological order and not mixed as they were. Not only I have had too much patience, but above you intend to make me pay more. You are very unprofessional.

----->>>> YOUR NEW ANSWER Hi,

According to Envato refund rules, items matching these criteria are not considered as refundable:

- “they don’t want it after they’ve downloaded it;” - “the item did not meet their expectations;” - “they simply change their mind;” - “they bought an item by mistake;” - “they do not have sufficient expertise to use the item;” - “they ask for goodwill;” - “they ask for support with out renewing the support license;” - “they can no longer access the item because it has been removed (we advise buyers to download items as soon as they buy them to avoid this situation).”

Thanks imithemes support

imithemes about 5 hours ago

----->>>> MI ANSWER

Wow, then I wait 1 year for you to solve the problem of past events and it turns out that as the update of the theme makes my web fail I have to pay more money.

You are very unprofessional and I now dare say that you are a con man.


clowd24 Purchased

I’m having a strange problem and I don’t know how to fix it. I tried to register for support, but it never sent me the password after i created a username…and when i try to request it again it wont let me…

On the bottom of most pages, there’s a Social Sharing bar which works fine. Except on 3 pages ( and On those 3, the social icons don’t render properly and then there’s huge white-space before the page footer. If I turn off Social Sharing (Theme Options > Share Options) the pages render fine, albeit without the social icons.

Hi there

Please send me your username(chosen while registering at the forums) on envato[at] and I will send you the password.



robCODE Purchased

Hi Pre-sale question. A client really liked the theme, but has one question. Does the calendar integrate with Google Calendar?

Hi there

Thanks for your interest in NativeChurch theme. Yes theme lets you add upto 3 Google Calendar on a single calendar of events which will fetch your Google events and show on theme calendar. You can also show your one Google calendar events on all other places of website including events list and other pages.