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Very very beautiful my friend!

Thanks you so much my friend.

Good Job, GLWS

Thanks you friend.

one of the best templates i see here for a long time. Really good job.

Thanks you for your good words

Good job!Good luck :)

Thanks mate :)

Superb work… best with sales, mate! :)

Thanks friend :)

Awesome Work, Good Luck With Sales MY FRIEND ;)

Thanks you so much my friend :)

Wow, looks really nice. When wp version comes out?

Thanks my friend, we have start WordPress version of this template and I hope so 3 week later it will be launched on ThemeForest :)

Enjoying the template. I’d like to know how to disable the social icons on the gallery when the picture pops up in the zoombox. I just want to keep it simple and just X out only.

Thank You

Hello Ratfink,

So, In your main HTML file, where the script is called please add these 3 options:

$(".zoombox").zoomBox({social_enableTwitterShare: 'off'
,social_enableGooglePlusShare: 'off'
,social_extraShareIcons: ''});

I hope so it will be fix.


Amazing. Love the look. But with all of the options, can this be just a landing page?

Thanks for the comment. homepage varitions (1-10) builded from landing page yes.

Awesome work man :)

I’ve testing the video slider online and offline and the html5 portion will show the poster image but will not play the video.

The html5 video works here perhaps it’ a conflict somewhere. i would just like it to work. PS: I eliminated the social on the gallery by edited the css. Love the template.. let’s get the few little fixes and we are set!

I am working for it. Thanks for feedback.

The function json_decode had to be enabled on the server and then the html5 video played fine. Thanks to the mighty slider author for looking into it.

Beautiful work! Quick question, does the loading screen appear when changing every page?

It seems to be a long delay in terms of quick navigation from page to page….

Thanks you so much my friend.

You can set the delay time or you can remove it very easily.

OK – Thanks!

very nice work, awesome. Good luck

Hi, nice work, well done. Is there any way to edit the preloader background color and the marker color?


Hi, thanks. Is there any easy way to change the global background to an image? I tried adding backgroundimage…to style.css in the body tag, but it only appears behind the parralax-images.

One more question…sorry. How and where can I change the Parralax image?

Omg! Please forgive me late answer :(

If you want to add background image you should delete parallax images in style.css my frend. For example if you add body tag background image, you should delete colon2 background image.

For second question;

All parallax images included to the style.css file. For example style.css line 480 : .colon5

Thanks and I am so sorry again.



Great work, love it, just some question before purchase hope you don’t mind:

1- Is it possible to fixed the tap menu on the top (on responsive design) or not? because – For example – in mobile when you are scrolling the home page and after some time you want to go to another page then you have go back all the way to the top to find the menu and click on it, so if it can be fixed on the top it would be so much better.
2- Again in mobile ( specially at homepage) the delay to start elements and texts animations takes so long and user doesn’t get if page is frizzed or its working till the animation starts so is it possible to change these animation ( like fade in) to start faster as soon as visitor scrolling to that part? The strange thing is I checked the about page and the animation was a bit better but still slow to start and show the content, is it possible its because of the huge data in home page demo?
3- As I read at the previous comments its possible to remove the loading page, my question is is it possible to keep it just for home page and remove from the other pages? also is it possible to change it to a simple Gif loader?
4- Finally Is it possible to remove the slider from mobile version?

Note: I checked this two times: when I go back from About to home page, nothing appears at home page at all and I have to refresh the page to see the content of the home page again! I think there are some conflict or something between pages.

PS: I checked it by updated iPhone 4s and 50 MB/s download speed.

Looking forward for your message

Best Regards


Hello and thanks for the great questions.

1. Yes it is possible If you mean like this : I’ve added an example fixed header style to this page. If you want to use this function for all pages, you need to copy and paste the header code from this page.

2. Yes it is possible you can use 20+ more animation effects on this template. For example helix, fade, slide-left right bottom or top and more.

3. Yes you can delete preloader effect for other pages and you can change the gif easy or you can change delay time with a small jquery function.

4. Yes it is possible, just you can add display:none style code for mobile views. (I will help you for about it.)

Thanks for other feedbacks. Let me check for others.

Best Regards.


Hi There,

Thanks for the answers mate, I want this beautiful them, so just please check the pages conflict and that’s it, I can wait for the answer as I have some times to modify the them, and good luck with the sale, this them should sell a lot.

Best Regards


This is beautiful work! An amazing tool for someone like me. And.. toy. How can I know the second the WP version is available? Need a beta tester?


Hey dear,

Thanks you so much for the great comment.

So, our team working for WordPress version (45% done), I hope so 10-12 days later will be complete 100%.


Thanks… I have a big project that needs it Now! I’m sure there will be another thought. Cheers!

Hey. I want to buy this theme. Is this a WP theme or not? Have questions about gallerie page?

When you press a picture in the gallery, it is possible that Facebook “like” button is visible in the left bottom part of the picture gallery instead now that the POPs up.

How difficult or easy is it to fix, so that the slider at the bottom is not visible or that you can push or pull your mouse pointer, so the POPs up.   Wishing to be able to press the gallery image left or right part, so you come to the next image in the gallery.

Is this something that can be dealt with not as much effort, so I am willing to buy the theme :-)

Happy new year :-)


Thanks you so much for interesting my work.

This is not a WordPress version, but max 1-2 week later WordPress version will be ready on ThemeForest.

For gallery question : If you have skills about CSS, you can customize the Gallery plugin easily. If you want to see more options and demos please visit here :


Your theme, I think contains very many good sides that would just fit my needs.

Thanks for the advice and wish you continued good weekend :-)

Have a basic understanding of how CSS works. Way it is possible to get some guidance and to optimize those things of you, which was mentioned in the above post??

Best regards :-) Photography … Jovan >>>

Thanks you so much for your great feedbacks. Would you like to purchase WordPress version? If yes, I’ll help you some questions.

Thanks and have a nice holiday!


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Cok tesekkurler.

Rica ederim bekliyorum.

Beautiful theme – well done all around. Plan on purchasing however I see one issue when cross-browser testing in IE8 the drop shadow used below the menu on full width and similar layouts displays incorrectly. Can this be fixed?

Hello let me check what is wrong.

Thanks for feedback.

Hi designingmedia,

Great theme. I want to control the timer on the loading screen how would I do this? in addition, if I wanted to turn the loading screen off how would I do that?

Thanks in advance.

Hello and thanks for purchase our work.

So, If you want delete a page the loader effect search and delete this lines (after body tag)

<div id="preloader">
    <div id="status"> 

If you want to edit loading effect time open applications.js and search

// Preloader
    $(window).load(function() {

If you want to edit style’s for loading effects open style.css and search




Thanks and please rate my item If you enjoyed.